Mimi Faust Interview: "Love & hip Hop: Atlanta" Star Declares, "I’m no Going come Sit and also Cry about Spilled Milk. It’s Done"

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Reality television star Mimi Faust stars top top the VH1 routine Love & i know good Hop: Atlanta, which chronicles the resides of numerous women and men in Atlanta that are connected to hip hop music. The show ended season 4 on respectable 31, 2015. An East coast native, Faust spent her childhood in Virginia, Atlanta and also Los Angeles, before settling in Cobb County, Georgia come raise Eva, she five-year-old daughter.

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In 2003, Faust appeared in the music video for singer Pharrell Williams’ single “Frontin’” with rapper Jay-Z. She would certainly later develop the store it Clean, Inc., a cleaning organization based in Atlanta. She has recently ventured into creating her very own hair line of wigs and also extensions, adding beauty skilled to her list of accomplishments, together she provides her keen entrepreneurial an abilities to proudly present her brand-new hair line dubbed the Maya collection. Faust additionally runs her own music firm called MF Management.

"Hey, ns will gain on a plane and visit, however for me to pick up and also relocate since Stevie J walk is asinine. We’re not together. That is, and I’m doing waiting quotes, “married” now to someone else, therefore why the hell would ns relocate?"

Melissa Parker (Smashing Interviews Magazine): Mimi, what space you doing this days ~ Hip Hop’s season ended?

Mimi Faust: Actually the season is about to choose right earlier up, so i’m preparing because that the next season best now.

Melissa Parker (Smashing Interviews Magazine): space you at this time filming?

Mimi Faust: We’re around to start. We’ve been having our producer’s meetings and also all that kind of an excellent stuff. I’m in the process of moving. I’ve had a hell that a work today. Friend know, just when girlfriend think your day is just the worst, you acquire a call call and also your girlfriend tells you those going on with them, and also you’re like, “Oh. Mine day’s no too bad after all.” (laughs)

Melissa Parker (Smashing Interviews Magazine): space you moving to Los Angeles?

Mimi Faust: oh no, no, no. Ok be below in Atlanta. I’m just moving right into a different home.

Melissa Parker (Smashing Interviews Magazine): Rumor has actually it you will do it be showing up on the spinoff collection featuring Stevie J and also Joseline Hernandez, so i thought maybe you’d move west.

Mimi Faust: Hey, i will gain on a plane and visit, however for me to choose up and relocate due to the fact that Stevie J walk is asinine. We’re no together. That is, and also I’m doing wait quotes, “married” currently to who else, therefore why the hell would i relocate?

Melissa Parker (Smashing Interviews Magazine): (laughs) stop talk about your various other interests besides the series.

Mimi Faust: Well, an initial and foremost, I have my cleaning company which is dubbed Keep it Clean. I started that about fourteen year ago. That is up and running and takes up a many my time. I’m coming out v a children’s line, and also I have actually not been able to just completely wrap my hands around that and also get it done with everything else that I’m doing. But that’s quiet on the table. I’m still in the process of creating my publication solo. (laughs)

Melissa Parker (Smashing Interviews Magazine): there is no a co-author?

Mimi Faust: five yeah. Over there was never a co-author. What nico did was, since we were together, he felt like he to be entitled come 25% the the book due to the fact that he found a ghostwriter because that me. Ns so perplexed how girlfriend think that makes feeling or that it’s fair or any of that. However in his mind, the felt choose that was fair, and also at the time, ns was one idiot and also thought, “Well, girlfriend know, we’re together. Fine be do the money together.” So i signed a contract. We’re not with each other anymore, and also yeah, the contract the he had actually me sign was a one-pager, however I acquired myself out of it.

I’m in reality in business with a hair company, and also I have actually a hairline out referred to as The Maya Collection. Hair nowadays is simply a win/win. It’s big, large business, and also the hair that ns use and wear … my hair is really good quality. It’s a good grade. It no shed and also doesn’t obtain tangled. Therefore I’ve decided to companion up v this company, and we put out a repertoire of mine own. What rather am i doing? there’s the hair line and Keep that Clean. Km Management is a lot of work. I didn’t realize just how much in the beginning, but you’ll it is in seeing more of km Management this upcoming season. In between all that and also trying come move, i’m pretty busy, and also then there’s mine five-year-old (laughs).

Melissa Parker (Smashing Interviews Magazine): perform you have actually the work ethic of one entrepreneur?

Mimi Faust: Absolutely. I just want to perform the following thing. I desire to just keep going and also keep pushing, and try to execute something even better than the last thing. Absolutely.

Melissa Parker (Smashing Interviews Magazine): would certainly you choose to gain into films as one actress?

Mimi Faust: I would certainly love to execute that! Let’s simply talk about TV though, no reality. One of my favorite shows right now is The wade Dead. Ns glued every Sunday at 9:00 (laughs). That is my show. If ns can’t watch it, ns DVRing it. Empire is one of my favorites. Ns love Orange is the brand-new Black. I would love to be on any type of of those shows favor a guest appearance or something. Love to execute that!

Melissa Parker (Smashing Interviews Magazine): exciting to hear around your favorites due to the fact that Love & hip Hop: Atlanta is a guilty satisfied for plenty of people.

Mimi Faust: Yeah. It’s so weird due to the fact that I seldom watch my very own show. I filmed it, so ns don’t want to go ago and watch it again. Ns did it. Ns can’t go back and watch it again. You recognize what ns mean?

Melissa Parker (Smashing Interviews Magazine): Absolutely. If girlfriend could go back, would you change anything around this past season?

