If you have to replace a missing or worn-out patent plate screw, the is important to understand what dimension will to the right your automobile or truck. What patent plate screw dimension will fit her vehicle?

Vehicles equipment with metal threaded holes usage a different type of plate screw. The types and size of this screws also vary depending on the car brand or model.

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While there is a typical license bowl screw dimension for most vehicles, some models recommend a different size screw. In this article, I’ll list recommended screw sizes for different car models, consisting of Honda, Toyota, Nissan, BMW, Ford F-150, Ram, and Chevrolet.

Read on to learn an ext about the traditional license bowl screw sizes and also the different types of license plate screws for cars and trucks.

Also, take a look at this rustproof stainless steel license plate screws which are a typical size for most vehicles.


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To be details that this screws will certainly fit your vehicle, you can search the evaluate or Amazon find to check out if others use this screw through your vehicle. If not, read on to watch recommended screws for the most popular auto brands.

License bowl Screw Size

While over there is a typical screw size for license plates, not all of them are the same.

For instance, there room Original devices Manufacturer (OEM) screws. Original devices manufacturers do these screws. They space specifically suited to certain brands and models the vehicles.

Car and truck manufacturers develop their own screws with different materials and also sizes, especially suited to the car models’ license plate retainers. For instance, several of the screws they develop have hex heads, slotted hex heads, truss heads, or slotted truss heads.

If you need a specific form and/or dimension of the screw, friend won’t discover any challenge finding it. Many of these OEM screws are available from car manufacturers. They are accessible in many auto components suppliers and also auto service centers together well.

Later, I’ll list the recommended screw sizes for particular vehicle models.


Standard Screw size for patent Plates

Below is a table the will show you few of the conventional sizes of patent screw plates used in most modern cars today.

Screw TypeStandard Sizes
82-5503 – Slotted Head, Washer Head1/4 x 3/4 Zinc Plated Universal
14099 – Slotted Truss Head1/4 x 3/4 Zinc Plated Universal
6717 – Slotted Truss Head1/4 x 3/4 Black, GM, and Universal
1434 SS – Phillips Truss Head1/4 x 3/4 Stainless
12932 – Slotted Pan Head1/4 x 3/4 Stainless, GM, and Universal
12818 – Slotted Hex Washer Head1/4 x 3/4 Stainless, Universal
1012SS – Phillips Truss Head#10 x 1/2 Stainless
858SS – Phillips Pan Head#8 x 5/8 Stainless, European, and also Universal
903 – Slotted Hex Head#12 x 3/4 Zinc Plated, Subaru, and also Universal
6552 – Slotted Hex Washer Head1/4 x 3/4 black Zinc Plated, Universal
90-6739 – Slotted Truss1/4 x 5/8 Zinc Plated-Blunt Point, Universal
1939 – Slotted Hex Washer Head1/4 x 5/8 with 5/8 o.d. Washer, Ford # N800369-S2

An instance of a standard license key screw is the revolution Rustproof license Plate Screws. These screws will not rust due to the fact that they’re do of high-grade stainless steel.


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These screws are 3/4 inch long self-tapping screws that have the right to fit many cars and also trucks through nylon/plastic screw retainers.

Another instance of standard size license bowl screws that fit many cars and trucks is the SNUG Fasteners.


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These 1/4 x 3/8 customs screws space made the premium 304 stainless steel. They have slotted hex heads the are easy to fasten making use of a level head screwdriver. This screws can fit the holes of most residential car and also truck license plates.

The over screws should fit most car or truck models; however, some automobile manufacturers introduce a specific screw. See below for the different recommended screws for different auto models.


For Honda car and truck models, take it a look at the transformation Steel license Plate Screws.


Click right here to see them ~ above Amazon.

These screws are made the stainless steel the is zinc-plated and also black finished, making them rustproof and durable.

They do not require nylon inserts, and also they also come v a global fit. They are 3/4 inch long and also have 1/4 inch diameters. This screws will fit most domestic and also imported cars and can be provided in any type of truck or motorcycle.


A recommended patent plate screw for Toyota vehicles is 1 x 0.5 x 0.5 inches. An example of this Toyota car or truck patent plate screw is theRSD never ever Rust OE layout screws.


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These screws will certainly fit the patent plates for all Toyota models. These screws room made that stainless steel. A package contains standard two rear license plate screws and two front patent plate self-tapping fasteners.

If you have previously fastened or drilled her front bumper v a larger screw, you may need to add or use a plastic anchor come fasten this screws.



