LEGO Star battles 3 features an abundance of awesome cheat codes for players to activate. Here"s every one of them!

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to say the the LEGO Star Wars collection has been well-received would certainly be one understatement. There has actually been wealth of games released in ~ the above company"s flag yet fans organize the Star battles titles in high regard. If you"ve ever had the satisfied of playing through any of the 6 stellar video clip game releases in the LEGO Star battles franchise, you"ll certainly understand why fans room so enamored by them. That isn"t simply the nostalgia of the movies or the colorful cast of characters carried to life, it"s the wit and also detail the goes right into the production of this games. They"re easily some of the many polished, entertaining, and interesting title in the whole Star battles universe and also can hold their own against some that the most famous releases to ever before grace the franchise.

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Most may see LEGO together a kids toy indigenous the outside and also it"s easy to acquire wrapped up in the idea the the LEGO Star Wars games will it is in childish and also boring to the average adult gamer but that couldn"t it is in farther native the truth. Kids and also grown-ups alike adore this games because they"re fun, funny, and also easy to pick up. It"s the form of video game you"ll reap alone, through a friend, or v the entire family, and the multiplayer has come to be the ingredient of legends.

LEGO Star wars III: The Clone Wars presented even an ext entertaining gameplay mechanics and multiplayer entertainment into the series. In ~ its roots, it"s comparable to titles in the past, allowing two football player to control (and change) with a variety of characters, slashing their way through enemies, resolving puzzles, and navigating expansive levels. Every one of this is underlined by the truth that it takes location in the Star wars universe, offering players part truly spectacular locations to play through. The cherry on optimal is LEGO"s charming aesthetic, turning everything into brick-ified execution of the characters and also iconic places we"ve involved know and also love, finish with blocky animations and also stylizations the make the adventure feel favor something straight out the the Toy Story series.

Going v LEGO Star wars III cooperatively is a blast. The story is amazing and also downright hilarious in ~ times and also the title included some exciting gameplay mechanics to aid set the game apart indigenous its predecessors. In enhancement to swapping in between characters, football player will additionally be able to swap to different teams (during missions), enabling them to complete side objectives that feel as if they"re happening best alongside the key action. There are also moments wherein players will require to adopt a strategy mindset, relocating across huge maps and sending troops and also vehicles to certain areas that the battlefield.

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there are even Cheat codes to really ramp increase the fun, providing players that have currently beaten the video game (or simply want part extra funny tossed in) some replayability and also even more hilarious action. There room a lot of an excellent codes that you deserve to enter throughout your beat session!

Every LEGO Star wars III: The Clone wars Cheat Code

In bespeak to go into these cheats, you"ll have to be in a game session. You have the right to use this in participating play or solo. To get in a code, simply press the start switch to activate the stop screen and then go to EXTRAS. There will be a location within to get in cheats. Here"s a look in ~ the codes you can enter and their effects.

The adhering to cheats will certainly unlock a range of skills and items come use during missions:


6mz5ch - Unlocks the Stud Magnet, i m sorry will instantly pick up adjacent studs. 2d7jns - reasons hearts come regenerate. gchp7s - enables for faster building. 3f5l56 - Gives characters the ability to Perfect Deflect. c4es4r - Gives characters the capacity to dual Wield weapons. x1v4n2 - Activates the Dark Side, offering all characters Red Lightsabers and letting them use Sith Force. bs828k - Activates the super Saber cut ability. j46p7a - Unlocks Invincibility Mode, making players immune to damage.


csd5na - Gives access to the Minikit Detector. qd2c31 - offers Character Studs. neo2hi - gives 999,999,999 studs. n3r01a - Gives accessibility to the Red Brick Detector.

