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Help out various other Naruto: Ninja board of directors 2 players on the game Boy advancement by adding a cheat or an enig that girlfriend know! Please contribute by click thislink
This page includes Naruto: Ninja council 2 cheats perform for video game Boy development version. Now we have 1 cheat in our list, which contains 1 unlockable. We hope info that you"ll discover at this page aid you in playing Naruto: Ninja the supervisory board 2 on game Boy development platform. If girlfriend didn"t find needed cheats put request or asking question about this in ~ special section of the game. Additionally you have the right to subscribe top top all brand-new cheats that we"ll uncover for you in the future!

you execute not need any kind of gameshark other equipment all you require is a gameboy advance(sp) and also a naruto ninja the supervisory board 2 game.firstly you have to beat the game and save the after you perform that.then revolve it off and then earlier on go on continue and also load the game you conserved will not start the game by fighting rock lee you will start on the second chunin exam if friend perss (l) 3 times you will have actually rock lee.have fun fighting. Ps his speacils take away alot off life from him.

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