The protagonist and narrator of the novel, 10-year-old Billy loves his dogs and also coon hunting much more than anything. That is also a sensitive, likable young guy who cares deeply about his family and also meditates generally upon faith and death. Despite he is a good coon hunter, he at some point cares more about his dog than about success; they have a loving bond that goes beyond mere loyalty.

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Little Ann

Little Ann is Billy's female hound. She much more than makes up for her little size with her an excellent intelligence; no coon have the right to outsmart she diligent tracking. She loves Billy and Old Dan; she will certainly not hunt without them, and stays by Old Dan's next no issue what.

Old Dan

Billy's beloved male hound, Old Dan is little but muscular. He is likewise brave and also exceedingly determined; the never gives up a chase, and also often he must be forcibly removed from the hunt. He hunts only with Billy and small Ann, and he and little Ann have a mystical link to each other.


Billy's Grandpa operation a store and also is instrumental in countless of Billy's searching accomplishments. He offers Billy work and also helps arrange because that Billy's acquisition of the hounds, and he enters lock in the championship coon hunt. Grandpa is a mischievous character, cracked jokes and proudly informing tall tales around his grandson's exploits. His knowledge of Billy's love because that his dogs renders Billy closer v him.


Billy's Papa is a solidly moral man who always tries to do an excellent for others. As soon as Rubin dies, Papa is the very first to aid out. Papa respects Billy's boundaries; he understands that Billy is farming up and needs to do details things, particularly those regarded his dogs, on his own. Papa desires the best for Billy and also his family, and also his expect is to relocate the household to city so his youngsters can receive an education.


Billy's Mama loves him deeply and constantly frets end his safety in his searching adventures. However, she understands how vital hunting and also the hounds space to Billy. Billy regularly has his many reflective conversations about death and spirituality v her. Her dream is to relocate the family to town and get an education for she children.

Rubin Pritchard

Two years older than Billy, the dangerously quiet Rubin is cruel and also disrespectful to Grandpa. He accidentally kills self while out hunting with Billy.

Rainie Pritchard

Billy's age, Rainie is excessively violent and also nervous. He is shocked ~ Rubin's accident and cannot speak.

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Billy's 3 sisters

Billy has good affection and love because that his 3 sisters, who love him and also his dogs - especially tiny Ann. The dotes many on the youngest.

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