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this cheats will certainly change specific gameplay elements:

4gt3vq - Activates Glow-in-the-Dark Mode. b1d3w3 - Unlock super Speeders. yzphuv - provides 2X Score Modifier. 43t5e5 - gives 4X Score Modifier. sebhgr - gives 6X Score Modifier. byfsaq - gives 8X Score Modifier. n1ckr1 - gives 10X Score Modifier.

this cheats will unlock access to details vehicles:

c9prkp - Unlocks the AAT. rctflv - Unlocks Anakin"s Jedi Starfighter. zy3ae2 - Unlocks the Arc-170 Starfighter with fast Fire. aa29h - Unlocks the AT-AP Walker. z7h46t - Unlocks AT-RT. vbezez - Unlocks the AT-TE. ymwv33 - Unlocks the BARC Speeder. 9muts2 - Unlocks the Destroyer Droid. nacmgg - Unlocks the Dwarf Spider Droid. pj23ur - Unlocks the Geonosian Solar Sailor. edenec - Unlocks the Geonosian Starfighter. 77qejl - Unlocks the H-Type Nubian Yacht. t7xf9z - Unlocks the Hailfire Droid. npgg24 - Unlocks the Hyena Bomber. hrx2uk - Unlocks the Jedi Shuttle. h68d3k - Unlocks Kit Fisto"s Jedi Starfighter. hj5hhd - Unlocks the MagnaGuard Starfighter. bet7cu - Unlocks the medical Frigate with torpedos. s6grnz - Unlocks the MSE-6. 6lt4ql - Unlocks the Neimoidian Shuttle. 25fmvt - Unlocks Obi-Wan"s Jedi Starfighter. 7nec36 - Unlocks the OG-9 Homing Spider Droid. z567hr - Unlocks the Pirate Saucer v missiles. 3nqgyl - Unlocks the Pirate Speeder Tank. l4lcdv - Unlocks Plo Koon"s Jedi Starfighter. u2t4sp - Unlocks the Probe Droid. bqcxwr - Unlocks the Republic strike Shuttle. j3mfjz - Unlocks the Republic Cruiser through missiles and torpedoes. j2jndd - Unlocks the Republic Dropship with quick fire. c7m3du - Unlocks the Republic Gunship. p8z9m5 - Unlocks the RX-200 Tank. kddqvd - Unlocks the slave I. 7rl23g - Unlocks the Soulless One with fast fire. 59uu88 - Unlocks the STAP. 3re9xv - Unlocks the Starhawk Speeder Bike. xpy46k - Unlocks the Stealth Ship v missiles and torpedoes. rylvnw - Unlocks the super Tank. mhg3xb - Unlocks The gloriole with rapid fire. t4k5l4 - Unlocks The Twilight. jsbljs - Unlocks the Trident attack Craft through missiles and also torpedoes. aka9bb - Unlocks the v-19 Torrent Starfighter. 7w7k7s - Unlocks the Vulture Droid. lq2svt - Unlocks the Xanadu Blood with rapid fire. xtl6y3 - Unlocks the Y-Wing Starfighter.

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these cheats will unlock accessibility to details characters:

