Don’t you dislike it once you really get into a tv series, and also then it it s okay canceled? Yea? well me too. Television series get canceled for countless reasons. Periodically the plotline just isn’t good, various other times the spending plan just isn’t precious it, however that doesn’t do your connection to the show any type of less important. It’s quite frustrating as soon as shows you yes, really enjoy obtain canceled, but you learn to address it….most the the time.

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There to be a display that I appreciated a lot that was canceled during the 2nd season. Ns was upset because it was the very first show that ns watched that had actually an actual continuous storyline to follow. The news to be made that they would complete the collection with one 8 illustration season for the 3rd season. That present goes through the name of Make it Or rest It. do it Or rest It premiered top top ABC family members (Freeform) in 2009. The collection starred Ayla Kell, Josie Loren, Cassie Scerbo, and also Chelsea Hobbs as four gymnasts working towards their dream of winning yellow at the Olympics. The collection lasted 3 seasons, although it was really much more like 2 and also a half.

A small Background Info

Let me rest it under on just how their seasons worked. Make the Or rest It followed a similar format for their periods that a many drama series have. The very first two seasons had 20 episodes split in between two parts. They would have actually a mid-season finale and a season final. The season 2B finale that Make it Or rest It was all about the girls competing at the civilization Championships. I median them doing great at the civilization Championships is a decent finale right? Wrong! The civilization Championships are not the Olympics and also the totality goal that the collection was to watch the gymnasts success gold in ~ the Olympics, therefore something required to be done. Alphabet Family, in ~ the time, thought they did something to ease the fans, however they made a mistake. There to be an exceptional setup that they did no take benefit of.

Let The rhythm Flow

Season 3 that the display premiered in march of 2012, practically a year ~ the season 2 premiere. This season focused on currently the 3 girls, Payson, Kaylie, and Lauren, at the USA training facility working in the direction of making that onto the united state Women’s Olympic Team. I’ll admit that see them train and manage new and old relationships and dynamics amongst a new group that athletes to be interesting. However, the way they close up door the collection was not.

With the last episode of season 3 premiering in might of 2012, there was a gap in between the last episode and also the start of the 2012 Summer Olympics in July. Normally, the first half the a season premieres in the summer while the second half premiers in the complying with spring. Through season 3 premiering in the spring, there to be an opportunity for reality to complement up v fiction.

Personally, i feel prefer the showrunners should have actually kept the first half that season 3 as is but make the an really midseason finale rather of the collection finale. This would show Lauren, Payson, and also Kaylie do the Olympic team right before the actual Olympics. The display would then come earlier during the fall lineup, showing the girls contending at the 2012 Summer Olympics and also whether or not they won gold. It to be perfect, yet I gain that there room other elements that enter whether or, not a show stays top top the air. I understand however that doesn’t do it any type of less frustrating. Season 3 was a vast let down since of exactly how rushed that was. Plus, Lauren type of obtained the short end that the stick because this season kind of concentrated on her character arc, but they only had 8 illustration to pat with.

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A Make it Or break It Reboot?

Reboots have actually been popping up anywhere the ar on various networks. Possibly that’s what Make the or break It needs, a reboot to aid tie the strings with each other so we, the fans deserve to know what our favorite Rock gymnasts room up to and whether or no they room Olympic medalists.

Did you clock Make the or break It? If so, were you just as frustrated together I was with season 3? If not, what was one show cancellation that had you every in her feelings? re-superstructure in the comments!