Diarrhea. Boy, execute I see several this, and when ns say “lots,” I median lots. In fact, on some shifts, that feels favor that’s all ns see. Among the common reasons of diarrhea in dogs worldwide is giardia, a ubiquitous single-celled protozoan parasite. Giardiasis istransfer through a fecal-oral route, meaning that the parasite is swallowed in food and also water (think: puddles, lakes and also streams) contaminated v feces. Note: your pet does not have to eat feces to acquire the parasite!

Infection can be current without symptoms, however when indicators are present, the most common one we see is big volumes of watery poop, oftentimes v blood and mucus. Load loss, reduced appetite and vomiting can take place as well.

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How is the giardia in dogs diagnosis made?

Diagnosis is regularly made by evaluating fecal product under a microscope. However, this small parasite have the right to be complicated to find. So, in addition, we use a nifty “snap test,” adding some stool come a solution that provides us a confident or negative result for giardia (like a pregnancy test because that poop). This check is an extremely sensitive come the existence of giardia in dogs.

Symptoms that Giardia

Symptoms the giardia in both people and dogs can include diarrhea, gas, abdominal discomfort, nausea, and also vomiting. But remember, it is feasible have an infections and show no symptoms of giardia. Indicators of disease in dogs may include:

Severe Diarrhea (often with blood and mucus)VomitingGasWeight lossDehydrationDry or poor coat appearanceDecreased appetite

How go one law the Giardiasis parasite?

Generally, easily and inexpensively, detailed your dog doesn’t acquire so ill the he or she demands IV fluids or hospitalization. The little puppy pictured is named Rascal, and also he was hospitalized due to an infection with giardia. His diarrhea came on fast and furious, and because teeny puppies don’t have actually much “wiggle room” as soon as it concerns bodily reserve, it resulted in a crucial drop in his blood sugar. The required much more intensive hospitalization, and also made a full recovery.

Giardiasis is usually treated v an inexpensive antibiotic called Metronidazole (Flagyl) that is easily available. In tiny puppies, such together Rascal (see below), or dogs perceptible to this antibiotic, a dewormer known as Panacur have the right to be used rather for 5 to ten days.


How do I protect against giardia?

This best method to help prevent infection is to store your dog from drink from puddles, lakes, streams or various other sources the stagnant water. Ns know, this deserve to be difficult.

Dog park puddles lug a higher risk than, say, new rainwater pooled in a birdbath or fountain. Remember, giardia is sent through a fecal-oral route, and also what much better place come have concentrated levels the feces 보다 a dog park, specifically when part pet parents are not diligent around removing your doggy’s waste. Think of the this way: If a dog infected through giardia defecates top top the grass, and also the rain create a pond of water in grass, your dog is basically drinking a giardia martini.

It may also be advisable to act other pets in the same household while treating the infected, symptomatic pet. Over there is a vaccine obtainable for giardia in dogs, however most vets don’t recommend it uneven your dog is at really high hazard or is one of those pets who gets giardiasis frequently.

Can I gain Giardia from my Dog?

Don’t forget: People can acquire giardia too. Younger youngsters are in ~ a greater risk together hands often find their method to mouths throughout outside playtime (grass deserve to be contaminated with giardia cysts together well). And those lover doggy kisses we love so much? Let’s just say the it is easier to coincidentally ingest among those tiny cysts 보다 you could think.

There are additionally environmental control measures that deserve to be taken to stop reinfection. People should it is in vigilant in clearing fecal product from the environment. If her pet has been diagnosed through giardia, it is often recommended the you wash as many areas of your setting as possible, complied with by disinfection with a equipment of bleach diluted in water (another measure the is much easier said 보다 done).

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As with anything medical, there is no one clinical authorize that equals a definitive disease, and diarrhea wake up to be of the most common clinical indicators of any disease process. Since of this, if your pet has actually diarrhea the persists beyond 24 hours, or is really sudden and severe, a veterinary exam is in order.

And, on the note, I’ll leave you with this close up door mantra: No drinka da puddle, no snout in da bay. Choose up poop in da yard, conveniently throw the away!