What the Whump Whump: A fandom term provided to define physical and/or psychological abuse set on a character in a story. 20yr old whumper. Dee. They/Them. DNI for accounts through adult content, I will certainly be prevent anyone who interacts from this accounts
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Source: from-stone-to-hallows NCIS Tony DiNozzo 4x24 knocked out collapse unconscious hurt concern medical treatment held at gunpoint


Ahhh!!! God bless you because that making this!!! It’s one of my favourite scenes!! i love it!! thank you!!

Source: from-stone-to-hallows NCIS Tony DiNozzo 4x24 knocked out collapse unconscious issue medical treatment
Sliders 1x03 Fever,

Quinn Mallory drugged unconscious.

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(part 1/3)

Sliders Quinn Mallory 1x03 shoot drugged please unconscious
BeastMaster ( 1999 - 2002 )
IMDB Description: In this both spinoff and also reboot that The Beastmaster (1982) film series, experienced young warrior Dar, the Beastmaster and last recognized survivor that his tribe, wanders the ancient lands, seeking out his lover Kira, defending the pets he controls, and pitting his might against various sorcerers and tyrants. His friends, sidekick Tao, warrior Arina and later trickster, heart guide, and also mentor Dartanus, who’s the just one who knows what really happened to Dar’s family, and Dar’s deep conviction come fight for what’s right and his unique ability to befriend and also communicate with animals help Dar in his quests to loss an evil Sorceress and a angry wizard well-known as the ancient One, and also stop the angry god Balcifer and his minion and also Dar’s archnemesis, King Zad.



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Whump through Character:

Dar shown by Daniel Goddard

Season 1:

1x01: hit through fire blast, knocked out, unconscious, in a burn building, short ‘medical’ care, magically blinded, collapse, pain, angst, hit v fire blast.

1x02: restrained, dragged away, no repercussions, fight, captured, manhandled, fight.

1x03: fight, manhandled, virtually stretched top top a rack, captured in quicksand.

1x05: dragged underwater, trapped, drowning, the end of breath, no repercussions.

1x06: *flashback whump, *chased, *cuts on hand, *falls off a cliff, *hanging onto a cliff, *attacked by alligator/crocodile, *dismembered human body put ago together, repetitively knocked down, hit while sparing v Tao.

1x07: nearly crushed by falling tree, no repercussions, knocked out, restrained, suffocated through snakes, reduced on chest, brief medical care, fight, knocked down, pinned to the ground, many cuts, knocked out, collapse, weak, in pain, knocked down again.

1x08: bound up, manhandled, thrown right into a pit.

1x09: agitated, progressively driven crazy, drops over, angst, breakdown, crying and screaming, struck by tiger, bleeding, collapse, weak, clinical care, fight, win in various ways.

1x10: knocked out, unconscious, restrained, hanging indigenous neck, suffocated, fight.

1x11: angst, passes out, unconscious, ~ above a dream journey.

1x12: captured in a trap, hanging indigenous feet.

1x13: assaulted by minotaur, choked.

1x14: zapped, collapse.

1x15: ambushed, knocked out, unconscious.

1x16: captured, hit, bleeding, manhandled, fight, beaten, manhandled, organized on a leash, attacked, collapse.

1x17: collapse on beach exhausted, coughing up water.

1x19: captured in a net, hit through a dart, overcome out, unconscious, bound up, fight.

1x20: restrained by miracle vines.

1x22: angst, kicked, knocked down.

Season 2:

2x01: manhandled, thrown around, knocked out, unconscious.

2x02: fight, knocked out, unconscious.

2x04: thrown back, tackled, knocked down, fight, choked, thrown around, kicked in the face, knocked out, unconscious.

2x06: knocked down, manhandled, knocked down, fall, hanging on side of a cliff.

2x08: fight, cut, bleeding.

2x09: bitten through a snake, weak, drops off a horse, unconscious, fight, knocked around.

2x10: knocked out, unconscious.

2x11: knocked out, unconscious, tied up, practically sacrificed.

2x12: knocked out, unconscious, manhandled, bound up, practically sacrificed.

2x14: fight, knocked around, manhandled.

2x16: struggle by blast, knocked down, repeatedly knocked over, knocked out, unconscious, captured in flooding, knocked under twice, dragged roughly by the wind, sucked into a dirt pit, fight, knocked down, fight with creature Tao, bitten.

2x17: powers taken away, pain, collapse, unconscious, tied to a tree, eaten by tiger, covered in cuts.

2x20: hit through a dart, drugged, collapse, unconscious, bound up, slapped, tied up, hit, knocked down.

2x21: manhandled, thrown around, clinical care, fight.

2x22: manhandled.

Season 3:

3x01: knocked down, recorded in a net, dragged behind a horse, thrown aground, fight.

3x03: tiny cut, bleeding, bound up, knocked down.

3x04: knocked down, pain, manhandled, choked, thrown, drink poison, ‘dead’.

3x06: pain, collapse, unconscious, repeatedly kicked, bound up, weak, knocked out, unconscious, sore, captured on a leash, manhandled, choked, fight, hit, manhandled.

3x07: pain, manhandled, knocked down.

3x09: reduced on arm, knocked down, manhandled, hosted at swordpoint.

3x10: tackled, fight.

3x13: border by miracle vines, eight turned come stone, fight, knocked down.

3x14: recorded in a spider web.

3x15: slips, reduced on arm.

