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maniac Magee stumbles into the segregated city of 2 Mills. He has actually no idea the the town is segregated and does not even see the difference between black and also white.

Maniac used to live v his Aunt Dot and Uncle Dan, who are in a sense segregated together well. They...

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Maniac Magee stumbles into the segregated town of two Mills. He has actually no idea that the town is segregated and also does not even see the difference between black and white.

Maniac supplied to live through his Aunt Dot and also Uncle Dan, who space in a sense segregated together well. They hate each other however will not get a divorce. As such they acquire two of whatever in the house and also rarely check out each other.

This case mirrors Maniac’s experience in 2 Mills. East End and also West end are usually the same. Lunatic constantly tells world from each side the there is no difference between East and West End. His experiences with Aunt Dot and Uncle Dan assist him view the futility the segregation and the damages it deserve to cause. Once Maniac suddenly can see the difference between black and white people, it represents his loss of innocence.

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In the city of 2 Mills, the eastern End is black and the West finish is white.

Maniac runs away native his foster home after his parents die. The loved ones who took him in were just not up for having actually a child. He is native Bridgeport. He finds himself in 2 Mills, Pennsylvania, and also it is a an extremely segregated town. He has no idea around this once he very first wanders into the east End, and Amanda Beale describes it to him.

"Where are you from? West End?"


She stared at him, in ~ the flap-soled sneakers. Ago in those days the town was pretty lot divided. The eastern End was blacks, the West finish was whites. "I recognize you"re not from the eastern End." (Ch. 2)

It appears that the two groups do no mix much. If you room white, you just do not live in the eastern End and you carry out not visit there. You do not socialize v the civilization there. Insane realizes this more and much more the much longer he safety time in two Mills, yet he never really understands why. Race simply isn’t that essential to Maniac.

Maniac befriends Amanda Beale, and also even moves in with her family. They space a an excellent family, and he is dazzling to have actually a home and a genuine address. Unfortunately, the idea of a white young living with a black family is not well-known in two Mills. The family members is targeted v discrimination and Maniac pipeline to protect them.

When insane meets Grayson, the old male who keeps the zoo grounds, Grayson is surprised he has actually lived with a black color family. Insane convinces him that the Beales are just like anyone else.

The old guy stared. "You stated Sycamore?"


"Ain"t that the east End?"


With his fingernail, the scraped a route of dirt turn off the kid"s forearm. He stared at it.

"What space you doing?" the kid asked.

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"Seein" if you was white under there." (Ch. 22)

Other than the strict racial differences, the east End and also West finish of 2 Mills are a many alike. That is a working course town. The local kids are steeped in legend. They add Maniac, the strange new kid, to their storytelling. The is odd, and also seems larger than life. The is no afraid the Finsterwald’s, and he take away a bite of out Mars Bar’s candy bar. He gyeongju Mars Bar backwards and wins. He deserve to untie any knot. The is a mystery and an anomaly, yet really just a kid.