James & The giant Peach: Every significant Character Ranked from Worst come Best based on the Roald Dahl book, James and also the gigantic Peach to be a funny stop-motion movie with vibrant characters, indigenous bugs to the titular young boy.

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one of Disney"s many underrated movies from the 1990s is Henry Selick"s James and the huge Peach. The mix that live-action and also stop-motion animation brings Roald Dahl"s wonder story come life around a mistreated orphan that escapes to a better existence when he and also some big bugs travel to brand-new York City top top a gigantic peach.

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The film is a wonderful screen of surreal ideas and also family-friendly adventure, filled through memorable characters. Yet while some of the characters are downright scary, others space lovable, funny, and charming creations. Have actually a look ago at this nostalgic adventure and also its wonder characters.

stop motion
once the audience is introduced come young James, that is living a happy life. Then tragedy strikes once a runaway rhino appears out of nowhere and also gobbles up the boy"s parents. From that minute on, the rhino becomes James" greatest nightmare.

Throughout the film, the rhino manifests itself as a dark beast charging out of the storm clouds. It provides the beast a pretty terrifying villain for the film whose threat hangs end James also on his wild adventure.

in addition to the killer rhino, the actual villains the the film space James" evil aunts, who he is compelled to live with adhering to the fatality of his parents. Aunt Spiker and also Aunt Sponge feel choose one big despicable character.

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These vile women force young James to do all the tough work in the residence while they laze around and eat every the food, leaving nothing for their orphaned nephew. Once they find the large peach on your property, they usage it to make money and also scam curious visitors. Over there does not show up to be any type of goodness in one of two people of this women.

old man
James is offered the possibility to escape his horrible and cruel life as soon as he meets the Old Man. That is a secret stranger who appears to recognize all around James and also offers a method to help him. He gives James a bag the magic bugs, which assist turn the peach right into a giant.

The Old man serves together the narrator for the story yet doesn"t show up in the movie much other than a couple of quick moments. Though in that short time, the does develop himself together a an excellent man that is willing to assist out this little boy in need.

7 Centipede

once James crawls into the large peach (and the movie turns right into a stop-motion animation), that meets the large talking bugs living inside the fruit. Among the standouts is Centipede, a wisecracking large city bug.

Though that is a comedic character, Centipede"s in-your-face attitude can it is in a little annoying. That also almost derails the whole journey by claiming he might navigate, rather taking them far off course. But he does regulate to redeem himself and also prove self to be a great guy.

While many of the bugs space entertaining and also fun characters, Glowworm is one who doesn"t stand out all that much. She is an older pest who doesn"t obtain in on most of the action and is hence pushed come the background.

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In the moments that she does have something come do, she come off as a friendly and also warm member that the crew. Though there is nothing that provides her specifically unlikable, she doesn"t have a large enough role to really stand out.

5 Earthworm

an additional member of the huge crew is Earthworm, that is the anxious and also cowardly member the the team. However, Earthworm does have some reason to have actually shaky nerves as the others usage him together bait to capture some bird to help the peach fly.

His timid personality could be understandable, yet it renders him come turn off a bit much less likable than the various other bugs. He manages to find some courage, but he spends an awful many time complaining and worrying around their survival.

Grasshopper is a advanced and high-class member that the bug team. He offer a bit as the de facto leader the the group, despite he fits right into the ensemble fairly well. However, Grasshopper additionally shows self to be rather greedy as he make the efforts to claim the only piece of food for himself rather of sharing.

Despite his occasional missteps and his feud through Centipede, Grasshopper proves self to be a helpful and caring large who plays music because that James to make him feel better.

3 Ladybug

Another vital member of the pest team is Ladybug. She is just one of the an ext levelheaded bugs who is often the voice the reason as soon as the others get lugged away v themselves. Though she walk not have actually as huge of a personality as some of the various other bugs, she is critical member of the team.

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Ladybug is likewise a really maternal number who is an extremely concerned about keeping James for sure at all times. That is noticeable that she cares about the young orphan really much.

The first pest that James meets is Spider, who concerns visit him as soon as she is still just a normal-size insect. After he protects she from his aunts, Spider forms a special bond through James and is the most influential of the bugs.

Spider is a little of a lonely character who knows the other bugs are afraid that her, however she creates a kinship through James. She looks after him and also serves as his protector throughout your adventure.

1 James

regardless of having a tough life after losing his parents and having come live through his devilish aunts, James somehow manages to remain a kind and thoughtful son protagonist. He does the unfair occupational he is assigned there is no complaining and still manages to display kindness come insects he come across.

While ~ above his journey, he recognizes the bugs" own an excellent qualities. James also summons the toughness to challenge his best nightmares and overcome them.

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