Look, I choose Brooke Shields, ns really do and I’m sure she’s a pretty lady, but the firm she’s been working through since 2010 there is no fared also well with many of our readers.

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La-Z-Boy Furniture is among the biggest furniture retailers in the joined States, v over 70 shop spread throughout the country, and also since the 1920s, the agency has excellent a wonderful project of cementing that brand in the minds of consumers in assorted parts the the world.

The company’s products pretty much have every little thing to execute with relaxing, acquisition a load off and also sliding into a minute of lull after a hectic day, while also giving consumer the an option of several commodities like sofas, loveseats, pull-out couches and of course recliners, which the firm has quite much built its name on.

In enhancement to its sleeve stores, La-Z-Boy likewise owns Kincaid Furniture, La-Z-Boy Kids, La-Z-Boy Residential, Bauhaus USA Furniture and other brands, and also in current years it appears the agency has do a conscious effort for its stores to appear higher-end, while additionally trying to relocate away indigenous the perception that it just sells furniture that’s all comfort and no style.

And definitely Brooke Shields signing on and release her very own line under the company didn’t hurt La-Z-Boy, as the actress has mainly to be adored -- or at the very least tolerate -- ever because she told united state that nothing comes between her and her Calvins.

It was approximately the winter that 2010 that Shields signed on through the company, which to be seemingly one attempt to draw younger mother to the La-Z-Boy brand -- you know, just everyday homemakers who were raising families and decorating homes, similar to Brooke. 

In the recent string that TV commercials, the “Endless Love” actress likewise drives house the point that La-Z-Boy is much much more than just recliners, which will be a tough image for the agency to shower considering its name is identified with the indigenous lethargic, sluggish and also idle.


Face it, La-Z-Boy has made lot of its living on recliners, so we were interested what consumers had to say around its various other pieces that furniture.

Consumers price La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries

Brian the West Chester, Ohio, states he make the efforts out among the this firm sectional sofas, however encountered a bunch of troubles from the onset.

“Warning come anyone looking in ~ La-Z-Boy sectionals,” the wrote in a article to barisalcity.org. “In July the 2011, we bought a very, really expensive sectional couch native La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery, 12189 Montgomery Road, Loveland, Ohio 45140. Us had plenty of less high value options, but wanted to go v the best. As soon as it to be finally ceded in so late August, the couch was the product of the interval pillows and the pillows the product of the couch.”

“The sectional was returned and we waited one more eight weeks," he added. 

"Finally, in October the 2011, we took distribution (all correct materials this time) and the sectional to be assembled by the shipment guys. Well, reportedly the distribution guys were not very diligent and also the sections were inadequately connected and also immediately (that evening) came apart.”

Brian then went on to describe that after many repairs, the sectional ongoing to fall apart, so at some point he speak to the head that the organization department and was said there to be nothing that can be done.

Apparently, so much time elapsed indigenous the day of purchase, the sofa to be no much longer under warranty.

Brian was stuck with a $4,000 sofa the wasn’t very usable, but despite the numerous mishaps, he was able to store his cool and keep himself together far better than the sectional was able to do.

Not so loveable

Another item that La-Z-Boy wants to be known for is loveseats, which is a piece of furniture that’s claimed to be exceptionally cozy, due to the fact that people sit in really close quarters and also don’t have the ability to large or lounge top top it like they have the right to on a sofa.

Michael of Annandale, Va. Said the cushions on his loveseat no all the lovely and also when he dubbed for a repair person, the guy that come out, wasn’t all that lovely either.

“On July 4, us bought a recliner, sofa, and also loveseat—all strength recliners,” Michael wrote. “After around a month, the cushions top top the loveseat and sofa felt prefer they collapsed. I dubbed service and also they sent a repairman out—the worst human being ever. He was rude, disrespectful and also treated my wife in a condescending manner.”

After calling to complain about the repairperson and not getting any kind of real help, Michael had actually to raise the crest a little bit.

“I wrote a two-page letter come the CEO that La-Z-Boy about what happened. Yes sir no solution from the or everyone else,” he wrote.

Otto be better

And as soon as it involves other pieces of furniture, like ottomans, the company hasn’t wowed too countless of our readers in that department either.

“In February the 2007 my ottoman’s type started to transition in the top,” composed Lua that Michigan.

“I called La-Z-Boy; they claimed it was just wear and also tear and that I necessary to change my footrest at the very least once a mainly in order because that it to keep its shape. I have actually been shifting my ottoman every week and to no avail; that looks worse,” she wrote.

Based top top reader’s comments, it appears that La-Z-Boy may have to retrain several of its repair people, and also tweak few of its items for this reason repair world aren’t needed in the very first place.

If it’s going to drag poor Brooke Shields right into its advertising fray, the the very least thing they can do is no make she look bad.

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We got to out to La-Z-Boy because that a response, and we"re waiting because that the company’s response.


On Feb. 11, the company provided this statement:

La-Z-Boy’s iconic call is rooted in a strong 85-year legacy of providing a wide an option of quality, American-made products. We stand behind ours full-range that customizable furniture and also are committed come ensuring ours customers room pleased through their purchase. In fact, countless customers are delighted through their La-Z-Boy purchase and also recommend united state to your friends and family every day.We have a highly-trained Comfort care team devoted to solving any potential issues and we handle each case with personalized, one-on-one attention. We welcome the opportunity to speak with our customers and encourage them to call us straight at 855.952.9269 or via email at comfortcare