Blast you, Jillian Michaels, and also your calorie-killing tough love! The very first time I propelled play on her Banish Fat, an increase Metabolism DVD ($10), I came this close to a full-on bakery breakdown. I’m serious, ns was one mountain climber far from driving come the nearest bakery to stuff myself v donuts (have I mentioned I’m a stress eater?).

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But, as if you might somehow tell when I was prepared to quit, you looked me in the eye, cranked up the motivation dial and firmly said me “not to phone that in” (which is Jillian Michaels because that “never provide up, never surrender!”).

Needless come say, this workout’s no joke, and it harms SO GOOD.

How great exactly?

Good favor the an initial time you acquired your ‘stash waxed, or the first time friend kissed that hot, scruffy poor boy (you know, the unemployed one v the muscles and also the motorcycle — the one your parents despised).


Made to heighten love rates and torch calories, Jillian’s 45-minute workout starts with a warmth up, i beg your pardon is then adhered to by 7 5-minute circuits and also a cool down. Each of the circuits is consisted of of a series of 30-second exercises, and the practice doesn’t require any equipment to do; just a tiny space top top the floor to move around, and also maybe a yoga mat, if you have actually one.

For what it’s worth, ns am not an athlete — no by a lengthy shot — but I’ve exercised off and on for many of my adult life. I think I have actually reasonably strong legs indigenous running and also dancing, and also decent upper body strength, but I’ve been neglecting my core for years (I hate sit-ups and crunches).

Now, this wasn’t my first time at the rodeo v Jillian. I’d been using her 30 job Shred DVD for a while, therefore I assumed I knew what to intend from this one.

Boy, was i wrong! through Banish Fat, rise Metabolism, Jillian takes workouts come the following level — one where I desire to curl up right into a ball and cry, LOL!

Jillian offers plyometric exercises through big, explosive jumps, and likes working numerous muscle teams simultaneously (back when I belonged to Gold’s Gym, I’d watch an individual trainers perform comparable exercises with real athletes). I remember some of the move from Shred, like skaters, burpies and mountain climbers…but the totality DVD renders Shred look like musical chairs at a kid’s birthday party.


JM incorporates a little bit of whatever to occupational the arms, chest, back, stomach and legs, alternating kickboxing v old-school calisthenics, and also cardio through core. Ideal of all through a DVD, because you’re in charge of the remote, you only have to finish as lot of the workout as you can. If you’re tapped or pressed for time, you have the right to just skip front to the circuits girlfriend really desire to cover.

The workout

Warm up: arm circles, toes touches, arm swings and jogging in placeCircuit one: squatting side kicks top top the appropriate side, squatting with alternative punches, squatting side kicks on the left side, a jab-cross-hook-elbow combination and alternative front kicksCircuit two: burpies, plie hops (the previous dancer in me loves these, they completely make your butt burn), a punch-hop combination, 180-degree jumps and also single-leg hopsCircuit three: butt kicks, high knees, jumping jacks, slope crunches ~ above the ideal side and oblique crunches on the left sideCircuit four: hill climbers, lower earlier and leg raises, pike crunches, oblique twists and also a go plank (hurts for this reason good!)Circuit five: totter kicks, uppercuts, earlier kicks, squatting v a jab-cross combo and knee crunchesCircuit six: jump squats, cross-country skiing, scissor kicks, skaters and also standing mountain climbersCircuit seven: twisting jumps, standing abdominal crunches, knee crunches top top the right side, knee crunches ~ above the left side and jump ropeCool down: a 5 minute cool-down stretch

I really start to feeling the burn (and doubt my commitment to Sparkle Motion) about the fifth circuit, yet Jillian is there through the hard love to urge you ever before onward. She always seems to know when I require her help the most. And also by the finish of the workout, I’m dripping in sweat and also panting prefer a lift singer in a dirty Prince tune.


After two weeks and around five workouts, I’m start to watch results. By no method do i feel prepared to don a bikini and heels because that a rap video clip (dare come dream!), however I perform feel a little less sausage-y approximately my mid-section, because that sure.

If you prefer working out at home and also want to burn some significant calories, give Banish Fat, rise Metabolism a try. The won’t it is in easy, however it hurts so good.

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PRICE: about $10AVAILABILITY: Release date Feb. 3, 2009; accessible wherever fitness DVDs are marketed (find it virtual at and and also BEAUTY BLOG RATING: A+

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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