The 90s were defined by three major TV sitcoms: “Friends”, “Seinfeld” and “Mad about You”. When “Friends” and also “Seinfeld” got the large ratings, “Mad around You” got the people’s hearts. Us all dropped in love through the Buchman"s (and their close household members and also friends), and now that time, 25 year later, to inspect up ~ above that exceptional cast, and discover part amazing secrets from behind the scenes.

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Paul Reiser


Reiser didn’t simply star in the display – he additionally co-created it. In the early on 2000’s he to be featured in a couple of TV movies, and went on to star as himself in a 2002 episode of Curb her Enthusiasm. After ~ a short acting break, he wrote and also starred in the 2005 drama The Thing about My Folks. His next series didn’t finish well – The Paul Reiser show only aired for 2 episodes in 2011 before getting cancelled. Reiser has likewise written 3 semi autobiographic books: Couplehood, Babyhood and also Familyhood.


Hunt obtained nothing but praise for her duty as Jamie, which describes why she starred in countless blockbusters after the present wrapped. The year 2000 was particularly kind to she – she play lead duties in cast Away, What females Want, Dr. T and also the Women, and Pay that Forward. In 2006 she played a duty in the film Bobby, and also followed the up as the lead function of April Epner in then She found Me, i m sorry she additionally directed. In 2012, she starred in The Sessions together a sex surrogate, a function for i beg your pardon she was nominated because that an Oscar for finest Supporting Actress.


John Pankow played Paul’s cousin Ira Buchman, a evidenced bachelor who operated a steady yet dull job in the family sporting goods store. Due to the fact that then, Pankow has remained in TV, most notably serving as a collection regular on the Showtime series Episodes, i m sorry debuted in 2011.


Leila Kenzle—after playing Jamie’s ideal friend, Fran Devanow—obtained a master’s degree in clinical psychology and also now works as a marriage and also family therapist in Los Angeles.


Richard kind played Dr. Mark Devanow, Fran’s ex-husband and also father of your child. Kind has actually remained one active, beloved character actor, newly doing the voice of ice Bong in within Out and also playing a no-good public institution teacher top top Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Throwing Paul and also Jamie’s stable residential life right into chaos was Jamie’s freeloading, neurotic sister Lisa, play by ann Ramsay, that was always bursting right into Paul and Jamie’s apartment to comment on her latest low-stakes crisis. Paul and Jamie usually discovered a method to placed out proverbial fires because that Lisa, and yet, currently that Ramsay occasionally portrays Winifred Wilkes top top CW collection Hart of Dixie.

Finally, who could forget Murray, the Buchmans’ trusty dog? play by a collie mix called Maui, Murray likewise filled the symbolic function of Paul and also Jamie’s child until the bear of their baby, Mabel, in season five. Having actually gone from sanctuary rescue dog to two-time winner that the TV overview readers’ choice for “Most famous Dog,” Maui has actually unfortunately since passed away, however he will constantly be remembered.

Paul Reiser and also Danny Jacobson pitched NBC executives Warren Littlefield and Jamie Tarses a show around the life that a pair in private - not the variation you"d check out at a party, however the an ext honest version that come after that. "When you leave the party or the dinner, it"s you and also your mam in the car," Tarses recalled that the pitch. The two additionally compared their display to thirtysomething (1987-1991), however promised the it would be "shorter and funnier."

The duty of Jamie Buchman eventually came down to two people: Hunt and also Teri Hatcher. Hunt won out when she "brilliantly" imitated Reiser trying to decide what come eat, among the scene in the pilot. Hatcher finished up playing Lois roadway on Lois and also Clark soon after instead.

"The trial and error on Mad around You was not great," reputation Beckman, NBC"s then-executive vice chairman of programming and planning, said the Los Angeles time in 1999. But the research indicated that everybody loved the couple. Larry Charles, that would offer as executive producer of the series in that fourth and fifth seasons, admitted that it to be Reiser and also Hunt that made the display work; he stated that v scenes that didn"t attribute the couple, "you just felt favor no one cared."

Richard Kind, that played Dr. Mark Devanow, recalled that the display was not enabled to be dubbed “Reiser”, so it was known as “The Paul Reiser Project” deep into the summer before its autumn debut. Kind discovered out about the last title in the studio lot. "One day i pull right into a parking space, and also I see a thing that says Mad about You. And also I go, "Oh, mine God! it is a good name!" and I operation in and I go "Guys! Guys! I’ve gained it! I’ve got the name: Mad about You!" and also they walk "Yes. That is the name of the show.""

Jacobson and also Reiser i agree in the at an early stage days that their series that the present would be doomed if a baby were ever be introduced. Yet the 5th season ended with the bear of the couple"s daughter, Mabel. NBC had actually pushed because that the couple to have a infant from the beginning.

