Larry the Cable man no longer lives in main Florida however still speaks fondly the the region. He ended up being a celebrity right here through the old "Ron & Ron Show" on radio. He"ll showcase the Orlando area in one illustration of "Only in America through Larry the Cable Guy." The background series starts its 3rd season at 9 p.m. Wednesday. (The Florida illustration is tentatively set for June 12.)

Larry, who is in reality Dan Whitney, is celebrate milestones: turning 50, noting 25 years in comedy, do friends v Sir Ben Kingsley ~ above "The this evening Show" last week and working through Tyler Perry top top a Madea movie.

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What about the stop this year in central Florida ~ above "Only in America"?

I"ve to be there each year on the show. We did armadillo searching up about Ocala. We did go to mountain Dora because that the corn maze. Through Oviedo, there to be the snake hunter. He captures snakes and also gives them come the Serpentarium in St. Cloud. They had actually king cobras. Us showed exactly how they milk them. I believed it would be a pretty great story.


How has actually the show adjusted this season?

This time an entire show is in one state. We did 16 states, 16 episodes. I"m no going come lie come you. Thirteen space hilarious, 2 of them space good, and one friend don"t need to watch. The Florida present is pretty good. It"s not bad.

Why have actually you featured Florida every year on "Only in America"?

Florida is the just state that provides an figure all three seasons, due to the fact that I stayed in Florida 34 years. I speak to it my second home since I was born in Nebraska. I started in Florida; i have good friends there. In the 2nd season, us were act a story with the template of redneck-type games. They have a big mud bog . I found that interesting. In various other places, I"ll do activities that world in Florida know nothing about. It"s about introducing one society to others.

Are you life in these parts these days?

No, I moved away indigenous Sanford permanently. I always said when I had kids I want them to flourish up the way I did. Ns bought a farm yard in Nebraska to give my kids component of the country. I have actually two, a tiny boy and also a little girl.

It"s your 25th year in comedy. Just how does that make friend feel?

It"s unbelievable. As soon as I acquired into the business, ns loved doing stand-up. Ns remember saying to a girlfriend at Denny"s, "If I might just make enough money to do a living, if I could do 45 grand a year, exactly how awesome that would be?" whatever that taken place so surpassed what ns expected.


On "The tonight Show" girlfriend joked around losing 25 pounds. Yet seriously, how did you do it?

I did the the ideal way. I acquired a trainer. I have the same trainer I"ve had since 1996 in Orlando. I constantly get slim in the summer and put load on in the winter. I can"t get past the holidays. I work out v weights four days a week. I carry out cardio 5 days a week. I don"t eat so late at night. Ns drink only water after ~ 7. I make certain we eat dinner prior to 7. I shed 25 pounds since Feb. 28.

How did you do friends through Ben Kingsley on "The tonight Show"? (Larry joked that he love the "Gandhi" star in "Star Trek," confuse the Oscar-winner through Patrick Stewart.)

When we visited commercial, we talked choose we"d well-known each various other for 25 years. I thought around the "Star Trek" joke before I went the end there. Us hit the off. That"s why ns kissed him. He claimed we have to do something together. Ben Kingsley and also Larry the Cable man in "The weird Couple" — that would certainly be great.

How to be it being in "Tyler Perry"s A Madea Christmas"?

Tyler"s a an excellent guy. He"s a pan of mine. He referred to as up and also said Larry the Cable guy in a Madea movie would be fun. It"s amazing the ingredient he does. He"s obtained so plenty of projects. When I met him, ns told him, "We have one point in common. Nobody got what we did. Us went ahead and also everybody latched on." If that asked me to execute something, I would certainly just since I like him.

Will there be a "Cars 3"?

I expect so. I don"t know. That is more than likely the coolest point I ever before did. Ns never got a sound-alike. I did every the toys and games. Once you walk to layout park, it"s cool hear me do the announcements.

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What has transforming 50 done because that you?

I just turned 50 top top Feb. 17. It"s awesome. I think turning 50 is quite freeing. Friend don"t worry around as much stuff. When I acquired married and also had kids, my priorities changed. I feel prefer you get much better and much better and make much better decisions.