Search for direct flights from her hometown and find hotels near LMT, or scroll down for an ext international airports or domestic airports. Friend can likewise browse neighborhood airports if you"re a pilot.

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Nearest major airport come Klamath drops Airport

The closest significant airport come Klamath drops Airport is Rogue valley International-Medford Airport (MFR / KMFR). This airport is in Medford, Oregon and is 80 miles from LMT. If you"re looking for residential flights to MFR, check the airlines the fly to MFR.

Search because that direct flights from your hometown and also find hotels close to LMT, or scroll up for an ext international airports or domestic airports. You can likewise browse neighborhood airports if you"re a pilot.

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Nearest airports helps you discover the closestly airportto any type of city, and also a perform of smaller neighborhood airports. You deserve to usethese pages to plan your trip and also figure out the easiest means to get toyour destination. Many times there room multiple airports near the cityyou desire to visit, therefore you have the right to often uncover a cheaper trip into a differentairport. This is especially advantageous if friend are gaining a rental car,since it might be far better to journey a bit farther in order to save moneyon airfare. If you"re booking an international flight, friend probablywant the closest major airport, otherwise if you"re a pilot you may belooking because that a regional airport. Usage this tool along with the flightdistance pages to plan your travel.


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