Mimi Faust: five my. Exactly how much time carry out you have? (laughs) There space so plenty of things that ns personally would change, yet then again, if i went in and adjusted it how I wanted, it probably would have a whole various outcome. The producers understand what they’re doing, and also they do it work. They have actually a formula, and I’m just going come let them execute that.

Even if it is mine life that’s out there, i look at this project like, “Hey, ns going come work.” every little thing happens, happens. I’m no going to sit and also cry around spilled milk. It’s done. It’s out there. Whatever. Girlfriend can’t change it, so it’s meaningless crying over spilled milk. There it is. You acquired it, and its number one again (laughs).

Melissa Parker (Smashing Interviews Magazine): Who’s warm in the music service right now?

Mimi Faust: five my God. I prefer a wide selection of music. I just don’t like R&B and Hip Hop only. I prefer everything. But because we’re talking around Hip Hop and R&B, ns love Drake appropriate now. To me, Drake is awesome. I love what Rihanna is doing. Beyonce is constantly a definite.

Justin Beiber has a tune out right currently with a producer and also another artist. I’m loving this song. It’s referred to as “Maria ns Drunk.” You have to Google it one day. I just like all types of stuff. Ns can’t simply pinpoint one or two things. I just love music. Okay sit and also flip the stations and say, “Oh my God. Ns love this song!”

Melissa Parker (Smashing Interviews Magazine): does Eva have actually your outgoing, bubbly personality?

Mimi Faust: times a thousand. She is so incredible. I simply look at her and also wonder where she came from. Then i think, “Oh. That’s right. Me.” (laughs) she’s so awesome and has the most loving, outgoing, funny personality. She gets in addition to everybody. She’s a leader. Eva’s the most amazing tiny girl ever. She’s more than likely the best thing I’ve ever done in mine life hands down. Ns swear to you. Ideal thing ever.

Melissa Parker (Smashing Interviews Magazine): On your Twitter girlfriend posted, “Today is a beautiful job simply because God do it!” have the right to I i think you space a Christian?

Mimi Faust: I believe in God. Ns wouldn’t say ns a Christian. I was baptized and grew up v that, yet my mother introduced me to lots of different religions as soon as I was younger. Now that i’m an adult, i don’t say that I’m a Christian or a buddhism or Scientologist. Ns just believe in a greater power or the there is a God, and also he produced us and everything. That’s wherein my id is.

Melissa Parker (Smashing Interviews Magazine): I recognize that you perform a lot for breast cancer awareness. Is this something that is near and dear to you?

Mimi Faust: Yes. It operation in mine family. Mine grandmother pass from chest cancer. My mother actually passed from pancreatic cancer, for this reason it operation on my mom’s side. Ns make sure to obtain myself checked out v mammograms. I recognize a lot of people here in Atlanta who have actually suffered with cancer us or have actually recovered indigenous cancer or had actually a household member or love one pass from it.

I do everything I deserve to do right here in Atlanta to aid like fundraisers and also things choose that for chest cancer awareness. I think it’s crucial to spread the word and get much more people out there involved. Ns don’t know if they can uncover a cure because that it, however I expect they can do everything they deserve to do to make the case better.

I personal think, and this is mine own an individual opinion, that it originates from the food that us eat since the food has actually so much pesticides in it. If friend think about it, the majority of the foodstuffs are priced yes, really cheap that room processed. Her organic stuff that you gain at totality Foods and also Trader Joe’s is very expensive, and a many of civilization don’t have that kind of money come buy the or have actually the understanding to say, “Oh probably I should go organic.” it doesn’t have actually the pesticides.

You’re not claimed to ingest pesticides or every that other stuff. That’s my an individual opinion. Ns think the cancer comes from the food the we placed in ours bodies. Even beginning as a child, we save eating and eating this stuff, and also it’s gradually killing us. We get in ours 40’s, and every one of a sudden, we have actually cancer. That’s my take it on it.

Melissa Parker (Smashing Interviews Magazine): are you a vegetarian?

Mimi Faust: girlfriend know, what’s so crazy is that my human body is slowly however surely weaning me in that direction. I’m not able to digest red meat anymore. Even chicken will certainly tear mine stomach up. My human body is informing me, “You can not eat this stuff.” It simply rejects it, for this reason yeah, ns almost there.

Melissa Parker (Smashing Interviews Magazine): Is over there a romantic attention for you ideal now?

Mimi Faust: oh we’ll see about that (laughs). I have been dating a small bit, so we’ll check out what happens. Yeah.

Melissa Parker (Smashing Interviews Magazine): together a parent, those the most important lesson you deserve to teach Eva?

Mimi Faust: i think the number one ascendancy is the oldest one in the book which is “Do depend others.” If friend treat people how you want to be treated, nine times out of ten you’re walk to gain a an excellent result back. You can’t predict everyone actions, however nine times the end of ten if you are good to people, climate you’ll obtain that back.

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I teach her to have an open up mind. She’s five. I’m no a racist. Ns teach she to love everybody. It doesn’t matter about the color of your skin or the way you look. I just want her to it is in the best person she deserve to possibly be. For this reason any little thing the I have the right to think of come instill the in her is what I shot to do. It’s the little things, you know?

Melissa Parker (Smashing Interviews Magazine): Mimi, continued success through the show and also your other organization ventures. Carry out you have to be relocated by a specific date?

Mimi Faust: Yes. Ns have about a month to discover a place, get moved, and I’ll be filming in ~ the very same time. So you can only imagine.