This week has actually seen the relax of Marvel can be fried Alliance on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. If not lot has adjusted aside from part graphical stuff, it’s nice come have one more co-op game on hand come play v your friends, and also the original was yes, really dang good. But there is one thing that wasn’t good, and also that’s a “moral choice” dilemma the asks football player to select which two lengthy time friends to save.

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Spoilers ahead for Marvel ultimate Alliance.

During the second act the the game, her Team travel to what’s usually Hell (it’s dubbed Mephisto’s Realm, but c’mon, the man is entirely Satan) to rescue the X-Men Nightcrawler and also Jean Grey, both the whom have been take away captive by Mephisto. His son, Blackheart, puts castle both in cages and dangles them end a chasm, and your Team deserve to only choose one the them come save. Will certainly it be the exceptional Nightcrawler, swashbuckling swordfighter and also teleporter, long time friend and also fan favorite? Or will it be Jean Grey, telekinetic mastermind and also one the the most an effective telepaths in the Marvel universe?

If you pick Jean, climate Nightcrawler will fall to his death. His mommy Mystique, furious at the lose of she son, place Professor Xavier right into a coma that lasts for numerous months before he dies. Together a result, the X-Men disband forever. You may be thinking, “wow, that’s awful!” and decide come go and save Jean instead. That’s a great idea… until you learn that she comes ago to life, full of Phoenix rage and chooses to take it vengeance ~ above the human being who didn’t conserve her. One of two people way, you’re kinda boned, no issue what decision girlfriend make.

The weird part of the is that, realistically speaking, it doesn’t have to it is in this way.

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Jean Grey deserve to freaking fly, that’s a power that she’s had actually for quite some time now, and Nightcrawler have the right to teleport. Even if you want to do the point that their powers are most likely shut under in Mephisto’s Realm, what was protecting against the Team from separating into two groups to record them as they fell?


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