For the first six episodes, the display was shoot both with an audience and without one. If they chose Mad about You was ideal with a live crowd, Reiser stated the "awww"s the the collection sometimes elicited "shriveled" his spine. After getting talked the end of informing the audience to reduced it out, Reiser had the "awww"s edited out of the audience monitor of episodes.

In 1978, Steve Buscemi was an aspiring stand-up who would hang the end at The Improv, waiting patiently to get a possibility to take it the stage. The was never ever called, till one night when the manager looked in ~ him and also said it was lastly time. But before he might get increase on the stage, Paul Reiser entered the club, and was put on stage instead. Buscemi stated in 2015 that the occurrence was what led the to offer up top top comedy and also focus on acting instead, and also he still held a grudge about it.

In "Token Friend," the seventh illustration of Mad about You"s first season, Buscemi acquired to vent his disappointed at Reiser as soon as he depicted "Howie," a former film college student of Paul"s that blamed Paul because that his dropping out of school (after Reiser"s character used the last accessible editing machine, leading him come not acquire his assignment in on time and also into a life functioning in a new York subway toll fee booth).

Lisa Kudrow depicted Karen, a woman who had actually two lines on a blind date with Paul in the very first season flashback episode "Met Someone." The future girlfriend actress said she was on the cusp of having actually to take a job job as soon as her agent called to tell her Jacobson was providing her the part of Ursula Buffay. The agent suggested she pass. Since Kudrow necessary the money and also thought it to be "the ideal show top top television," she ignored the suggestion. (Ursula is the twin sister of Phoebe Buffay, Kudrow"s personality on Friends.)

Hank Azaria asserted that the guy he to be mimicking told the he yes, really loved the personality Nat Ostertag, there is no realizing Azaria was using his voice. Azaria obtained the component by hanging out on collection all the moment (he and also Hunt were a pair from 1994 come 2000) and also eventually pitched the character of Nat, which he had actually been functioning on throughout his downtime.

The Buchmans" dog, Murray, was in reality Maui, a collie mix. He was originally found in a Castaic, California pet shelter by a Hollywood animal trainer. Maui got his begin in TV commercials and also as the understudy because that the titular circus dog in Bingo (1991).

Jacobson left the display after season three, and also Larry Charles took over as showrunner. "I was not interested in more perpetuating the romantic myth of marriage," Charles said. "They had supposedly to be married four and also five years by then. Well, you"ve come to be bored v each various other by then, you"re onto each other"s shtick already. My goal to be to piece away the artifice that the pair and show them for what they really were. And I had actually two good actors to job-related with." Reiser and Hunt agreed with Charles. "We wanted to see the pair in trouble," hunt said. "We want to watch them struggle with infertility, the dark side of motherhood - all of those things that we or our friends we want to express v this show." NBC wasn"t a fan of the series’ much less optimistic turn.

The present was at some point or an additional on every night of the week other than Friday throughout its seven-season run. When it was relocated to Sundays because that season four, Reiser stated Mad around You "lost its minute of heat." He to be so upset around the relocate from Thursday come Sunday the he didn"t display up because that NBC"s main presentation of the autumn schedule. An cotton network executive asserted production was delayed one week for season four since the show"s producers to be "sulking" over the day change; Reiser insisted the delay was from wait for hunt to go back to the studio after shoot Twister (1996).

Reiser felt that the last episode that season six, titled "The Finale" (just like season four"s three-part ender), can have served as a "very perfunctory ending." hunting told the Los Angeles times that not being able come come up with a grand ending was "part the the incentive to come back" for a seventh and last season.

Another benefit for Reiser and Hunt come come back for a saturday season was the per-episode salary boost from $250,000 come $1 million, provided in component by the network since of its loss of Seinfeld. Ultimately, the series finale - "The last Frontier" - was set 22 years into the future, with an adult Mabel do a documentary around her parents.

In the 3rd season episode, "Pandora"s Box," Jamie causes a city-wide strength blackout in brand-new York City, and the results of the blackout space seen in the girlfriend episode, "The One through the Blackout," and also in the episode "Birthday in the huge House" that the short-lived NBC sitcom "Madman the the People."

“The Conversation,” which was a sixth season episode, is more than likely one that civilization remember. In the episode, Reiser and Hunt have actually a twenty-minute conversation outside the baby’s room, which to be filmed and initially displayed in a single uninterrupted take.

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Reiser met Helen Hunt, that at the moment was sharing a house with a girlfriend of Reiser"s wife, in ~ a dinner party. Though Hunt want to emphasis on her budding movie career, the pilot script adjusted her mind. "Paul had said he want to perform a show around the minute when a couple has left a party and also just gained behind closed doors and then the truth comes out," hunt told The brand-new York time in 1994. "To carry out a whole series about moments prefer that - that was the only kind of display I might see that would warrant five years that work."

Paul Reiser has proclaimed in interviews the the show wouldn’t work in a modern setting. “Everyone would constantly be on your cellphones”, he said.