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The Odyssey crossword puzzle PuzzleACROSS2. Odysseus" home7. The Phaeacian king that hosts Odysseus10. The just god who did no pity Odysseus12. The cyclops blinded by Odysseus15. The messenger the the gods likewise known together "the gigantic killer"16. The flowery fruit that deserve to make guys forget their homes17. Father of Odysseus19. Prominent suitor that is the arch-enemy the Telemachus24. Imprisoned Odysseus"s guys in a pig sty before ending up being his lover25. Member of Odysseus crew who is encountered in the underworld27. Young daughter of Alcinous who is tall and also beautiful together a goddess28. Sucked under salt water exposing her interior vortex then vomited it increase seething over favor a cauldron end a blazing fire29. Odysseus had actually to be tied down to hear to their song30. The god whose cattle was spend by Odysseus" crew31. Giants who pelted rocks under on the the pearl of Odysseus" expeditionDOWN1. Human being who asserted responsibility because that the cyclops" suffering3. Whereby Odysseus" journey home began4. Nymph, envied by the gods because that living v a mortal, who delays Odysseus for 7 years5. The kind animal cared for by Eumaeus6. Herb with black roots and also a white blossom offered to Oydesseus by Hermes7. Goddess who protects and helps Odysseus8. Creature v a tragic bark, twelve feet, six scrawny necks and also triple rows of fangs9. Dad of Zeus11. Ling of Pylos; the Gerenian Charioteer checked out by Telemachus13. Wife of Odysseus14. Husband of Helen and also host the Telemachus18. Blind Theban prophet from who Odysseus sought advice in Hades20. Provided Odysseus a leather bag include the boisterous energies the the wind21. Beautiful wife of Menelaus22. Partnership of Telemachus come Odysseus23.

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God that is cuckolded by his mam Aphrodite and also Ares26. The people who were raided throughout Odysseus" very first stop on his return from warGo come the Greek Mythology table of contents page.Go to the Grose educational Media home page.For response go to:Greek Mythology Answer crucial Page© Grose educational Media, 1999-2000