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NBA 2K10 Cheats because that Xbox 360

achievements Complete each success to obtain the allotted gamerscore.

achievement Achievement record 10 blocks or much more with any type of team. win 10 ranked matches total. document 15 steals or more with any type of team. make 15 3 pointers or an ext with any kind of team. victory 20 ranked matches total. develop a 2K win Playlist. victory 3 ranked matches in a row. make at the very least 10 3pt FG"s while shoot at the very least 45% native 3pt selection with any type of team. record 30 assists or much more with any kind of team. success the 3pt Shootout. win 5 ranked matches total. success 5 ranked matches in a row. begin the fourth period losing by 5 or more points and also win the video game with any kind of team. document at least 5 attack rebounds, 5 blocks and 5 steals with any team. knife every success in NBA 2K10. record at least 25 pts and 6 assts through Brandon Roy. record at least 40 pts through Carmelo Anthony. User controlled team from either side should win against opponent in ~ All-Star difficulty or higher. document at least 20 pts, 10 assts and also 3 stls v Chris Paul. Create-a-Player. victory one online crew game. document at the very least 30 pts, 3 threes and also 2 blks v Danny Granger. organize the the opposite team"s FG% below 40% with any team. document at least 20 pts and also 12 assts with Deron Williams. document at least 30 pts and 8 rebs through Dirk Nowitzki. Defeat any type of challenger in a Dunk-Off. record at the very least 20 pts, 15 rebs and 3 blks with Dwight Howard. User regulated team from one of two people side should win versus opponent in ~ All-Star an obstacle or higher. document at least 25 pts, 3 stls and 2 blks through Dwyane Wade. document at least 20 assists v no much more than 5 turnovers with any kind of team. knife a optimistic "teammate rating" in the virtual Team Mode. FT% over 85% through at the very least 10 FTA"s with any team. Score at least 70 points in the paint with any type of team. re-publishing any document type v 2K Share. record at least 35 pts and 6 rebs v Kevin Durant. document at the very least 50 pts through Kobe Bryant. record at least 25 pts, 8 rebs and 8 assts v LeBron James. FG% over 60% because that the video game with any team. document at least 5 blocks and also 5 steals with any type of team. success one virtual pick-up game. pat in one NBA game in my Player. victory one online ranked match. win the rebound fight by a margin that +10 with any type of team. User managed Rookie team have to beat the Sophomores at All-Star difficulty or higher. Score at the very least 40 bench points with any kind of team. win the Dunk contest using LeBron James. complete Summer Circuit in my Player. Score at least 20 fastbreak points with any type of team. complete Training Camp in mine Player. document at the very least 20 pts, 10 rebs and 3 blks with Yao Ming.

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10 block Trophy (20)
10 Ranked Matches Trophy (25)
15 Steals Trophy (20)
15 Threes Trophy (15)
20 Ranked Matches Trophy (30)
2K beats Playlist Trophy (10)
3 Ranked Streak Trophy (15)
3-for-All Trophy (20)
30 Assists Trophy (20)
3pt Shootout Trophy (15)
5 Ranked Matches Trophy (15)
5 Ranked Streak Trophy (20)
All-Heart Trophy (15)
All-Hustle Trophy (15)
All-NBA Trophy (50)
Brandon Roy Trophy (25)
Carmelo Anthony Trophy (25)
Celtics vs Lakers Trophy (15)
Chris Paul Trophy (25)
Create-a-Player Trophy (10)
Crew game Trophy (20)
Danny Granger Trophy (25)
Defensive FG% Trophy (15)
Deron Williams Trophy (25)
Dirk Nowitzki Trophy (25)
Dunk-Off Trophy (25)
Dwight Howard Trophy (25)
East vs West Trophy (15)
G power Trophy (25)
Good hand Trophy (20)
Good Teammate Trophy (15)
Ice Water Trophy (15)
Inside domination Trophy (20)
It"s better to provide Trophy (15)
Kevin Durant Trophy (25)
Kobe Bryant Trophy (25)
LeBron James Trophy (25)
Lights the end Trophy (15)
Lockdown Trophy (20)
Pick-up game Trophy (20)
Play in the NBA Trophy (15)
Ranked complement Trophy (15)
Rebound +10 Trophy (20)
Rookie an obstacle Trophy (20)
Second Unit Trophy (15)
Sprite Slam Dunk Trophy (25)
Summer Circuit Trophy (15)
Track accomplish Trophy (15)
Training Camp Trophy (15)
Yao Ming Trophy (25)

Contributed by: Guard master


Go into the features menu and select the Codes section to enter these codes.

effect Effect 2ksports payrespect ycprtii agsntrccai aifnaatccv wasshcicsl eydonscar asrdirmga riiasgerh 2kchina nba2k vcteam aihinntslgt nreogge otnresla
2K sporting activities team
ABA ball
Blazers "Rip City" Jersey
Bobcat gyeongju Jersey
Cavaliers Cavfanatic"s Jersey
Cavs, Jazz, Magic, Raptors, T"Wolves, trace Blazers, warrior - Hardwood classic Jerseys Unlocked
Grizzlies, Hawks, Mavericks, and also Rockets an additional road jerseys
Hornets Mardi Gras
St. Patrick"s day (Bulls / Celtics / Knicks / Raptors)
Unlock the 2K China team
Unlock the 2k development team
Unlock visual ideas team
Unlocks Latin Nights Uniforms because that Bulls, Heat, Knicks, Lakers, Mavericks, Rockets, Spurs, & Suns
Unlocks NBA green Uniforms for Bobcats, Bulls, & Nuggets)
Unlocks the NBA All-Star jerseys

Contributed by: WWE_McMahon, MarcusReed, HDUBAU, and1streetz, rahchin, master Gamer, RSX, O_Town_Rulez