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Techno resource Unveils new Kurio heat Of Android™ gadgets For households With Kids






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"The Kurio 7 tablet computer was a best-seller anywhere last year, but we aren"t going to remainder on our laurels," claimed Eric Levin, division Head, Techno Source, a department of LF products (a Li & Fung Company). "We have actually incorporated several customer feedback into these brand-new Kurio models to make them better in every way. The Kurio household of assets continues to it is in the perfect systems for households with kids—Kurio gives kids everything they desire in a tablet, when parents deserve to rest assured that their youngsters are for sure online."

"We"ve upgraded come Android 4.2, added a multi-core processor, doubled the internal memory come 8GB, and magnified our parental controls with also stronger web filtering, much more granular app usage controls, and easier to usage time limits, while still permitting for up to eight totally separate user profiles. On the content side, we"ve preloaded more than twice as many family-friendly apps, including premium Disney posting content, and now offer accessibility to numerous thousands much more apps v the brand-new and improved Kurio Store and also other renowned Android stores."

"We space excited to be the very first retailer to sell customers the possibility to acquire their hand on the newest heat of Kurio tablets," claimed Lisa Harnisch, senior Vice President, general Merchandising Manager, Toys"R"Us, U.S. "We have seen a cultivation demand for innovative Android devices, and also in response, Techno source has take away Kurio come the following level, delivering exactly what parents want in a tablet computer for your children."

Exclusive, Family-Friendly and also Premium contents Kurio gadgets come packed v preloaded content ideal out that the box. Kurio has actually an covenant with Disney publishing to allow Kurio come preload premium apps the feature characters from Disney/Pixar"s dare 2, Disney Princess and Marvel"s The Avengers. The Kurio tablets likewise feature an exclusive, finish pre-school through sixth grade finding out system arisen by award-winning American education Mr. Nussbaum™. These 30 plus preloaded apps are occurred based ~ above the unified States common Core State standards and carry out in-depth finding out while tho being funny for kids.

The freshly redesigned Kurio save provides accessibility to thousands much more hit apps closely curated through the Kurio team to ensure the all contents is family-friendly and also kids are safe. The marketplace can easily be sorted by age, category and interest making use of a an easy intuitive interface. Download are fully controlled through parents and prepaid account or "piggybanks" let kids manage a addressed budget. Youngsters can likewise create great lists for their parents to review.

Users can also access hundreds that thousands more cost-free apps with the most famous Android app stores. Kurio devices are Netflix, YouTube and Skype compatible.

Fully Customizable User Experience, powerful Parental Controls Using the intuitive Kurio interface, households can produce up come eight distinct user file on the Kurio tablets, and up to four various profiles on the Kurio Touch 4s. Each household member can personalize your Kurio an equipment by uploading a profile photo and selecting from a large selection of themes and also avatars. Each profile offers complete separation of files, apps, find history, video game progress and also scores, downloads, parental manage settings music, videos, images etc. It"s like having actually eight different tablets in one.

The Kurio Parental Area is password protected and has been enhanced with even an ext granular, simple to use parental controls. Parents have the right to now collection detailed time limits individually for each work of the week, and also manage applications by profile, including restricting web accessibility by app, with just a few clicks. Internet access settings deserve to be tailored to each child. Parental can pick from recommended setups by son age, block details websites and inappropriate terms, or choose to develop safe list that only allow accessibility to certain approved sites. Parents have the right to easily set the strictness of controls, expanding access as the boy gets older. Parents can likewise exit the Kurio interface and also switch to a full Android™ tablet without restrictions for personal use.

Kurio family devices feature the Kurio Genius™ internet filtering device with advanced security levels and also daily auto-updates covering much more than 450 million web page (and counting) in 170 different languages. They also feature in-app internet filtering, so children can safe surf the web or use apps without encountering unreasonable content.

