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Up for bids is a Mossberg 500 12 Gauge "Roadblocker"! This is one bad GUN! These have actually 18" barrels, pistol grip, warmth shield, and also an great muzzle break! This is one excerpt from a review by Guns and Ammo magazine:Expanding upon the Mossberg 500 pump-action shotgun line, the 2009 release of the road Blocker is certain to stop consumers in their tracks.Setting the roadway Blocker apart from Mossberg’s other special purpose shotguns is a functional muzzle brake design to minimize recoil and minimize muzzle jump. The road Blocker likewise features a drilled and tapped receiver, factory-ready because that a Picatinny rail. The pistol grip and also heat shield round the end the road Blocker’s package making the compact and also easy come maneuver. For personal or house defense objectives the road Blocker is collection up to be best for close quarter situations.Enjoying a long-standing partnership with the U.S. Armed forces, Mossberg is the manufacturer that the just 12-gauge pump-action shotgun ever to pass the stringent U.S. Military Mil-Spec 3443 standard.Now, for 2009 Mossberg will certainly make available select 590A1 models come the general public. Every models come standard v heavy-walled barrels, metal create guards and also safety buttons in a resilient Parkerized finish. A full variety of sighting alternatives are easily accessible in front bead, ghost ring rear or 3-dot configurations. Several variations that stocks space also obtainable with wood, synthetic, rate feed and adjustable aluminum. Every 590A1 models come drilled and tapped from the manufacturing facility making it straightforward to mount a Picatinny rail, scope basic or various other optic options. Various other accessories accessible for the 590A1 are warmth shields, Picatinny rails as well as orange buttstocks and forearms for training purposes.Our items room factory brand-new unless otherwise stated. The seller to make reservation the right to end any auction early due to local sale. If girlfriend have any type of questions please ask before bidding. If you are unfamiliar with purchasing firearms online please email us and we will walk you with the process. We guarantee you it is straightforward process. All SALES room FINAL.Shipping Information:We fee a flat rate that $30 for every rifles and $20 for every hand guns. All items space shipped USPS Priority mail to the FFL of your choosing. Various other shipping arrangements have the right to be do if the the person who lives contacts us before the finish of auction.All firearms must delivery to a current FFL holder. Please call us as soon as possible after the finish of auction to recognize the FFL holder which friend would favor your firearm shipped to.Up because that bids is a Mossberg 500 12 Gauge Roadblocker! This is one poor GUN! These have actually 18 barrels, pistol grip, warmth shield, and also an amazing muzzle break! This is
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