Complete each achievement to obtain the allotted gamerscore. The numbers in between the () room the amount of points her recieve because that each achievement.12 Minute departure (5) - Escape ~ a 12 minute police search in job Freeroam big Game Hunter (5) - Immobilize a police Rhino if in career Freeroam Bronze an obstacle Series Champ (10) - Beat all Bronze an obstacle Series occasions Canyon craze (10) - catch Canyon craze by play an virtual Canyon Duel v an infected player vehicle Collector (15) - Unlock 36 Cars career Mogul (10) - earn 1,000,000 cash in career Mode complete Career (50) - complete Career mode Conqueror (75) - complete Career Mode and own every race Crusher (25) - ram 100 police vehicles in a single pursuit while in job Freeroam Drift King (10) - Score 500,000 clues in a Drift event Exotic Aficionado (25) - Fill your Career Garage with just Exotic Cars fast Wheels (20) - reason 200,000 price to State in a solitary pursuit when in career Freeroam an initial Steps (5) - finish an virtual Ranked race or Online difficulty Series gyeongju Gold difficulty Series Champ (30) - Beat all Gold an obstacle Series events Head start (25) - inspect to learn just how to obtain this achievement Hot Streak (10) - acquire a 4 video game winning streak in Ranked Online gamings Iron male (30) - get a 6 game winning streak in Ranked Online gamings Knockout fever (10) - catch Knockout heat by play an Online search Knockout race v an infected player lucky Break (10) - obtain a 3 game winning streak in Ranked Online gamings Moderator difficulty (30) - beat an EA Moderator in one Online game Muscle Head (25) - Fill her Career Garage with only Muscle Cars need for speed (20) - fight 230 Mph in a Speedtrap Online difficulty Champ (10) - win 15 an obstacle Series events Online Online challenge Contender (5) - win 5 difficulty Series events Online Online general (25) - beat 100 games Online online Lieutenant (15) - beat 50 gamings Online digital XP Level 1 (5) - Reach online XP Level 1 online XP Level 13 (10) - Reach digital XP Level 13 virtual XP Level 18 (15) - Reach digital XP Level 18 digital XP Level 2 (5) - Reach virtual XP Level 2 virtual XP Level 23 (15) - Reach digital XP Level 23 virtual XP Level 29 (20) - Reach online XP Level 29 digital XP Level 35 (30) - Reach online XP Level 35 digital XP Level 4 (5) - Reach online XP Level 4 digital XP Level 42 (40) - Reach virtual XP Level 42 online XP Level 50 (60) - Reach online XP Level 50 online XP Level 6 (10) - Reach virtual XP Level 6 digital XP Level 9 (10) - Reach digital XP Level 9 Perfect Canyon Duel (5) - win a Canyon Duel through no collisions Public opponent No. 1 (10) - Disable 50 police vehicles when in career Freeroam quest Pandemic (10) - catch the pursuit Pandemic by play an Online search Tag video game with an infected player gyeongju Week (25) - finish an digital race throughout a race Week Reward card Hustler (100) - perfect every Offline and also Online price Cards rock Solid (20) - obtain a 5 video game winning streak in Ranked Online games Showboat (25) - overcome the end up line in reverse to victory a ranked Sprint gyeongju Silver difficulty Series Champ (20) - Beat all Silver difficulty Series events The Carbon afflict (20) - catch the Carbon torment by recording all 3 various other viruses Tuner Addict (25) - Fill her Career Garage with just Tuner Cars city Freeroam (10) - win 50 complimentary Roam obstacles in Career setting Wheels of stole (5) - protect against 5 spike strips in a police search while in career Freeroam

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Submitted by: Arcanium on Aug 08, 2007
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Cop quest System
here room the various warmth level tactics what Cops use in each level versus you.lvl x1 - Crown Victorias, Nothing but just follow youlvl x2 - black color Crown Victorias, they placed up Roadblocks and they follow you. Lvl x3 - Pontiac GTOs, just chase friend and additionally put Roadblocks placed up, and also Light SUVs that do ram.lvl x4 - black Pontiac GTOs, follow you, Spike Strips are placed up together with Roadblocks, and also Heavy SUVs lamb your head.lvl x5 - C6 Chevrolet Corvettes, they follow you, and they have Nitrous, Roadblocks and Spike Strips are put up and also Heavy SUVs lamb your head on.
Submitted by: Caitlin Cooke ~ above Jun 23, 2008
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how to no flip your vehicle (9 times out of 10)
I have found this to work an extremely well because that me but let me state this it DOES NOT always WORK! however if you are about to flip just give your car a rise of nitrous and your auto SHOULD be fine but NOT ALWAYS!
Submitted by: Chad and Protoman ~ above Jun 26, 2008
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Nitrous boundless Tip
To begin off i"ll offer you every the cheats:Infinite NOS/Nitrous-Left,Up,Left,Down,Left,Down,Right,XInfinite Speedbreaker-Down,Right,Right,Left,Right,Up,Down,XInfinite Crew charge/Crew usage in race-Down,Up,Up,Right,Left,Left,Right,XNow...The tip..When friend activate the "Infinite NOS" cheat, go and tune your car. Once doing this you will come as much as the NOS tuner, collection the whole bar come Velocity so as soon as you use you NOS you get an unlimited supply, aswell as a "SUPER" impact on the strength.Hope I help on the Tip/Cheat ;DPeace.

Submitted by: Tony ~ above Apr 17, 2009
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Scouts, Blockers, Drafters
The three varieties of wingman you acquire can significantly varie your gameplay. Depending upon which automobile you pick (Muscle, Exotic, Tuner) you get various wingman. However, each wingman isn"t the same. Blockers are an excellent in helping you obtain a lead, or store it, without having actually to gain your own hands dirty. They"re a cruise missle and plow through your opponants. Scouts are awesome in the truth that they can discover the fastest ways through a track, and also if you can keep up, straightforward win. Drafters are an excellent in the truth that once you need an extra explode of speed to acquire away native the competition, sidle up behind them, fight Y, and instant to explode of speed. Different wingman suit different styles of play. Shot em all and also see i beg your pardon ones occupational for you.
Submitted by: skatcat31 top top Dec 03, 2006
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unlock burnout vinyl
If you have a savegame file from exhausted Revenge you have the right to unlock this by going come the bonus ar of the vinyls.
Submitted by: Chad and also Protoman ~ above Jun 26, 2008
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win almost every race

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when in career mode and also have unlocked yumi the scout rental her readjust her to active so she allways races with you.what you perform is bluid she ride up and get you yourself a tuner auto like the clio or the nissan 350zto save up through the start of every gyeongju she begin to uncover the quickest way aroud the track and she will allways it is in in frist place.don"t worry if your noot in frist just as long as your team friend is in frist you will certainly allways win the race and all the money and you will gain thought the video game quicker.i walk this finished the in 2 days and also unlocked whatever this is a an excellent to it is in the game.