Kurio Touch 4s Handheld Regarding the enhancement of the Kurio Touch 4s, Levin explains, "Families have involved expect innovative devices, through the many robust parental controls and also top-tier family-friendly content from Kurio. We"ve take away the significance of ours Kurio tablets and also created a handheld the is equivalent in use to one iPod Touch, however offers the Kurio user endure kids and parents love at an exceptional value price of simply $99.99."

Sleek, stylish, pocket-sized and portable, the Kurio Touch 4s is a Wi-Fi permitted Android 4.2 (Jellybean) handheld maker designed with kids in mind. Children can record videos, take it photos, hear to favorite music, post their friends, pat the apps and also games they love, and also safely surf the web. 

Kurio Touch 4s functions an ultra-responsive 3.97" multi-point touchscreen display with high-definition gaming and also movie-viewing capabilities, a multi-core processor, front-facing and rear-facing cameras, one HD video clip player, music player, integrated microphone, micro USB connection, a high capacity battery offering roughly six to eight hours of battery life, and 8GB of inner memory (extendable up to 40GB via a micro SD card). The handheld comes with a collection of specially designed earbuds to comfortably fit children"s ears, and is obtainable in black color or white. Ideal for family members with youngsters ages 3 and also up. MSRP: $99.99.

Kurio Touch 4s is preloaded v top-tier kids" content, including an ext than 30 free games and also applications: the complete ad-free premium version of upset Birds Space™, iHeartRadio, Toon Goggles, talk Friends, video streaming apps, interactive educational content, color apps and so much more.

Kurio 7s tablet The brand-new and boosted Kurio 7s has actually a stunning sleek design and also includes the advanced features supposed from a cutting-edge tablet. Parents, kids and teens deserve to e-mail, find the web, review e-books, write, draw, beat games, take it photos and record video, watch movies, hear to music and more.

This Android 4.2 (Jellybean) Wi-Fi enabled tablet computer features a high-resolution, ultra-responsive 7"" multi-point touchscreen with high-definition gaming and movie-viewing capabilities, a multi-core processor, integrated Wi-Fi, HD video clip player, music player, e-reader, front-facing and rear-facing cameras, 2 front stereo speakers, integrated microphone, mini HDMI and also micro USB connections, a high volume battery offering roughly six come eight hrs of battery life, and 8GB of internal memory (extendable up to 40GB via a micro SD card). The comes v a specially designed protective bumper come ensure the tablet computer is defended in boy hands. Accessible in black color with had blue silicone bumper. Suitable for families with kids ages 3 and also up. MSRP: $149.99.

Kurio 7s is packed with tons of preloaded, top-tier kids" content with much more than 60 games and apps, including a complete learning system featuring more than 30 educational apps from award-winning American education Mr. Nussbaum. This includes full ad-free premium version of the most well-known gaming apps in the civilization like upset Birds™ Space, Fruit Ninja™ HD and Where"s mine Water?™, and also apps indigenous dozens an ext top-tier publishers, such as iHeartRadio, MeeGenius, Toon Goggles and Talking Friends. Over there are video clip streaming apps, coloring apps, much more than 20 e-books and also so lot more.

Kurio 10s tablet Kurio 10s, an exclusive item come Toys"R"Us, includes every one of the great features and also content that the Kurio 7s tablet, through a larger, high definition 10.1" IPS touchscreen and also even much more powerful quad-core processor. Available in black color with consisted of blue silicone bumper. Suitable for families with youngsters ages 3 and up. MSRP: $249.99.

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Kurio Touch 4s, Kurio 7s, and Kurio 10s will certainly be accessible for purchase at Toys"R"Us shop nationwide start in august 2013. Kurio Touch 4s and also Kurio 7s will be obtainable at retailers almost everywhere by September 2013. Plus, a complete line the Kurio accessories will be available, consisting of bumpers, folios, display screen protectors, bring cases, earbuds and more.

For much more information, visit, and follow Kurio on facebook at and on Twitter