1. 12 / 24 hr clock, date and also alarm area2. At home temperature3. The end temperature4. MODE: readjust settings or display5. SNOOZE / LIGHT: Activate snooze function /

Turn top top the backlight

6. MEM: watch current, maximum and

minimum temperature

BACK see (FIG. 2)

1. Wall mount hole2. / : increase / to decrease setting3. AL: see alarm status; set alarm4. Table stand5. CH: Switch remote outdoor sensor display6. °C / °F: pick temperature unit 7. RESET: Reset unit to default settings8. Battery compartment

REMOTE outdoor SENSOR (FIG. 3)

1. LED standing indicator2. Wall surface mount hole3. Battery compartment4. RESET feet 5. CHANNEL switch


INSERT battery - far



set up the remote outdoor sen-

sor fi rst before setup the key unit.

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1. Slide open up the battery door.2. Insert the batteries, equivalent the polarities.3. Choose a channel, then push RESET.4. Close the battery door.5. Location the sensor outdoors in ~ 30 m (98 ft) the the key unit utilizing the wall surface

mount (see FIG. 4).

keep in mind

• press RESET after every battery adjust or

channel selection.

• The far outdoor sensor need to be inserted

outdoors, and also protected from rain and also snow.

• use alkaline batteries for longer usage

and customer grade lithium battery in temperatures below freezing.

INSERT battery - key UNIT

1. Remove the battery door.2. Insert the batteries, matching the polarities

(see FIG. 2).

3. Push RESET. 4. Close the battery door.5. Place the key unit in ~ 30 m (98 ft) that

the far outdoor sensor.

6. Wait if the sensor reception symbol is

blinking, the is in search of sensor.

7. To display the outdoor temperature, do

sure the number in the sensor reception symbol is the very same as the selected channel in the remote outdoor sensor. If not, push CH to pick the number.

keep in mind

displays when batteries room




Indoor temperature area

Main unit batteries low

Outdoor temperature area

Sensor battery low


press RESET after every battery



The key unit can collect data from up to 3 sensors.To find for a sensor: Simultaneously, press and also hold MEM and also CH for 2 seconds.

The sensor reception icon in the key unit shows the status:



Main unit is in search of sensor(s)

A sensor has actually been found

The sensor can not be found


The transmission range may vary depend-

ing on many factors. You might need come experiment with various places to get the ideal results.


To collection the clock:

1. Press and also hold MODE.2. Push or to change the settings. (Press

and hold to readjust the setup quickly.)

3. Push MODE come confi rm.4. The setups order is: 12 / 24 hr format,

hour, minute, year, day-month format, month, day and also language.

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keep in mind

The language alternatives are English

(E), German (D), French (F), Italian (I), and Spanish (S). To choose display mode:Press MODE come choose between clock v seconds, clock through weekday and also calendar.