In the bookThe Giver,there space a lot of jobs that you can get, however you simply don"t obtain to pick your job or as soon as you want to start. There is a ceremony every year that the whole neighborhood goes come (Lowry 12). In ~ the ceremony all the youngsters get the turn an er older, so if you to be a 4 you would rotate to a five (18). Now exactly how to obtain a job. First, you have to be transforming twelve to get a job, but like I stated you don"t get to choose your very own job. Over there are human being called the Committee of Elders who will choose what job fits you (19). All of the tasks in the book The Giver are provided below:Committee that Elders: They are the people who pick what task you will be assigned once you rotate twelve (19). They take their job very serious.

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Nurturers: These people are responsible for every the physical and also emotional needs of every newchild during its more quickly life (9). This job is vital job.Department that Justice: castle come up through a punishment because that someone that breaks the rules (11).Doctor: They will certainly take care of sick people (21).Engineer: they will deal with construction and they will build things like buildings or bridges (21) .Speaker: They will certainly sit in one office through a microphone and make announcements (28).Rehabilitation Center: castle will occupational with the civilization who had been injured (34) .Food Distribution: They carry a lot of supplies right into the populated of the ar (35).House that the Old: They will take care of the older people (35).Hall of open up Record: These human being will store track of all the volunteer hrs that a human does (35-36).Security Guard: They will certainly watch to make sure whatever is fine and safe (43).Collection Crew: lock come and also pick increase the remains of the meals indigenous people"s dwellings (46-47).Pilot: They will be in fee of flying an plane or helicopter (52).Sanitation Laborer: They will clean and keep the community clean (60) .Swimming instructor: They will teach people to swim (61).Fish Hatchery Attendant: They put fish in a huge aquarium and also they do them produce much more fish so the community can eat (66).Birthmother: She will provide birth so that various other family"s can get a kid (67).Instructor of ages: lock instruct the various age groups (67).Director the Recreation: castle make certain that human being have a an excellent time yet don"t get hurt (70) .Law: They will certainly make regulations for the ar (71).Justice: They call if human being are guilty or innocent (71).Caretaker the the Old: They will take treatment of the older people. Because that example, they aid the elders eat and also they bathe castle (71).Receiver of Memory: castle know every one of the memory in and also outside that the neighborhood (76).

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Maintenance Crew: They make the nameplates because that the kids bikes and also they will certainly fix various other things if necessary (91). What project will my team getHello my name is Maddie. If I had to choose a job that ns would want to have actually in The Giverit would have to be anengineer. I would certainly pick one engineerbecauseI love come build and also design points (21). I also love every the hands on stuff youget to do with one engineer. If I was in the publication The Giver and I to be an engineer, i would probably be make bridges or making new buildings for thecommunity ( 21).Hello my surname is Maddie . If she obtained picked for a task in The Giver it would be the recipient of Memory. She would be picked for that since she is an extremely smart, intelligent, and I think that she can take the pain. The recipient of storage knows all of thememories in and also outside the thecommunity (76). I think Maddie would be very an excellent with this job.Hello my name is Josh. Because that his task he would acquire Justice. The would get Justice since I think the he would be an excellent at telling if civilization are guilty or innocent and getting under people"s skin. In The Giver,they phone call if human being are guilty or innocent (71).Hello my surname is Brant and also if i picked a job for the it would be a Pilot. I have the right to see Brant liking to paris ahelicopter and also getting into it. In The Giver, they drop turn off supplies and also other things the ar needs (52). Work CitedLowry, Lois. The Giver. Boston: house Mifflin, 1993. Print.