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These screws are made that zinc-plated stainless steel. There is an optional black color finished screw for extra durability.


The conventional BMW license plate screw size is about 10mm long. M5x10mm maker screws will work great. You can go as brief as 8mm or as lengthy as 12mm. If you need a replacement because that the screws in her BMW patent plates, you have the right to use thePrime Ave Standard size Stainless Steelscrews.


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The design and also manufacturing of this screws room of the highest possible standards. They room made of 316 stainless steel; therefore, they space corrosion-resistant and long-lasting.

Ford F-150


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These room stainless steel screws with slotted hex heads the you can conveniently fasten utilizing a 3/8 customs drive socket or a level head screwdriver.

They deserve to fit patent plates the Ford F-150s and most domestic trucks and cars that use nylon or plastic holders. A 100% warranty backs increase its non-corrosive feature.

Ram Truck


Click below to check out them ~ above Amazon.

These space 100% rustproof 316 marine-grade stainless stole screws. They’re much more durable and also resistant to corrosion due to the fact that of your proprietary black plating.


The standard Chevrolet patent plate screw size is around 10mm long. You can go as quick as 8mm or as long as 12mm. A trustworthy size screw because that Chevrolet models is the element Ave Stainless steel Plate Screw.


Click here to check out them on Amazon.

These screws space made of premium quality 18-8 stainless steel. Plus, they come v a life time warranty and also rustproof guarantee.

These screws have truss heads requiring no washers in securing your license plates. They have actually low profiles to enhance your car’s look and also are long enough to be used together with a license plate frame. They are likewise self-tapping screws the ensure a perfect fit because that your license plates.

Next, let’s look at where you have the right to buy screws for license plates.

Where to Buy Screws for license Plates?

You can buy screws for your patent plates in plenty of places. Among the ideal places to buy patent plate screws is Amazon since you deserve to search for your version vehicle.

For example, the Revolution Stainless Steel license Plate screws (click right here to see them ~ above Amazon) will fit many vehicles. However to confirm, you have the right to search your particular vehicle make and also model in the questions and reviews section. Often, there will be solution for even if it is this screw will fit with your vehicle.

You can additionally search on Amazon for your certain make and model auto license key screw, because that example, “Volvo C30 patent plate screws”.

You can obtain screws in ~ the dealer friend purchased the car or at most brick-and-mortar auto parts stores too.

In choosing the exactly screw come buy, consider the length of the screw. It should complement the length of the hole and be able to fit the whole license bowl mount.

Below are 7 facets or parts of the patent plate mount the you should consider:

WashersScrew covers through a baseLicense plate clear cover (if allowed)Frame of the license plateLicense plateFrame gasketSpacers

These seven facets can sometimes add up to around 1/2 customs (12 mm). If the screws girlfriend bought are either too long or too short, they will not to the right the bowl securely. You should also consider the sort of materials used in this screws. Select screws that room rustproof and durable due to the fact that they room constantly exposed come harsh conditions on the road.

How to change License plate Screws

Replacing license plate screws is basic and easy to do, particularly if you have actually the know-how. You’ll require a flathead or Phillips driver to unscrew the old ones and screw in their replacements.

Follow these actions when instead of the old screws:

Start with the rear license plate. Use the best screwdriver and unscrew the 2 existing screws on the peak of the patent plate’s leaf or the plate frame (if there is any).Remove the license plate (and the key frame) and set them aside. Clean lock if necessary.Clear every the dirt and debris around the screw holes.Place the license plate (and the frame) ago to its original position.Start to screw the brand-new screws ~ above the key or the plate frame using the screwdriver. Make sure that you totally secure the plate and also the plate frame.Now, go to the prior of the car and also follow the very same procedure in unscrewing and also screwing the front license plate.

A Note around Rear license Plate Screws

Most cars do in the United claims use sheet steel screws and also nylon snap-in nuts for their front and rear license plates, other than the Chevrolet Corvette. The majority of carmakers in Europe and also Asia use metric maker screws v threaded inserts.

The screws provided for the rear license plates are usually no the same as the ones offered on the front patent plate. Much more often than not, over there is a license plate mounting bracket at the rear, i beg your pardon is attached an initial to the automobile before the patent plate. Once this clip is set in place, girlfriend will understand the license plate is totally screwed in.

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Conclusion – What size Are patent Plate Screws?

A different form of key screw is compelled for vehicles fitted with metal threaded holes. The size of these screws also vary depending upon the car brand or model.