Some that you might remember CrystAlien Conflict. It"s a practiced RTS made in 2007 as part of Lego"s vast collection of Flash games for their commodities - this time to encourage the theme Mars Mission. Kinda choose LRR, the game always stuck v me, also though I found it often times easy and wished over there was much more to the game. One of two people way, it"s quiet a playably fun video game with infinitely less jank than LRR. Girlfriend send out miners onto the crystals to obtain money to build buildings, train vehicles, and also bring scores the lasers to your enemy!

If you desire to beat it, it"s on BioMediaProject"s Lego archive.

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Anyway, the game has a set of story missions. Most of these space simple, several of them space cheesable, and a select few are very difficult. Among them is extraterrestrial Level 9, accessed through cheat code 5050. Your task is to obtain a Saboteur right into the Satellite Uplink. Yet in order to perform so, you have to obtain past the Astro defenses, and you only have a starting force (no base-building this time round!) to carry out it with. At first glance, this seems downright impossible and a recipe to traction out one of the cheat codes, as your starting units just can"t destroy even one of the turrets. You"re literally stuck, v no way off your little island residence other than death.




Each unit in the game has a hidden "priority" number. This arrays from the shortest of the short (which is most likely Drones, the basic, fodder, infantry unit) come the many threatening systems (Recon Dropships and also Astro Fighters). This identify in details what the AI will pick to shoot at, and also it"s a large part of what makes some that the various other levels for this reason challenging: you can"t simply sit through a tanky unit and also send in glass cannons to ruin or sneak past, as the AI will retarget those higher-priority glass cannon units and destroy them. However we can use this to our advantage. By sending out the Hyper transport (a top-priority unit) along with the Drones, the Defense Turrets will certainly target the Hyper Carrier, offering you just that extra tiny little bit of time to ruin a solitary Defense Station!


What then? Well, it turns out this is virtually all girlfriend need. If friend walk your Saboteurs down the dead center tile, they"ll get shot at, and also some of them will certainly be destroyed, however reliably at the very least one Saboteur always makes it out alive. Yippe-kai-yay, we"ve got every little thing we need to finish the level!


Well, not quite everything: there"s a single infantry unit (make certain at least 1, preferably 2, Drones make it through the onslaught to attend to this) standing in between you and also a covert (but extremely obvious) reproduction Pit. You can use this, linked with the 2 cash crates roughly the map ($2000 close to home and $8000 covert just below the left of the defenses) to build an additional Drone army, together with some Viper strikes to dispatch the jetpack unit. Simply don"t make certain you by chance aggro the Trikes in ~ the wrong time (they have actually a pesky habit of sniping Saboteurs) and the level is straightforward!



Addendum: The strat provided in the present WR selling its Experiment Lab because that a Viper assault which then kites and also slowly destroys one of the Defense Turrets for much of the exact same result. Yet you currently only have actually a solitary Viper to address the Jetpack in ~ the end of the map, and it"s much slower, more tedious, and also click-heavy.


Addendum 2: There"s a lot of RNG affiliated - in particular, whether the Hyper Carrier it s okay hit going diagonally, how many Saboteurs and also Drones do it through, yet I"ve found that the RNG is continuous enough for this to be a reliable strategy.

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Addendum 3: It"s also feasible to use three Saboteurs to tank instead, leaving your Hyper carrier alive. But this isn"t helpful, together the Hyper transport isn"t able come fly with the gap without being shot down, together its hitbox is bigger than that of a Saboteur.


Addendum 4: funny fact: If you don"t very own the reproduction Pit, and you usage your last Saboteur to record the Uplink, you"ll lose the level. In spite of fulfilling the win condition. Yet you lose.