Installation, Repair and Replacement of john Deere STX30 and STX38 gear Drive Belt (Yellow Deck)

Left-hand and also right-hand are referenced indigenous the allude of watch of the tractor operator.The level backside that the belt rides on flat idlers; the inside vee rides in v-idlers and pulleys. These john Deere assets use belt component number M74747 i beg your pardon is 104.72" long, 0.5" wide, HA section, 0.31" thick, 32 deg.

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#1. As whole view

Overall view of the journey belt layout (#1). The engine pulley is at the right and also the transmission is off to the left.

#2. Eliminate brake latch handle

The parking brake latch handle (#2, yellow) and its associated spring (#2, blue) have to be removed to change the belt.

#3. Brake latch spring

The front end of the brake latch feather (#3, blue) attaches to the brake latch take care of bolt and the back end hooks come a clip on the framework (#3, yellow).

#4. Loop roughly steering shaft

Both steering tie rods should be disconnected (#4, blue) come loop the belt over the brake latch rod and around the steering tower (#4, yellow).

#5. Engine pulley

Bring the former loop the the belt roughly the engine pulley and also the v-idler next to it. Be sure the belt runs within each the the belt travel guide (#5, blue). The former hook that the tensioning feather is at #5, yellow. The electric clutch locks right into the article at #5, red to prevent the clutch from rotating.

#6. Tranny pulley

Loop the ago end of the belt v the belt guides and around the transmission wheel (#6).

#7. Tension idlers

The earlier end the the idler tensioning spring hooks into a notch on the backside that the idler arm (#7, red). Both belt guides must be removed. Collection the parking brake to administer slack in the belt. Route the belt approximately the idlers; the flat backside of the belt rides ~ above the flat idler; the belt vee rides in the v-idler. Note where the belt guides set into a feet in the idler eight (#7, blue) and a parentheses on the structure (#7, yellow). The back end of the brake latch spring can be watched at #7, green.

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#8. Electrical clutch bracket

A notch on the electric clutch fits around the article extending native the engine pulley overview (#8, yellow) to prevent the clutch from spinning.