Orly airport Paris is situated around 13km (8 miles) southern of Paris. Before the construction of Charles de Gaulle airport in the 1970s, Orly was the key airport that Paris.

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Even v the transition of most global traffic come Charles de Gaulle Airport, Orly remains the busiest French airplane for domestic traffic and also the 2nd busiest airport all at once in terms of passenger boardings.

British operator easyJet, the low cost budget carrier, has recently grown a large hub right here too.

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In April 2019 the two key terminals, west and south to be joined by a brand-new building recognized as Orly 3. This is a junction structure which now allows passengers to travel in between all locations of the plane under one roof. This one solitary terminal is now structured around four departure and arrival zones, Orly 1, 2, 3 and 4. This names currently replace the previous west and also south terminals.

There space further developments planned at Orly with a brand-new rail terminal to be included to the heart of the airport by 2024.

You have the right to walk between each terminal in approximately 5 minutes, the is worth knowing that walking indigenous Orly 1 come Orly 4 would take 15 minutes. The Orlyval spaceship train can take you from Orly 1-2-3 station to Orly 4 station within a minute, therefore is a much faster method to move around the terminal. The Orlyval, pictured listed below runs frequently. Its other purpose is to go beyond the airport come the nearest RER train service at Antony, probably the more quickly route into the center of Paris. You deserve to only travel between the terminals totally free of charge.

The full selection of services you would mean of a significant international airport are at Orly Airport. All the various airport buses, hotel shuttles and taxis are easily accessed immediately outside the terminal.

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Paris from Orly Airport

OrlyVal train shuttle

There is a selection of transfer options to get you from Orly Airport to the city centre of Paris. There is no solitary universal best option, every the services have actually their very own advantages. Your task is to pick the appropriate one for your details needs.

One aspect that you must be on optimal off is to know where the ar of your accommodation is in Paris. There is no central point in Paris city centre where the transfer alternatives make for, destinations room widely dispersed throughout the city. Every one of them terminate at significant public transfer hubs where you can complete your journey by Paris metro if needed.

Note: The Orly airplane bus organization takes Paris public move passes. We have actually a dedicated page top top Paris public carry passes that have the right to be used on the OrlyBus service and the Paris Metro and buses. Orly is in zone 4 of the general public transport system of Paris for this reason to use the OrlyBus organization your pass requirements to covering zone 4.

Unfortunately the Orly airport train business is not a straight service between the passenger terminal at Orly Airport and also the centre of Paris. There are additionally two different train services, both RER. One supplies Line B of the RER Paris train system, the other Line C.

The most popular company for visitors is the RER line B train the runs in ~ a pair of miles of Orly Airport.

A committed airport train link called OrlyVal, has actually been developed connecting the terminals at Orly Airport with the RER station at Antony. This business goes right into the love of Paris, with the key station in ~ Chatelet, near to the Louvre.

The various other RER line C train choice requires a bus shuttle between Orly and Pont de Rungis RER train station. As soon as it gets into Paris, heat C adheres to the south financial institution of the flow Seine, never ever crossing the flow unlike heat B. The key station in central Paris is St Michel.

RER Orly airport trains

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OrlyBus - cheapest transfer

OrlyBus stops at Orly passenger terminal

There is a selection of two devoted airport buses native Orly airport come the centre of Paris, although the most renowned (and cheapest) service, OrlyBus goes come a Metro station in Paris, south of the river where you affix to the Paris Metro.

The OrlyBus, pictured left, goes to Denfert-Rochereau terminal a Metro/RER station simply inside the within ring road motorway of Paris.

OrlyBus is operated by RATP who run the regional buses and also Metro in Paris and also you deserve to use Paris travel passes on this organization up to zone 4 whereby Orly is located and also covered by your pass. Buses can acquire crowded with significant numbers of passengers standing at height times.

The other business is operation by Le Bus Direct and also goes furthest right into the center of the city stopping at Etoile (Champs-Elysees), Invalides (Eiffel Tower) and Gare Montparnasse (a significant train station). Le Bus straight buses are much more like coaches, an ext luxurious and also less complete than OrlyBus, but do go further into the heart of Paris than OrlyBus.

Airport bus services

The standard airport minibus shuttle operation is obtainable at Orly Airport. The convenience of door to door transfers between the airport and also your Paris hotel in ~ a cheaper price than a private car or taxi.

Hotel spaceship buses

For the ultimate in convenience your very own driver and vehicle, exclude, to her party with immediate departures as shortly as friend are ready to travel, non-stop to your destination.

Car or minibus transfers


Indicative one means adult fare between main Paris & Orly airport

RER line B Train (via Orlyval)€13.30
Le Bus straight (Arc de Triomphe/Gare Montparnasse, Invalides)€12.00 single€20.00 return
Orlybus (Denfert-Rochereau)€8.30walk-up€10.50 online**
Hotel shuttle van€18
Private car€72.90 for up to 3 world

* Paris public carry passes valid for area 1-4 accepted.

** added booking fee uses when to buy online.

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