Beautiful Lena has actually spent her life gift “beautiful Lena.”Because she is for this reason accustomed to human being seeing just her looks, shehas learned to save her true self tightly wrapped inside. Shy, quiet,and self-conscious, Lena has an obstacle connecting to people, andshe happy stands in the zero of Effie, she warmer, more openheartedsister. Lena’s reticence does not imply that she is dull or cold,however. Inside, she is passionate, loyal, and deeply loving, asshe demonstrates in she relationships with the girls. Lena wishesshe might open up to others, and she envies people like Effie whoare willing to danger falling in love. But she has kept her true selfhidden for so lengthy that exposing it seems impossible. Once she meetsKostos, she doesn’t think twice about dismissing him as she dismissesevery various other boy she meets, certain that the is the same as all theothers: attractive to she looks and also nothing more. In a way, Lenahas created a self-fulfilling prophecy. Because she is certain noone will certainly see past her looks, she hides her inner self, ensuringthat nobody does see past her looks.

Lena learns a valuable lesson around the requirement of takingrisks as soon as she tumbles into a problem with Kostos. Once he by chance seesher skinny-dipping, Lena suspect he was spying, and also she storms offin a huff, no bothering to correct she grandparents as soon as they misreadher anger and think Kostos attacked her. Quite than tell the truth—and,in the process, gain to understand Kostos a little better—Lena stays silent,allowing the dispute to escalate right into a fight between the grandfathersand ensuring the Kostos stop trying to talk to her. However, whenLena it s okay what she wants—for Kostos to leave her alone—she realizeshow she really feels about him. As her time in Greece involves anend, she think deeply about love, and also she understands the shemust take a risk. For the an initial time, she bares her soul. Doingso not only wins she Kostos but also lets her feel pride in herself.

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