The sheriff in Maycomb. He’s a tall and slender male who put on cowboy boots. The carries a rifle, however he insists the he’s not as good of a shot together Atticus, though this is never ever confirmed. If Scout never gets a great or nuanced expertise of just how Mr. Tate feels about black people an ext generally, Mr. Tate does try to safeguard Tom Robinson and gives testimony in court the supports Atticus’s dispute that Mr. Ewell, not Robinson, win Mayella. He later on shows the he does believe in justice once he declares that Mr. Ewell dropped on his knife (when really Arthur Radley eliminated him in defense of Scout and also Jem), in order to protecting Arthur from undesirable attention or legit trouble.

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The timeline listed below shows wherein the character heck Tate appears in To kill a Mockingbird. The fancy dots and also icons show which themes are associated with that appearance.

Atticus and also Mr. Hell Tate , the sheriff, come in the car. Calpurnia explains that Tim is just twitching, not...(full context)

...sight of Atticus and also goes rigid, Atticus rapidly lifts the gun and shoots. Tim crumples. Mr. Tate ’s investigate reveals that Atticus shoot a little too much to the right. Atticus isn’t...(full context)
Atticus and Mr. Tate head earlier to town. Miss Maudie silences miss out on Stephanie and also tells Jem that Atticus used...(full context)
...pleading, Dill’s mother allows him to stay. After ~ this, things go downhill quickly. One evening, Mr. Tate knocks and asks Atticus come come outside. Scout to know that guys only talk exterior for...(full context)
...Atticus if “he” is in the jail, call Atticus to move aside, and share the Mr. Tate is out in the woods top top a phony call.(full context)
...usual, look at to it is in asleep. Scout wishes she deserve to watch that eat a cigar as Mr. Tate bring away the stand.(full context)
Scout tries come ask Jem about the Ewells, however he turns her fist to Mr. Tate ’s testimony. Reconnaissance doesn’t recognize the solicitor, Mr. Gilmer, well, together he’s native Abbottsville and...(full context)
...asks why the didn’t call a doctor and asks if Mr. Ewell agrees with what Mr. Tate said around Mayella’s injuries. He asks the court reporter to check out them word because that word,...(full context)
...She agrees the she screamed and also fought and also says the she doesn’t remember much until Mr. Tate arrived.(full context)
...way she walk in February, once the street closeup of the door up, the mockingbirds were silent, and Mr. Tate told Atticus come shoot Tim Johnson. Mr. Tate returns and also calls the court come order....(full context)
...Jem asks if there’s everyone else, and Miss Maudie points out that the black neighborhood, Mr. Tate , and also Judge Taylor stepped up—Judge Taylor didn’t offer Tom’s case to the newest lawyer,...(full context)
...Atticus ushers that in, Aunt Alexandra obtain Scout, and also they call for Dr. Reynolds and also Mr. Tate . Enlightenment asks if Jem is dead, but Atticus assures her he’s simply unconscious. Aunt...(full context)
Mr. Tate arrives as Dr. Reynolds leaves, and he and also Scout go into Jem’s room. Atticus defines that...(full context)
Scout thinks the Atticus looks somehow old. Mr. Tate asks to look at Jem’s injuries if Scout speak them what happened, and Aunt Alexandra...(full context)
...will involved the county court, however Jem is just 13 and also it to be self-defense. Mr. Tate asks incredulously if Atticus yes, really thinks that Jem eliminated Mr. Ewell, and also he insists that...(full context)
Scout city hall in fascination together Mr. Tate and Atticus argue. She not fairly sure what precisely they’re fighting for or about. Mr....

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(full context)
Atticus asks whereby Mr. Tate gained the switchblade. Coolly, Mr. Tate states he confiscated the from a drunk man, and...(full context)
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