Welcome come our Google planet Scavenger Hunt!

To start your online adventure, click the link below and also use the find bar to find the renowned Brazil city or landmark. Provide the latitude and also longitude that each place below!

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1. Brazil is the largest nation in south America and 5th largest country in the world. Discover Brazil ~ above Google planet and carry out its coordinates:


Google earth Scavenger hunt - Brazil

2. The Amazon flow flows with Brazil and also is the second largest river in the human being (after the Nile). Find the Amazon flow on Google earth and administer its coordinates:


3. Approximately 60% of the Amazon rainforest is situated in Brazil. Discover the Amazon Rainforest on Google earth and provide its coordinates:


4. Among the world’s ideal beaches deserve to be uncovered in Brazil, Praía execute Sancho. Discover the Praía carry out Sancho ~ above Google planet and administer its coordinates:


5. Brazil’s highest possible mountain is the Pico da Neblina (Mist Peak), on the boarder the Venezuela, in ~ 9,823 feet over sea level. Discover the Pica da Nablina hill on Google earth and carry out its coordinates:


Answer Key

1. Brazil coordinates: 

Latitude: 14° 14′ 06″ SouthLongitude: 51° 55′ 31″ West

2. Amazon flow coordinates: 

Latitude: 3° 17′ 58″ SouthLongitude: 60° 39′ 52″ West

3. Amazon Rainforest coordinates: 

Latitude: 3° 27′ 55″ SouthLongitude: 62° 12′ 57″ West


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Praía execute Sancho coordinates: 

Latitude: 3° 51′ 16″ SouthLongitude: 32° 26′ 37″ West

5. Pico da Neblina (Mist Peak) coordinates: