Offer employee an investment choice that offers secure and dependable return in their retirement plans with stable Value. Obtainable only in characterized Contribution Plans, this funding preservation option empowers employees to build much more diverse retirement portfolios when reducing risk.

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This income-producing, low-risk investment alternative consistently outperforms money industry funds — and also inflation — while providing a guarantee of principal and also interest. So employees feel much more confident about investing for their future.1

Because the the wide selection of choices available, yes sir a secure Value systems that can fulfill the resources preservation requirements of any type of retirement plan, nevertheless of size.

Explore our latest thought management articles and also industry studies to learn an ext about just how Stable Value deserve to play an important role in your retirement plan.

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Uncover the benefits Stable value can carry out your employees as they think about retirement options.

Get to understand the specialists who deserve to provide an ext information about Stable Value, and how it might fit right into your that company retirement plan.


You’ll work-related with an experienced and committed team, giving the field of expertise you deserve and also expect, so you have the right to feel confident about including secure Value as an investment option in your retirement plan.


Seamless and also straightforward implementationDedicated service that have the right to make ongoing management easier



Advisor/plan sponsor accessibility to our stable Value upgrade eNewsletterCommunication products that administer complete details about the all at once stable worth market as well as our secure value solutions

Industry leaders through a long track record in steady ValueCreative, tailored services backed by considerable knowledge and also experience

Our financial toughness ratings are amongst the highest possible in the industry. See exactly how the optimal financial ranking agencies have rated our financial stability.

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Matt Curtin, Sales straight DCIO East, secure Value Investments shares the 4 main areas plan sponsors should consider when evaluating stable value funds.

1 guarantees are subject to the jae won strength and also claims-paying capacity of metropolitan Life Insurance company and room subject to policy terms and also conditions.