On Thursday, Trinidad and also Tobago will celebrate 55 years as an independent country.

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It is the moment of year when symbols of nationwide pride are everywhere and we are reminded of reasons to love our nation.

If friend don"t feeling patriotic simply yet, below are 10 songs you should listen to for the patriotic pump.

Trini come the Bone - David Rudder and also Carl Jacobs

A certain tear-jerker because that homesick Trinbagonians, this tune reminds united state who we are and also what provides us special.

Wonders that the world: Machel Montano and also Neval Chatelal

In this track off his Going because that Gold album, Machel, in addition to NevalChatelal extol the cultural factors that makeour twin-island marvels of the world.

Nah leaving - Denyse Plummer

There are plenty of reasons that make civilization feel to fill up and also leave the country however in this song, Denyse Plummer states plainly her reasons for staying like pan, calypso, Carnival and food.

Sweet T&T - Natasha Wilson

Natasha has long get an impression up however the native of she song stays on together they encourage us to work-related together to improve life in T&T.

We Are: Rembunction

Recorded for the country"s 50th self-reliance Anniversary, this tune reminds united state of our history and resilience together a people.

Trini - Benjai

This upbeat dibarisalcity.orgy joyously celebrates every little thing that makes us Trini, indigenous the method we walk to the means we talk.

God Bless Our country - Mavis John

Considered the nationwide song of Trinidad and also Tobago, this song, wribarisalcity.orgen by Marjorie Padmore, itemises all the details that renders T&T deserving that blessings.

Sweet Trinidad - lord Funny

In this throwback lord Funny sings around all the points that make Trinidad sweet, also the not so funny things.

Enjoy you yourself - Pternsky

Pternskyholds his own amongst the Jamaican voices ~ above the world Fete riddim in a song that beckons all to T&T the land of calypso and party.

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Portrait the Trinidad - Mighty Sniper

No perform of this kind is complete without this classic that lists every the factors we need to be proud to be from Trinidad and also Tobago, including the pitch Lake and our beauty beauty queens.

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