Shao Kahn is more difficult in Mortal Kombat 9 than ever before before. Ns fought and defeated him utilizing Liu Kang utilizing fireballs the course and staying away from him. Yet with Raiden that is even harder to defeat because it"s choose playing ~ above Expert challenge on Ladder Match mode.

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I have actually tried all ns can, fireballs teleports etc and I can only take it away fifty percent his blood (even with the X-Ray) prior to he walk his hard-to-dodge moves.

Can everyone share exactly how they defeated him?



Play lame; save your distance, teleport as soon as he litter his hammer (block or jump end his arrows) and also then carry out the electrical Fly (back -> towards -> front Kick, the attack that each other Superman flying and also pushing the enemy). As soon as he decides it"s a good idea to prevent attacking come taunt you, soil a combo (or a electric Fly if friend don"t feeling confident sufficient to combo him). If he viewpoints you, save going back until it"s not feasible to carry out it anymore, then jump and use the electrical Fly top top the air to acquire to the other side the the stage safely.

If you can avoid the majority of his attacks, he will go down eventually, yet it is rather hard.


All you have to do come beat Shao Khan v Raiden is come teleport behind him when he throws his spears or his hammer. As soon as you"re behind him, uppercut that repeatedly.



Timing her atacks can let girlfriend wittle His wellness down the is a difficult match yet it deserve to be managed (I am an terrible MK player so only method i recognize is to be cheap),

Watch his animations when he walk to litter hammer or arrowhead at correct distances Raidens projectiles are quicker you have the right to spam and interrupt constantly.When khan Taunts or is recovering indigenous a missed attack use the flying tackle assault and back out of khans immediate range. Dont usage the display edge as stepping to far out of variety will encourage cannes to adjust attack.Keep plugging away the difficulty seems to curb ~ above repeated continues to consist of for the fack her failing so take a deep breath and shot again ^_^
He"s not that hard once you now what to do. When the fight starts jump away twice, climate walk away. If the shoulder charges you or you room in the corner and he it s okay to nearby teleport, jump away twice and walk away. That"s exactly how you save the distance. If that throws the spear - duck. If that throws hammer teleport and use this straightforward combo: 3,3,4 electrical flight ( b,f, 3 ). This combo is straightforward to traction off, does decent damage and also Raiden jumps away after, developing distance. If Shao starts laughing electrical flight him yet if friend think you"re late it"s ideal to execute nothing. Don"t execute anything else, projectile fight against him is useless, uneven you have actually some serious reflexes. You can save her x-ray to complete him off. If girlfriend follow this rules you have to either beat the or win as soon as the time runs out.

For bosses there is no require for any kind of "tactics" since their huge selection and strength will mostly squish you yet there is a practiced trick the helps against all bosses (Just never get into any type of corner)...

Just obtain near the boss and jump end him again and also again until he go something that keeps a him little longer busy and do a good combo or straightforward uppercut. Rinse and also repeat.Works perfectly because that the bosses on all difficulties.

The other answers have actually some pretty great tips, but there"s one thing I noticed that helps endlessly. Shao Kahn, cheap together he is, is really predictable in one way: he will certainly always carry out a wakeup assault - i.e. If you knock that down, he will execute a one-of-a-kind (or taunt) just as the is obtaining up. The trick is to get behind him at this allude to both stop his attack and also get a totally free hit of friend own.

Raiden is rather well put to take advantage of this together you can acquire behind him an extremely quickly by teleporting. Once you"ve knocked him under once, teleport behind him and also perform a simple attack come knock him down again (forward and also FK works, if i recall). Rinse, lather, repeat.

Don"t get too cocky and also go for a combo - the will often gain armor (the white speed of invulnerability) and go to town on your face.

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The timing requirements some obtaining used to yet it"s not too hard. It"s cheesy, yes, however he"s therefore infuriating that i personally don"t feeling bad around exploiting his AI. The hardest part is regularly knocking him down in the an initial place, as well as maintaining the rhythm.I"d tried numerous things prior to I uncovered this, and it"s worked on both Story mode and Ladder matches, v a selection of characters.