Mega man Star pressure 3Black Ace/Red Joker

Also recognized as: Ryuusei no Rockman 3Black Ace/Red Joker (JP)Developer: CapcomPublisher: CapcomPlatform: Nintendo DSReleased in JP: November 13, 2008Released in US: June 30, 2009

This game has unused graphics.

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This video game has unused sounds.
This game has local differences.


This post is a work in progress....Well, every the write-ups here are, in a way. Yet this one moreso, and the write-up may save incomplete information and also editor"s notes.


To do:Debug things.

Mega guy Star force 3 is the 3rd and debatably last game in the Star force sub-series. Oh, and also the Star Break and Tribe On functions have been replaced by Noise Changing. Fun!

Unused Graphics



Unused backsprites because that both Sirius and also Club Strong. That is feasible that over there would have actually been a freefight through Sirius after the bonus thing at one point, yet he never shows up in the overworld after said chapter. In the case of club Strong"s sprites, the is difficult to talk to him from behind because of invisible wall surfaces blocking the player indigenous doing so.

Leftover Geo Stelar mugshots


Geo Stelar"s mugshot native Mega male Star force 2, which was supplied in at an early stage screenshots that this game.

MegaMan.EXE and Lan mugshots



Unused mugshots for Lan and also MegaMan.EXE are additionally present, back in this situation they are just leftovers native Star force 2.

Sky Hertz


It seems the sky Wave to be planned come re-appear in the third game, seeing as this skies Hertz mugshot was updated indigenous Star force 2, but since the sky Wave doesn"t appear neither carry out the skies Hertzes.

Trader male mugshot


The TraderMan"s mugshots, practically the exact same as the ones used in Star force 2 other than that the 2nd mugshot is different.

Intro Screen

beforehand Final

A blue-tinted, earlier-looking intro display screen with "1a" composed on it. The many notable difference between this and the last version is the everyone is put closer together and also there is substantially less damages on the road.



Smaller execution of the pictures of Solo and Laplace and also the Stelar family members reunion (including Omega-Xis) used during the finishing exists for every little thing reason.

Unused Textures

Dark Phantom

A structure of Dark Phantom grinning.



The textures for Rogue"s sword from Star force 2 are current within the game. Unused since he offers the Laplace blade in this game instead.

To do:Add Title display screen differences between regions.

Noise Kaizou Gear

Three separate power-up systems, jointly forming the Noise Kaizou gear system, were removed from the localized execution of Star pressure 3. Every three role in a similar manner come the tide Command Code system in Star force 2, and the White Cards mechanism that still exist in Star force 3. V hacking, these features can be re-enabled, and have been completely translated save other than for one error described below.

The first and most notable the the 3 is the Noise Poker mechanic, which enables players to gain up to five sets of abilities through details inputs, using a poker hand-style mechanism to determine compatibility as per the motif of the game"s antagonists. The access technique is the only part of this mechanism that has been dummied out, a player that has currently equipped Noise Poker abilities may freely access and disable lock without any further hacking.

The game additionally features function Card codes, i beg your pardon allow an altering the player"s capability of your Finalized Noise super mode after the key storyline has been beaten. One of these codes raises the location of the form"s folder through one level, i beg your pardon if offered in conjunction through accessing the regular maximum level permits reaching an additional, even more powerful variation of the folder never seen in common gameplay.

The critical of these is the secret Satellite Server, which permits replacing increase to three of the player"s Brothers through a one-of-a-kind card which have the right to be supplied to accessibility various folders based off characters from the Mega male franchise by going v a facility unlocking device in battle. Each time a brand-new level is unlocked, the video game will display a message offering a six-character intake code meant for use through a touchscreen overlay. While this attribute has been fully translated, as have all the others, it suffers indigenous an inexplicable translation error within every code provided by the video game gives just the very first five letter of the code rather than all six. Because of this, a overview is still needed in order to navigate the system.


Because of the region lockout, the English variation of the "Download" voice heat (only because that in SSS once selected folder) can"t it is in heard with legitimate means. Also, because of the an enig Satellite Server being unused in the localized versions, the fight cards Dragon sky GX, Pegasus Magic GX, and Leo Kingdom GX (all of i beg your pardon appeared and also were usable in ahead Star force games) all walk unused together well, due to only being usable via the SSS.

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Satella Police

Japan USA

The Satella Police officers have various sprites when they are defeated in the phibìc American release, presumably come tone under the violence in together scenes.

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