Miss Susie had a Steamboat (Hello Operator) – Nursery Rhyme miss out on Susie had a Steamboat (Hello Operator) with Lyrics and Clapping Instructions

Warning: this luck is for the oldest kids! castle love it…

miss Susie had actually a steamboat,The steamboat had actually a bell.Miss Susie visited heaven,The steamboat checked out $&#/$&

Hello operator,Please give me number nine.And if friend disconnect meI’ll chop of her /&$#%$

Behind the frigeratorThere to be a piece of glass.Miss mar sat top top it.It went right up her “%”$(=

Ask me no more questions,Please phone call me no more lies.The boys room in the bathroom,Zipping under their “$%$&/&

Flies space in the city,The bees space in the park.Boys and also girls space kissingIn the D-A-R-K

D-A-R-K D-A-R-K dark dark dark

Dark is like a movie,A movie’s prefer a show.A show is choose a TV screen,And that is all i know

I recognize I understand my mother,I recognize I understand my pa.I know I recognize my sisterWith the forty acre bra.

Brother’s favor a sister,A sister’s prefer an aunt.An aunt is favor a relativeWho likes come rave and rant.

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I great I had actually a nickelI great I had actually a dimeI great I had actually a boyfriendWho kissed me every the time!

My Ma provided me a nickelMy Pa gave me a dime.My Sister offered me a boyfriend,Who’d kiss me all the time

My Ma took ago the nickel,My Pa took earlier the dime.My sister took back her boyfriend,and offered me Frankenstein!

He do me wash the dishes,He do me to wash the floors,He do me to wash his underwear,So i kicked him out the door

I kicked him over London,I kicked him end France.I kicked him to Hawaii,where that learned come Hula dance!

My mothers like Godzilla,My fathers favor King Kong.My sisters is the stupid oneThat taught me this dumb song.

Hello operator,Please give me number ten.And if you disconnect me,I’ll sing this song again!


Fun schoolyard rhyme/clapping video game for the oldest kids!

Miss Susie had actually a Steamboat (often called Hello Operator) is popular a Schoolyard rhyme. The is frequently used as a clapping video game (clapping accuse in the video below). Miss Susie had actually a Steamboat/Hello Operator is sung in several various versions with lots of various verses.

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listed below we have accumulated some common verses. Obtained other verses? Please create them under in the comment field below. Thanks! see clapping instructions for miss Susie had actually a Steamboat /Hello Operator, and also listen to various versions of the track below. Simply click the beat icons.


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