Venture with the city streets, fighting Heartless and opening chests follow me the way. Once you get in the 3rd area, Donald and Goofy are blocked indigenous Sora by Nobodies, and a cloaked figure appears in former of Sora... Wielding a Keyblade.

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Roxas is really quick to attack, and getting fight by one of his combos will leave girlfriend taking damages for a while. Use Reflect magic and also the Guard ability to defend against his combos, climate follow up with a full combo after ~ Roxas" combo is finished. Roxas might retaliate with a vertical spinning strike after being struck; dodge roll or dash far to prevent getting hit. When the action goes right into slow-motion, look for the "The End" command (it will be randomized in your command menu). Press on that command to stop damage and temporarily acquire the strength of Roxas" Keyblades. Utilizing evasive manuveurs is the crucial to victory.

After successfully defeating Roxas, Sora receives an enig Ansem’s Report 8 and also the Two end up being One keychain. From this suggest on, Sora deserve to randomly transform into

Final kind by using any other drive type (with the exception of Anti Form).

Party members have been switched.


Travel to the northwest edge of Memory"s Skyscrape to with the Brink of Despair; conserve your progress and also open the huge chest surrounding to obtain the Dark City Map. Yes a chest on the left edge containing one Orichalcum+. Enter the stronghold and venture with the areas, fighting the Nobodies and opening chests follow me the way.


When you reach Twilight’s View, save your progress and open the surrounding chest to obtain a Cosmic Belt. Continue through the stronghold, fighting Heartless and Nobodies along the way, till you with Xigbar.



When Xigbar is in his sniper position, run around the ar to protect against his shots till you check out a reaction command. After making use of , follow up through to damage him. Once he returns to the key area and shoots bullets, usage the Guard capability or Reflect magic to deflect the his long-range shots ago at him. Use rapid Run to keep him in ~ attack range while preventing his vertical shots. If you"re under him, his bullets normally can"t with you. Save in mind the he needs to reload his pistol after three rounds; that"s a good time come land one aerial combo. When he fires the larger homing bullets, soil an aerial combo before he publication it, climate stand near a bullet to usage up to three times in succession. He will ultimately place girlfriend on a small square and begin come fire rapidly; run in a broad circle or usage Reflect magic to stop damage.

After beating Xigbar, Sora receives an enig Ansem’s Report 3. Go through the following area, opened chests and also fighting Nobodies along the way. As soon as Sora will Kairi and Riku, he obtains the Oblivion keychain and the lock That never ever Was Map. Enter the following area, conserve your progress, and proceed through the tombstone that reads "The Gambler the Fate."



To victory this battle, you must diminish Luxord"s HP prior to time operation out. Assault Luxord relentlessly with complete combos. If cards end up being a nuisance, castle to do them disappear. You normally take out number of cards while attacking Luxord. Once he hides among the cards, use the camera to find his card; target it and also use , then attack with combos. When you play his game, you have to press the switch when an "O" is in the assault command you have selected. Girlfriend can strike while in die from through and card type with .

Maximum HP Increased!

Sora receives secret Ansem’s Report 9 after beating Luxord. Go back to Proof of existence to find another tombstone activated; save your progress and also travel through the tombstone labeled "The Luna Diviner" to confront Saïx.



When Saïx finishes a combo, he always drops a claymore; use these tools by pull close one and activating the - - reaction command combo if close come Saïx. This will permit you to damages him and break his berserk mode. Assault relentlessly while Saïx"s berserk bar is filling up. If you parry Saïx"s assaults during this phase, girlfriend can reason him come drop more claymores. When he returns to Berserk mode, use the weapons roughly the area through the reaction command combo when more.

After beating Saïx, Sora receives secret Ansem’s Report 12. Go back to Proof of visibility to uncover the main passage open. Conserve your development and, when you are ready to proceed, travel through the key passage. After several events, Sora will certainly receive secret Ansem’s Report 11.

Party members have actually been switched.


Travel up the stairs and also into the next area; walk front on the invisible path to illuminate each step and reach the following platform, then travel up the last steps to confront Xemnas.



When the rises to the height of the building, climb the stairs to the prior of the building and also use ; wait until he"s close to you and use . Using will perform no damage; utilizing will execute less damage than the 3rd reaction command, but has the same general effect. Once Xemnas creates a defensive wall, wait for it to break prior to continuing her attack. Use the safety or quick Run ability to parry his attacks, then follow up with finish combos. Save a fair distance from that in order to have time to reaction to Xemnas" incoming attacks.

Maximum MP Increased!

After Xemnas retreats, Sora receives an enig Ansem’s Report 13. NOTE: if you pick to proceed, the last battle and cutscenes will begin. This is her last possibility to travel between worlds to get experience and absent items. Once you are ready to proceed, approach and also .

Xemnas - component II

Use the reaction command to obtain through the buildings and also into the following area. Operation forward and also use consecutively ~ above the flying structures to reach the main area. To win the tiny enemies right into the appropriate cylinder to damages it; one fight per enemy is all you need. As soon as the bar is perfect charging, usage to prevent the large explosion. Repeat this process with the left cylinder. After destroying both cylinders, you will reach the power room; in this area, you must attack the energy core in the center of the room relentlessly. A shield will occasionally block the core; defeat the lesser Nobodies come deactivate it. Be conscious of the assaults that come indigenous above; if you keep close come the core, you can avoid part damage. After protecting against the power core, use to accessibility the control room. Diminish Xemnas’ HP through using finish combos until defeated. Xemnas uses various weapons of company XIII, so use the easily accessible reaction commands to your advantage. Jump away when he strikes through his sword.

Xemnas - part III

In the second phase of the battle, start by hitting the lesser opponents into the components of the bigger enemy. Use drain (the button) to absorb the pink missiles, use the Laser (the

button) assault on remote enemies. When your laser is totally charged, use come inflict massive damages to all parts of the enemy. Repeat this procedure when you assault the enemy"s flanks and also wings. Fly about the edge to dodge the blue lasers and green projectiles.

When you come in the regulate room, strike Xemnas in the very same manner together the vault battle. Be mindful of his blade and also the lasers that close in on your position. Once you are pushed into the air, get close come the buildings that no in motion and also use - to rest the shield. Evade the tiny lasers by ascending and also descending, then glide earlier to Xemnas.

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Xemnas - component IV

Use repetitively to dodge thorns and also aerial attacks. When on ground level, use to get behind him, then follow up through two combos. Use aerial dodge, Guard, or Reflega magic to evade his lasers. Once Xemnas paralyzes you, use Riku come jump and also run in broad circles to avoid damages from the barriers, if closing in top top Sora; use to press away the duplicate. Reach Xemnas and use to conserve Sora, climate follow up with numerous aerial combos. As soon as you deplete all of his HP, the final assault will commence; use (both

and buttons) to block the multitude that lasers. After surviving the lasers, the final strike will take place automatically.