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Which Model-Configuration that 1897 shotgun execute You Have?

Step 1: determine the model of firearm

There are 8 version Configurations with two gauge and also several sports of those models. The conventional 1897 shotgun was a pump action and had a walnut stock, with a shotgun-type steel butt-plate. Luxurious varieties had actually checkered forearms and stocks, and have an elaborate walnut stocks, or other added features as many different choices were obtainable directly from the Winchester factory.

Exposed hammer on very early 1897 shotgun Stock and Butt-plate on an early 1897 shotgun

Barrel size is the very first criteria that will certainly be provided to differentiate among the 8 different Model construction of the 1897 Winchester. Barrel length is measured native the end of the barrel tip (below the prior bead sight), to the end of the barrel object (beyond whereby the barrel inserts right into the receiver in the middle of the gun). In the 1897 Winchester, you deserve to measure indigenous the height of the recipient from where the bolt opening ends, come the barrel tip, to get precise overall barrel length. Together an example, in the riot pistol which has a 20" barrel, the measurement from the barrel tip to the receiver front is only 19 1/4 ". In order to add the distance of the barrel threads, you need to keep measuring right into the receiver till you reach the end of the threads at the receiver opened (see where arrow points to in picture below). This will offer you the exactly barrel length measurement.

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Use the following crucial to identify which version (configuration) the gun the you have. Begin at "a" and also then pick one the the "a" choices. Monitor the actions through the crucial to determine your shotgun type. Then confirm your an option with v the overall descriptions and also variations in the synopsis of functions section. These 1897 Winchester shotguns were an extremely popular and some have actually gone through many hands. Every owner had actually an possibility to modify the gun, add parts, adjust parts, and remove features. Be alert for such modifications, and also remember that any modification from the original more than likely decreases value of that gun.

If you need help determining names supplied for the parts of your gun, research theParts diagram by click Here.

Easy Key:

a. my gun is one 1897 pump action with a barrel the is higher THAN 20" in size . ---Go to ar ba". mine gun is one 1897 pump shotgun with a barrel the is 20" LONG. ▪ If the barrel is fitted v a hand guard and also there is a bayonet v the gun, You have a Trench Gun.

a""▪ If over there is no hand guard and no bayonet, You have actually a lytic Gun.

b. My gun has actually a barrel that higher THAN 26" long --- Go to ar c

Winchester 1897 with barrel over 20" in length

b". My pistol is a pump action 1897 shotgun with a barrel that IS 26" long. The barrel will certainly be round, 26" through the stock level walnut v a modification pistol tight (see snapshot below), and the butt-plate will be shotgun-style (metal early and black hardened plastic later with a Winchester logo). The forearm is also plain grooved walnut, with a solitary barrel band. You have a Brush gunb".If the total matches this description and also is a takedown variety, You have actually a take-down Brush gun.

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1897 Brush pistol Barrel Brush pistol semi-pistol fixed stock

walk to step 2

c. My gun has a 28" - 32" barrel, is a 16 or 12 gauge and the peak of the receiver does NOT have a black MATTED surface ar to alleviate the sunlight glare. The pistol does have actually a walnut stock and also shotgun target plate. Go to ar d

An 1897 typical magazine

Go to action 2

c". My gun is a 12 gauge, has a 30" barrel. The stock and also forearm room checkered and made of pick walnut. The walnut share is a directly grip. The butt plate is metal or hard black rubber with the Winchester logo design on later production guns. You have actually a Winchester 1897 "Tournament Gun."