The Fun has arrived! The girl have finally gotten to Boston (apparently castle drove the totality way) and Sasha advises them that everyone will want a piece of them. What’s sad here is that the genuine nationals are so much less spectacular then the show’s, you sort of feel poor for the actual gymnasts. The greatest news around this year’s Nationals to be the reunion that the 2008 Olympic team and even the didn’t garner much past the instant gymnastics world. I’m kind of sad they play Let It absent in episode 1 due to the fact that now would really have been the moment to use it.

Kaylie looks dazzling to it is in there...

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Payson that course, is the one the press jumps at first asking if she can beat Kelly Parker again. Counting on it. Chloe is dice of excitement. Emily is nervous. Lauren tells the push her mother is dead. Kaylie dram the “let’s see what’s in your gym bag game and they discover Carter’s necklace which she grabs and leaves. She dad tells she to provide the press some love. Emily’s being ignored and also calls Damon about how she desire Brian might have come due to the fact that Joe didn’t pay for him.

In come Kelly Parker. Payson and also Kelly space the confront off everyone’s been waiting for. What was the vital that unlocked Payson’s win? “Being better.” Kelly renders a comment around how she doesn’t use drugs however it’s okay for others. She dad pretends to it is in a report and is all cute because that the family reunion.

Emily watch mopey if on the podium by herself in the dark. Exactly how did she even get there?

Brian the town hall tv where MJ talks around the upcoming talent and in come Damon who of course has a setup to acquire Brian come nationals. He has a bus for Radiohead. I don’t even want come talk around it.

Sasha says no distractions and gives rooming. Payson and Emily, Lauren and also Kaylie. Kaylie objects through the excuse the Lauren snores for this reason they finish up placing Emily and also Lauren together. Lauren’s mean and Emily points out she has actually no friends. Payson’s upset around the back injury. She’s sick of the all, she’s starting to feel like a fraud. Emily visualizing she floor regimen (she’s uncomfortable v her floor routine) and also then for part reason now is troubled by every the falls she’s had that never ever bothered her. Emily does what she’s good at, running away choose a pixie.

Kaylie speak to she brother about how gymnastics isn’t fun anymore. Leo reveals that Carter loves her and he’s here to see her. Which is sweet in a “dude girlfriend cheated on her!” type of way. She speak him the worst human being is that he lied come her and also let Kaylie confide in Lauren about their “amazing” relationship, making she look stupid. Everyone requirements her to do things, what about what she needs! (I’m not liking Kaylie so lot these days, her problems are simply so mundane…)

In comes the apparently only 3 groups with gymnasts completing (each team with like 15 people). Weird choice…I hate Payson’s do up. Just saying. Sasha offers them a pep talk about forgetting your troubles since today they accumulate others. Today they live their dreams.

Emily performs very first and no one is expecting much. She just has to fight off nerves. She vault look at no much better or worse than ever but we’re said it’s bad. Lauren does her regimen well but doesn’t present personality. Summer’s sorry about what happened with Lauren’s mother and goes to make it right. Summer calls and finds the end that Steve endangered Lauren’s mom which is why she didn’t come. (No one can challenge Payson or Kelly because that the title. “No one is prepared to action up to challenge them.)

Payson does her bar program while anyone who’s watched the previews holds their breath. Yet no, she’s fine. That puts her in very first place. Kaylie does her beam routine and also finally we view her perform some moves. Payson and Kelly have the same beam dismount and also Kelly edge her the end for the optimal spot on job one. (Love how the civilization who execute the commentating struggle every comment Sasha’s ever made.) Emily looks uncomfortable through her routine. She provides 20th though.

Steve find Summer packing her bags. She’s leaving Steve, she’s furious that he lied to her. She admired his partnership to Lauren but it’s really unhealthy. Well, yeah, we all knew that. Where has Summer to be this whole time (though admittedly, ~ the totality blackmail point he’s sort of dropped off).

The rock girls hover together, every miserable. Kelly comes and also manages to hit on every girl issues. She’s in which method able to recognize even more than Sasha when it involves the goings on the the rock girls. Kaylie’s dad states she doesn’t also need to medal (speaking together her agent) they need to think realistically…Ouch. Lauren discovers the Summer left and is upset. Kaylie and also Lauren fight about nothing and Payson (the non-team captain) provides them a speech to stop acting “like a bunch of tiny bitches.” Kelly states Emily is an unknown. Cue Brian and Damon entering and riling the group to cheer because that her.

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Emily speak Damon she’s choking. She sees herself falling on her landing anytime she philosophies an apparatus (she also imagines the group booing, choose that would ever happen in gymnastics). Damon blindfolds her and has her imagine it s her as different animals, a cobra striking the bars. (Interesting pet choice, no a monkey or something?) This scene is therefore corny it’s upsetting. ~ above the to add side, Damon’s favor the finest guy ever before now. (It really doesn’t aid that ns can’t stand much around Emily…) Isn’t Damon supposed to it is in in LA? Won’t this ache his career?

They all worry about their chances for work 2, Payson discussions taking an ext cortisone. Lauren manages to steal Kelly Parker’s bag. They have actually 5 minutes until lights out. They operation out that the room and are immediately caught by Sasha. They say they need…girl stuff from the gift shop…and Emily assures they’ll be back. They’re going for tampons. (Funny thing around that excuse, gymnasts don’t acquire their periods…) together they go, thinking they ultimately got other by them, he asks what’s in the bag. Kelly Parker’s head. “Carry on.” Giggles and also running away.

Day 2, Kaylie ideologies MJ around representation since her dad doesn’t take she seriously. MJ states she agrees, she doesn’t check out the desire to win in Kaylie she sees a girl wanting to it is in a regular girl. Walk she desire a day off or to win? Who are you Kaylie Cruz and also what do you want?