“15 best Foods You deserve to Eat without Chewing” was composed by Rachel Bender, dietetic intern in ~ Oregon health Sciences University, & reviewed/edited by Alvellin Paulino & Katie Dodd, MS, RDN, CSG, LD, FAND.

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Disclaimer:Always talk to your health treatment provider if you space having difficulty chewing or swallowing. You desire to make sure there are no basic issues and that girlfriend are following the correct diet for your individual situation.

Soft foods or a “no chew diet” is a diet in which a person should eat only foods items that are soft and require minimal chewing and avoid all foods items that carry out not fit this requirements.

One the the key complaints that this type of diet is a absence of selection in their meals, however there room still numerous kinds of foods items that can be consumed in alteration to it is in suitable. This post contains part suggestions to spice up the diet of those that need foods items that are simpler to chew.

Who is a Soft foods Diet for?

At The Geriatric Dietitian our noticeable focus is enlarge adults. Soft foodstuffs for the yonsi are regularly recommended. Yet older adults are not the only ones who may need to uncover some nutritious foods to eat without chewing. Below some instances of why someone may need to monitor this diet.

Dysphagia and Soft Foods

One that those reasons might be the an separation, personal, instance has worries swallowing, as result of either mechanically or neurological impairment. In this circumstances, they may be prescribed a dysphagia diet.

There are different levels of dysphagia diets relying on the level that impairment. Soft foodstuffs are among the materials of a dysphagia diet. For an ext about dysphagia diets here.

Mouth Pain and Soft Foods

Another factor why soft foods items for the elderly may be encourage is oral and also dental pain. The geriatric populace is not the only populace to suffer from this, but has a higher proportion experiencing this kind of pain. Soft or no chew foods items may mitigate some of the pain and also prevent that from getting worse.

Missing Teeth and Soft Foods

Approximately 50% the older adult are missing some, if not every one of their organic teeth. Without teeth, it deserve to be very daunting to chew difficult or sticky foods. Eat a soft foods items diet or finding foods to eat without chewing may be vital when teeth are missing.

Learn more at our short article on Nutrition and Dental because that Seniors.

Oral Surgery and Soft Foods

Most patients will be inquiry to monitor a soft foods diet after dental or dental surgery. This is no only due to the fact that harder foodstuffs may cause much more pain, but because they can interfere v the healing process.

Therefore, that is very important for people to eat just soft foodstuffs after oral surgery. This consists of those acquiring dentures or implant sustained dentures.

Cancer Treatment and Soft Foods

Many cancer patients may be encourage soft foods for the side results of your cancer treatments. Cancers that the head and neck have the right to especially cause issues through chewing and also swallowing.

Additionally, patients may be experiencing from nausea, ns of appetite, and eating can just be a challenge. Finding foods items you can eat there is no chewing can make getting nutrition easier.

Health comes to for Those through Chewing Difficulties

Not being able to chew is certain an inconvenience. But, that can also lead come some wellness concerns.

Unintended load Loss

Many creates of dairy are more than acceptable on a soft foods diet.

Yogurt, cottage cheese, and other soft cheese such as cream cheese deserve to all be eaten with tiny to no chewing involved.

Additionally, this items save a most calcium, which is among the crucial nutrients to take into consideration if friend are in search of soft foods for the elderly.

If you execute not eat dairy foods, look for dairy-free options such as soy based yogurt or coconut based yogurt.

3. Well-cooked Grains

Grains might seem like a no-no due to their chewy nature, yet if they space cooked longer with extra liquid, they can be fine because that most civilization on a soft foods items diet.

Oatmeal and pasta room favorites but shot polenta or congee come mix it up!

4. Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes aren’t just for the holidays!

This standard easily provides the top 15 foods you deserve to eat without chewing. For extra calories, friend can include whole milk, cream, butter, or tart cream.

To move it up, try other mashed veggies such together squash or carrots.

5. Smoothies

Smoothies might be a standard for soft foods items diets, yet that doesn’t median they have to be boring.

The possibilities because that nutrition smoothie options are endless.

Try mix in veggies to get an ext nutrition.

Check the end our short article on High Calorie Smoothies for ideas.

6. Scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs space a wonderful breakfast for those with chewing difficulties, as they load in a ton that protein. If you need an ext calories, shot adding shredding cheese when food preparation and/or extra butter to the pan.

Other kinds of eggs, such together poached or end easy, may also be appropriate for those who deserve to tolerate it.

7. Dips

Dips are good for those ~ above a soft foods diet, and often make food much much more enjoyable.

Make certain to look for smooth dips such together hummus or guacamole without any kind of crunchy ingredients.

And yes, you deserve to eat dip through a spoon! You do not require chips or carrots for her dips.

8. Soft fish

Fish is a an excellent protein selection for those ~ above a soft foods items diet.

Unlike other pet meats, the filet of many fish is very tender naturally. Most fish is soft and flakes apart when you eat it.

Make certain to look because that fish that is cook in a method that walk not create crunchy surface (such together frying). Also, make certain that every bones and skin are removed before serving.

