You can't go wrong with a an excellent "na na na". It's the point that take away a an excellent song as much as a good song. To celebrate the most contagious of hook, right here are 15 that the very best.

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15. DON BROCO - FIREThere's nothing choose a big sexy hook to do a tune really slap, but add a naughty "na na na" and also you've gained yourself a molten hit ideal there.14. Reduced THAN ATLANTIS - IF THE civilization WAS come ENDIf the people did in reality end, we would certainly still it is in going "na na na" all the way up come the 4 horsemen booting united state halfway across the ocean. Stick to your guns, even when the apocalypse is in progress.13. THE SUMMER collection - probably TONIGHTThe Summer set used to love a "na na na". Despite it was difficult to pond down just the solitary iconic example, the bubbling bass and infectious environment of the opener to 13's 'Legendary' puts that just above the rest.12. Simple PLAN - ONE DAYIf the was feasible to traction the sun out the the sky, stick it in a computer and also see what the plays ~ downloading, this is what it would sound like. Don't actually shot and traction the sun out the sky and put that in your computer system though. It's big. And hot. And far away.11. Sleeping WITH SIRENS - DON'T say ANYTHINGRemember once Sleeping v Sirens did some playing about with their sound ~ above 'Madness' and came the end the other finish with part absolute ragers? Yeah, united state too.10. GOLDFINGER - AM ns DEAF?Bloody hell, Feldy went IN here. Letting everybody recognize that he has actually no idea what is keep going with contemporary music, john disguises his distain by pulling the end a "na na na" to make everybody think this is just another catchy pop-punk song. Cracked dog. 09. Girlfriend ME AT 6 - THE DILEMMATry to no click her fingers as soon as disgesting this sultry tiny number. No, you're clicking! we told you not to!08. All TIME low - SATELLITEWhen you start an album, you desire to do it memorable. Grab the listener through the scruff and demand the they salary attention. Well all Time low did that properly with this 'Future Hearts' introduction.07. Good CHARLOTTE - 40.OZ DREAMThis retreat look in ~ why The Maddens miss out on 2003 and the funny that came through it is made every the much better because the the faithful "na na na". The lads certainly still know just how to throw a party.06. Autumn OUT boy - where DID THE PARTY GO?This one is so lovely and also playful the it renders you desire to it is in rained on by confetti as you sing it. Every party should have actually at the very least one confetti cannon. This is not up for debate.05. Go into SHIKARI - ANTWERPENThere's just something around this "na na na" that renders us desire to grab the closest website traffic cone, stick that on our head and run around the town centre favor it's new Year's Eve.04. ONE OK absent - record PLANESFeaturing our mate Kellin Quinn, this huge old banger doesn't even need the "na na na" to be brilliant, yet its presence simply makes the even more of an anthem. G'wan Taka!03. WATERPARKS - ROYALEver heard a "na na na" the sounds prefer it's ascending to the height of the people then crashing right back down? Waterparks go that.02. BLINK-182 - every THE little THINGSIn the time that 'All The little Things' has actually existed, no-one has ever been maybe to stand up to na-na-naing till their neck was red and also raw. A global phenomenon the still packs out dancefloors today.

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01. Mine CHEMICAL romantic - NA NA NA (NA NA NA NA)There are exactly 261 Na's uttered in this pure classic. That's 1.27 Na's a second. The is one outrageous level the catchy and also that is why it has to take optimal spot.