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Thanks To initial Uploader For record Produce The DVDAnd many thanks To all Friends because that Download Or view My YouTubeDVD Authoring & DVD cover By Deer 5001******/*****Mark Knopfler2009An night with mark KnopflerLive at The AtriumSetlist:01 - cruising to Philadelphia02 - Sultans the Swing 03 - Romeo & Juliet 04 - get Lucky 05 - Why Worry06 - Money because that Nothing 07 - Monteleone 08 - Songs for Sonny Liston09 - If This Is goodbye 10 - brothers in eight 11 - Credits​
DVD Size: DVD 5Menu: YesChapters (SongSelect): YesSoundMenu: YesAudioSetup: yes (Audio 2 device (Option)): AC3/5.1 & AC3 Stereo)DVD made From HDTV: yes (Excellence video clip & Audio)Video: NTSC/16:9 WidescreenAudio1: AC3/448 Kbps/5.1 ChAudio2: AC3/448 Kbps/2 ChDVD covering Includedlinks Download native FileFactoryDownload Click here*****/*****Deer5001RockConcert
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