9. High Calorie Drinks

High calorie drink are an excellent because they require absolutely no chewing and are extra beneficial for those who may not

have actually an appetite.

In addition to high calorie smoothies and also shakes, fortified milk (milk mixed with dry milk) may be a an excellent option.

For more ideas consisting of recipes, examine out our write-up on High Calorie Drinks.

10. Canned Fruits and also Veggies

Canned fruits and veggies are frequently an ideal an option for those through chewing difficulties since they space usually softer than their new counterparts.

There is lot of of range to select from here, but be conscious that no all box fruits and also veggies will be appropriate. And also everyone has actually their own level that tolerance.

Canned peaches, pears, and also carrots are a few examples of soft canned fruits and also vegetables. If necessary they deserve to be cut into smaller sized pieces or mashed through a fork prior to eating.

11. Soft and Moist Breads

Breads have to be fine because that those ~ above a soft foods diet, as long as they are soft and moist enough.

Think the a soft, store-bought, white bread without crust. No hard, crusty loaf breads.

Adding gravy, oil, or butter frequently helps do them less complicated to eat. Shot a soft bread with olive oil and also vinegar or pancakes with butter and also maple syrup!

12. Well-cooked beans and also lentils

Beans and lentils room a really filling component or center of a meal, and are normally soft enough for people who need to eat there is no chewing.

Additionally, they are a an excellent source that protein and also are an ideal for vegetarians and vegans.

13. Nut Butters

Creamy peanut butter and other nut butters are ideal for those that have an obstacle chewing.

Make sure to pick smooth varieties instead of crunchy.

Nut butters are also great for installation in extra calories and also protein right into a diet.

14. Gravies and Condiments

Gravies and also condiments room not just safe for those top top a soft foods items diet, yet they can additionally make other foodstuffs safer by offering extra moisture!

In addition, they make food taste an excellent while providing an ext calories i beg your pardon is especially great for those at hazard for unintended weight loss.

Some excellent choices are gravies, butter, tart cream, mayo, ketchup, and also mustard.

You can include gravy come ground meat and also soft bread. Or include mayo to a soft tuna top top sliced bread, because that example.

15. Soft Desserts

Finally, anyone favorite: desserts!

Being ~ above a no chew or soft foods items diet walk not typical you have to miss the end on the sweet treats.

Just make sure to be careful in her selection- ice cream, mousse, pudding, and an extremely moist cake space all an excellent choices.

Watch the end for hard or sticky foods items that may be added to desserts choose nuts or candy.

What around Foods come Avoid?

We discussed our 15 top foods you can eat without chewing. But what around foods you need to avoid top top a soft foodstuffs diet? here is perform of foods items to watch the end for. Remember, anyone is various in what they deserve to or cannot tolerate.

Dry Foods

Generally speaking, dry foods require more time chewing and also processing in the mouth so that they can come to be moist sufficient for the person to swallow. Include extra sauce or moisture to dry foods to make them an ext suitable.

Crunchy Foods

Crunchy foods cannot be swallowed without posing a major risk to choking. Additionally, crunchy foods items can make any kind of sort of dental or dentist pain worse.

Cooking and/or break down foods items into small pieces can regularly make castle acceptable for those top top a soft foodstuffs diet.

Chewy Foods

Like crunchy foods, chewy foods that room swallowed there is no chewing room a choke hazard. These foodstuffs either have to be cooked much longer to make them an ext tender or avoided on a soft foods items diet.

Table of foodstuffs to pick or protect against on a Soft foods Diet

*Note: This table is no exhaustive. Usage caution in which foodstuffs you pick or avoid based upon your individual situation.

Extra cooking & moist rice/congeeAl dente pasta
Extra cook & moist pastaAny hard or chewy grain
Extra cooking & moist OatmealBread crust
Extra cook & moist Polenta
Soft breads (rolls, pancakes, etc)
Soft fishFish skin and also bones
Well-cooked beans and lentilsTough cuts of meat
Soft tofuLarge cuts/ bites the meat
Very soft & moist shredded chicken or beefChunky seed butters
Nut butters (smooth only)
Soft egg (scrambled, poached, egg salad)
MilkHard cheeses
Soft cheeses (cream, brie without rind, etc.)
Smooth yogurt
Melted cheeses
Cottage cheese
Ripe bananaMost raw fruits and also vegetables
ApplesauceStringy vegetables (asparagus, etc.)
Canned, bite-size fruits and also veggies (peaches, pears, oranges, etc.)Corn, specifically on the cob
Mashed potatoes and also other vegetables
Smooth agakmall (check to do sure various other ingredients space okay)
Well cooked vegetables (such together those found in soup)
Jellies and jams
SmoothiesSmoothies not completely blended
All smooth beverages (milk, juice, etc.)
Smooth condimentsHard or crunchy desserts
Pureed dips (hummus, smooth p dip, etc.)Pie crusts
Soft desserts (mousse, ice cream cream, pudding, extra moist cake, etc.)


A soft foods items diet deserve to still it is in balanced and also have variety. Countless favorite foods can be modified come fit any eating pattern.

Take at the foods included on this list and get creative! ideal of luck.

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