3x16: briefly tied up, fight, hit in the head, knocked down.

3x17: knocked down.

3x18: under the result of magic, collapse, knocked down, kicked, bound up, thrust off a cliff, hit, choked, trapped under a door.

3x19: drops out of a tree, caught in a cave-in, showered through rocks.

3x21: held at swordpoint, fight.

Tao portrayed by Jackson Raine

Season 1:

1x01: propelled around, manhandled, captured in a net, kicked, burns hand.

1x02: drops over, frightened.

1x03: manhandled, bound up, manhandled, thrown in a river, knocked out, unconscious, manhandled, kicked, recorded in a cage, falls to the ground.

1x06: fight while sparring v Dar.

1x07: practically crushed through a falling tree, tackled come the soil by Dar, falls over, intoxicated, slowly passes out, knocked over, manhandled, magically zapped, knocked down, in pain.

1x08: knocked over, pinned come the ground, restrained, bound up, manhandled, thrown into a pit.

1x09: manhandled through Dar, thrown come the floor by Dar, fight by blast, knocked down, manhandled, slammed into tree, pain, exhausted, collapse.

1x12: damages hand, manhandled, thrown right into a tent, knocked out, unconscious, brief medical care, held against a tree, runs right into a tree, knocked out, unconscious, magically gagged.

1x13: manhandled, captured, hit, thrown right into pit/cave, struck by a minotaur, knocked down.

1x15: ambushed, knocked out, unconscious.

1x16: manhandled, organized at knifepoint, captured, punched in the face, knocked down, kicked, manhandled, thrown to the ground, falls downstairs, attacked, collapse, unconscious.

1x18: grabbed, manhandled.

1x19: hit v a dart, collapse, unconscious.

1x20: border by magical vines, choked, suffocating, weak, pain, knocked down, punched in the face, border by wonder vines again, briefly choked again.

1x21: trips over, ache ankle, walking with a crutch, limping, stumbling, drops off a horse, manhandled, knocked out, unconscious, tied up upside down, hit.

Season 2:

2x01: trips over, manhandled, dragged away, knocked out, unconscious, manhandled, thrown in a cage, trips over, falls off-platform, falls through tree branches, knocked out, unconscious, cave by legs.

2x02: under the result of magic, turned right into a pig.

2x04: thrown around, captured, falls, trapped in a line pit, hit, knocked out, unconscious,

2x05: *in a vision, *manhandled, *thrown against a wall, *stabbed, falls downhill, manhandled, thrown versus a wall, more manhandling, punched in the stomach many times, locked in a cell, manhandled, restrained.

2x06: grabbed, fall, hanging on side of a cliff.

2x07: organized at swordpoint.

2x08: falls into a cave, vanishes.

2x09: ill back, under the impact of magic.

2x10: knocked down, drops downhill.

2x11: knocked out, unconscious, manhandled, manhandled again, tied up, nearly sacrificed.

2x12: manhandled, choked, knocked down, tackled by Dar, manhandled through Dar, captured, angst (so lot angst).

2x13: hits head, collapses.

2x14: manhandled, captured, an ext manhandling.

2x15: exhausted, collapse.

2x16: fight by blast, knocked down, magically held against a wall, magically choked, collapse, cursed, caught in flooding, in pain, nearly struck through lightning, drops over, magically manhandled, knocked down, turned right into a creature.

2x17: unconscious, tied to a tree, angst.

2x18: assaulted by birds.

2x19: trips over, captured in a swarm that bats.

2x20: manhandled, hit, bound up, knocked down.

2x22: captured, manhandled, bound up, knocked down.

Season 3:

3x01: struggle by horse, collapse, unconscious, kicked, manhandled, bound up, practically burned alive.

3x02: punched in the face.

3x03: autumn into a pit, captured in vines, dangling over spikes, manhandled, hosted at swordpoint, manhandled, bound up.

3x04: nicked by an arrow, knocked out, unconscious, head bleeding, pain, sustained by Dar, knocked down.

3x05: knocked down, knocked out, unconscious, bound up, stuck in a burning tree, coughing smoke inhalation.

3x09: hit, manhandled, knocked out, unconscious, tortured on the rack, punched in the stomach, knocked out, unconscious, punched in the face, heart is taken, mental control, choked, collapse, unconscious, stabbed, pain, soul is returned.

3x10: hit, hosted at spearpoint, manhandled, bound up, organized on a leash, hosted at swordpoint, punched in the face, manhandled.

3x12: drops into a cave.

3x14: punched in the face, thrown turn off a cliff, shook increase after, captured in a spider web, cut on arm, bandages self.

3x15: poisoned, collapse, unconscious, pain, under the impact of magic, pain, catatonic,

3x16: briefly tied up.

3x17: thrown, briefly knocked out.

3x18: knocked down, hit, choked, manhandled, slapped, manhandled, punched in the stomach, tied up, manhandled.

3x20: stabbed, dead (not real).

3x21: possessed, knocked out, bound up.

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3x22: practically hit by a flying rock, slams right into tree, falls, organized at swordpoint.

Fanfiction Rec:

Circles by fanfiction.net author sknkodiak: missing scene from 1x09 ‘Circle that Life’, occurs in between the finish of the fight in the burning forest and also when Dar and also Tao arrive ago at your home, focuses mainly ~ above Tao’s whump and also comfort v Dar as the caretaker (but there are quick mentions that Dar’s injuries).