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AceOfAngels BRONZE, Milford, Connecticut 2 articles 0 photos 12 comments

Favorite Quote:Truth is rarely pure and also never simple~Oscar Wilde

“May the odds be ever before in her favor,” a favourite quote in the renowned Hunger gamings series. It’s something that would be said even in this day and also age in spite of the difference of time between now and also when the occasions of Hunger games supposedly take away place. The quote in itself can be analyzed to comparable phrases favor “Good luck” or “I expect fate is on your side.” The expect for great fortune to happen to girlfriend is something us all wish because that in our everyday lives specifically with the things we struggle with today—bills, family, work, school. This quote, “May the odds be ever in your favor,” is reflected in mine life. I pray for it every single day. I have never met a person who claimed that life was no complicated. Through every obstacle that comes mine way, ns send a quiet prayer hope things occupational my way, the the odds it is in in mine favor. Before a test, before confrontation, prior to a tragedy, before anything v risk, ns hope that fate is on my side. The fact of the matter is that at one allude or another, points will go horribly wrong, however there will certainly be times as soon as things walk so right. The odds just stack up the method they do, and we’re helpless to control it. I never thought much about an excellent luck, fate, cosmic gambling, or any type of of that sort until i was 7 year old. I just wasn’t old sufficient to care prior to that point. As a child, I had actually been happy and also innocent. Top top October 9, 2001, my father died. It was the one and also only time that i didn’t pray that morning for the day to go well, because that the odds or fate to it is in in mine favor. If things were just slightly different, if my family members arrived in ~ my school simply a tiny earlier, or a tiny later, my dad wouldn’t have actually been fatally shooting in former of me. Climate again, if my brothers hadn’t been sick, he would have died too. To be the odds in mine brother’s favor? Possibly. Were they in mine father’s, mother’s, and also my favor? No. Things just happen. Usually, once the odds are against you, they’re in the donate of another. There is constantly something obtained for one and something shed for another. My brothers was saved, my father was no so lucky. The odds to be in the favor of the killer and also my brother. But why them? Why me? truth is, just since you ask because that the odds to be in her favor doesn’t typical it will certainly happen. It is what the is. civilization usually remember events when life just threw something too hard. No one pays attention to the small things that happen that are simply tiny blessings in disguise. When I was in 6th grade, I ended up being friends with someone after a basic seat change. Who in my math course was talking too much, so civilization were moved around and I discovered myself beside a person who I never paid lot attention to, but after the moment, that just wasn’t the case. Ns wouldn’t be that I am without my now finest friend. It was such a tiny event, a seat motion that changed my life. It to be hardly an event as huge as my father’s passing, yet it was almost equally together significant. The odds were just in my favor. If I had actually been lacking or late it may have actually never happened. I didn’t asking to be moved and I wasn’t asking for extra good luck, but that’s simply the means life went. My brothers hadn’t inquiry for an excellent luck either. That doesn’t matter how plenty of times we ask for great chances, it will surprise us anyway. Being ideal friends through someone, my father dying, it was every sudden. I asked for neither yet there they were.

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So as soon as saying, “May the odds be ever before in your favor,” it no matter. If it was expected to be then it will happen, if that wasn’t then it won’t.