There are at the very least two hidden personalities on the an option screen because that Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. How do ns unlock them?

This is the PS-Vita variation if that matters.

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Do you have Jill Valentine or Shuma-Gorath? I understand they were available for the initial Marvel Vs Capcom 3 as DLC, and also they are absolutely still downloadable in the can be fried Version. You"d need to drop part cash in stimulate to acquire them though.




Note Jill Valentine in the top left and also Shuma-Gorath in the top right.


The only unlockable character I have the right to find any type of details for is "Galactus" (from Marvel"s universe). Girlfriend unlock that by earning 30,000 Player point out (or XP) and pressing:

L1 + select + X (for PS3/Vita) or LB + back + A (for X-Box)

on the character choose screen.

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The other unlockables ns think must be those from Marvel vs Capcom 3 vanilla (the version I have). This are:

Akuma - gain 2000 PPHsien-Ko - 6000 PPSentinel- 4000 PPTaskmaster - 8000 PP

Note that together of January 2014, Jill and also Shuma Gorath room no longer available. The dlc was taken under from the shop, and also they are no longer obtainable to purchase for anyone who has not yet bought them. The is speculated the this is as result of CAPCOM"s civil liberties to the Marvel characters expiring.


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