2vg95b - Unlocks Aayla Secura. g2bfen - Unlocks Adi Gallia. 272y9q - Unlocks Admiral Ackbar (Classic). ng6pyx - Unlocks Admiral Yularen. 2vj9th - Unlocks Ashoka. f9vuyj - Unlocks Anakin Skywalker. 9aa4dw - Unlocks Anakin Skywalker (Geonosian Arena). yg9dd7 - Unlocks Asajj Ventress. m2v1jv - Unlocks Aurra Sing. gehx6c - Unlocks Bail Organa. btvtz5 - Unlocks Barriss Offee. 5y7ma4 - Unlocks battle Droid. lsu4lj - Unlocks battle Droid Commander. 9u4tf3 - Unlocks Bib Fortuna. ty2byj - Unlocks Bobba Fett (Classic). q5q39p - Unlocks Boil. 2klw5r - Unlocks Bossk. 574226 - Unlocks C-3PO. nhme85 - Unlocks Cad Bane. d8sngj - Unlocks Captain Antilles (Classic). mw3qyh - Unlocks Captain Rex. gd6fx3 - Unlocks Captain Typho. 5c62yq - Unlocks Chancellor Palpatine. 66uu3t - Unlocks Chewbacca (Classic). hq7bvd - Unlocks Clone Pilot. 7gfncq - Unlocks Clone zero Trooper (Classic). np5gtt - Unlocks Clone Trooper. 7cb6ns - Unlocks command Bly. smn259 - Unlocks command Cody. u25hfc - Unlocks command Fil. jrpr2a - Unlocks command Ponds. qegu64 - Unlocks Commando Droid. 5xzqsv - Unlocks Commando Stone. ewr7wm - Unlocks count Dooku. qh68ak - Unlocks Darth Maul (Classic). qxy5xn - Unlocks Darth Sidius (Classic). fm4jb7 - Unlocks Darth Vader (Classic). nmjfbl - Unlocks Darth Vader battle Damaged (Classic). mb9emw - Unlocks Dr. Nuvo Vindi. jb9e5s - Unlocks Echo. wufdya - Unlocks Eeth Koth. wsfzzq - Unlocks Gammorean Guard. 7fnu4t - Unlocks general Grievous. gafzud - Unlocks Geonosian Guard. 2c8nhp - Unlocks gold Super battle Droid. c686pk - Unlocks Gonk Droid. nh2405 - Unlocks grand Moff Tarkin. fuw4c2 - Unlocks Greedo (Classic). kfdbxf - Unlocks Han Solo (Classic). g65kjj - Unlocks hefty Super battle Droid. wxutwy - Unlocks heavy Weapons Clone Trooper. 4axty4 - Unlocks HELIOS 3D. eub8ug - Unlocks Hevy. 5a7xyx - Unlocks Hondo Hohnaka. eabpcp - Unlocks IG-86. 5w6fgd - Unlocks imperial Guard (Classic). 5kzq4d - Unlocks Jango Fett. mespts - Unlocks jug Jar Binks. ayrec9 - Unlocks Jek. hgbctq - Unlocks Ki-Adi-Mundi. pywj6n - Unlocks Kit Fisto. eraewe - Unlocks Lando Calrissian (Classic). sm3y9b - Unlocks LEP Servent Droid. 3neuxc - Unlocks sublieutenant Thire. tkcyuz - Unlocks Lork Durd. pg37hf - Unlocks Luke Skywalker (Classic). mkuyq8 - Unlocks Luminara Uunduli. r35y7n - Unlocks Lurman Villager. v4wmjn - Unlocks luxury Droid. 8nvrwj - Unlocks Mace Windu. 2kef2d - Unlocks MagnaGuard. zkxg43 - Unlocks Nahdar Vebb. bjb94j - Unlocks Neimoidian. qfyxmc - Unlocks Nute Gunray. j9hnf9 - Unlocks Obi-Wan Kenobi. ffbu5m - Unlocks Obi-Wan Kenobi (Classic). 5u9fjk - Unlocks Obi-Wan Kenobi (Geonosian Arena). db7zqn - Unlocks Onaconda Farr. sz824q - Unlocks Padme Amidala (Geonosian Arena). 8x87u6 - Unlocks Padme Amidala. bh2ehu - Unlocks Pirate Ruffian. bud4vu - Unlocks Plo Koon. 4592wm - Unlocks Poggle The Lesser. 2d3d3l - Unlocks Princess Leia (Classic). zqrn85 - Unlocks Queen Neeyutnee. lkhd3b - Unlocks Qui-Gon Jinn (Classic). rz5huv - Unlocks R2-D2. z87pau - Unlocks R3-S6. 5mxsya - Unlocks R4-P17. 7pmc3c - Unlocks R6-H5. pzmqnk - Unlocks Rebel Commando (Classic). 2klw5r - Unlocks Robonino. 4ptp53 - Unlocks Rys. mell07 - Unlocks Savage Opress. epbplk - Unlocks Senate Commando. s4y7vw - Unlocks Senate Commando (Republic). ea4e9s - Unlocks senator Kharrus. 9q7yct - Unlocks city council Philo. g4n7c2 - Unlocks Shahan Alama. 5c62yq - Unlocks Sionver Boll. hpe7pz - Unlocks Stormtrooper (Classic). mjkdv5 - Unlocks Super fight Droid. fyvshd - Unlocks Tee Watt Kaa. hebhw5 - Unlocks Turk Flaso. gc2xsa - Unlocks Tuscan Raider (Classic). pe7fgd - Unlocks TX-20. qgenfd - Unlocks Undead Geonosian. egqq4v - Unlocks Vader"s Apprentice (Classic). vruvsz - Unlocks Wag Too. zp8xvh - Unlocks Wat Tambor. bnje79 - Unlocks Waxer. drglws - Unlocks. Wedge Antilles (Classic). 4vvyqv - Unlocks Whorm Loathsom. mp9dre - Unlocks workout Clone Trooper. csqtmb - Unlocks Yoda.

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