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"Your Love makes Me Well", alt. "Your Love go Me Good"Style: Salsa, love songCountries: USA (New York), Puerto Rico (parents)Listen:A salsa love song! hear at YouTube here.>Translation:Te quiero así, deliciosa, insospechada,Porque creo en tu palabra,Porque yo siento que aún te necesito,Porque me alteras ras ganas.I love you like this, delicious, unsuspecting,Because I believe in her word,Because i feel that I require you still,Because friend stir up mine appetite. <*alt. Due to the fact that you shiver up my wants.>Te quiero así, estruendosa y delicada,Entre alegría y nostalgia,Porque me gusta tenerte, vida mía,Y no quiero que te vayas.I love you like this, thunderous and delicate,Between joy and nostalgia,Because ns love having actually you, my love <*lit. Mine life>,And I execute not want you to leave.Porque el amor cuando es verdad revenue del alma.Nos aturde los sentidosY de pronto descubrimos que la pielSe enciende en llamas.Because love, once it is true, comes from the soul.It shocks our emotionsAnd unexpectedly we feel the our skinLights increase in flames.Chorus:---------------------------------------------Bien, tu amor me hace bien.Tu amor me desarma,Ay, tu amor me controla,Me endulza, me encanta.Well, her love renders me well.Your love disarms me,Oh, your love controls me,It sweetens me, it enchants me.Pero bien, tu amor me hace bien.Tu amor me desarma,Ay, tu amor me controla,Me vence, me amarra.But well, her love provides me well.Your love disarms me,Oh, her love controls me,It loss me, it ties me up.---------------------------------------------Mira que me hace bien, que me hace bien.See exactly how it makes me well, exactly how it renders me well.Te quiero asíTan precisa, equivocada,Con tus detalles que matan,Porque tenerte a mi lado me hace fuerte.Si eres mi reina y mi espada.I love you similar to that,So precise, for this reason mistaken,With your details that kill,Because having you by mine side provides me strong.Why, you are my queen, mine sword!Te quiero así, cuando ríes, cuando callas,Porque al caer me levantas,Porque mi voz y mi espíritu se agitanCuando dices que me amas.I love you favor that, once you laugh, when you prosper quiet,Because on fallout’s you choose me up,Because mine voice and also my soul are stirred upWhen girlfriend say the you love me.Porque tu amor como es verdad,Me vuelve el alma,Me despierta los sentidosY de pronto descubrí que aquí en mi pielSe encienden llamas.Because as your love is true,It delivers back my soul,It awakens my emotionsAnd suddenly I uncovered out that below on mine skinThere are flames sparking up.

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Ay, como te quiero,Ay, como te adoro,Ay, Lolita linda,Tú eres mi tesoro.Es que me vuelves loco...Oh, how I love you,Oh, exactly how I adore you,Oh, sweet Lolita,You space my treasure.It’s simply that you drive me wild...Translation Notes:
Tan precisa, equivocadaSo precise, so mistakenThis sounds choose the exactly transcription and it’s what anyone else says is the line, yet it seems out that place. Why say mistaken? not sure.---I additionally like this song by Marc Anthony: " target="_blank" rel="nofollow">"I must Know" (English version), "Dimelo" (Spanish version).