Minzy"s recent photos, i m sorry she uploaded via her personal Instagram account, have caused civilization to say miscellaneous opinions about her.

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Since setting up her own agency called MZ Entertainment and also becoming its chief executive, management officer, Minzy has become an ext radiant and also powerful. However, ~ above Dec. 16, the former 2NE1 member posted two pictures on she Instagram account the suddenly led to controversy.

Sporting a vivid coat with a black top and pants, Minzy flaunted she mesmerizing visuals in the two images. The idol was, in fact, praised because that her feeling of fashion. However, netizens i found it something weird in the shots. When the picture seem okay for numerous fans, some netizens believe that the singer"s challenge looks odd as according come them it seemed prefer an turning back triangle due to the fact that of an overly pointed chin.

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Not come mention, some accused Minzy of having actually undergone plastic surgery that led to her face being abnormally deformed. Meanwhile, some human being think that the K-pop star supplied a picture application that made her challenge look like what is shown in the images. Top top the various other hand, Minzy"s confront seems good in her recent upload top top Instagram. In various other news, Minzy is set to take part in the "Merry Christmas~Baking with MINZY," which will certainly be hosted through a livestream via the "MINZY TV" YouTube channel. The event is reserved to take ar on Dec. 23 in ~ 8 p.m. KST. Fans will be able to see the idol bake cookies at home.

12/23일 밤 8시에 유투브 라이브 스트리밍으로 만나요 :)커밍쑨-Merry Christmas~Baking through MINZY23th, Dec 8PM (KST) “MINZY TV” Channel YOUTUBE LIVE STREAMINGYour Christmas will be lot warmer and also sweeter. Let’s bake Christmas cookie at home with Minzy! coming soon! pic.twitter.com/zx20817NTa

— Minzy (
mingkki21) December 17, 2020

Moreover, the previous 2NE1 member has actually released the Tagalog variation of her song "Lovely" ~ above Nov. 20 after signing an exclusive contract v Viva Entertainment that will manage her musical tasks in the Philippines. The track marked her debut as a solo artist in the country.

"Lovely" is initially an English track the was launched this previous May. The solitary becomes her an initial release together an independent artist after stable the legal dispute with her previous management firm Music works last April. She additionally left the firm in that same month. Minzy has actually been an artist in the said company since 2016. Adhering to her exit from Music Works, she founded her very own agency, MZ Entertainment.

Because of her outstanding skills and captivating phase presence, Minzy was able to make herself famous in the entertainment industry in south Korea. Often referred to as as the "Queen the Dance" or "Dancing Machine," the artist an initial became well known when she made she debut together a member that the legendary girl group named 2NE1 under YG Entertainment. Other members contained current solo artists CL, Park Bom, and Sandara Park, who likewise started she career in the Philippines.

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Minzy parted ways with YG to chat in April 2016 and also joined Music Works, a subsidiary brand of CJ E&M. In April 2017, the artist made she solo debut through the expanded play titled "Minzy job-related 01. "Uno"," which featured the title monitor "Ninano." The EP gone into the Billboard human being Albums Chart, declare the No. 2 spot. Then, in December 2018, Minzy released her very an initial English-language solo track "All of friend Say."

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