Eddie Vedder will certainly go under in rock and also roll history. His career currently spans over 3 decades and doesn"t appear to be slowing under anytime soon. While he"s best known together the frontman for legendary rock tape Pearl Jam, Vedder has worked on other music projects, such as contributing come soundtracks and also releasing solo albums (via Biography). In 2018, Bradley Cooper revealed the Vedder to be a huge resource of catalyst for his personality in his Oscar-winning film, A Star is Born.

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However, 56-year-old Vedder is not just an iconic musician, he"s additionally a devoted husband and father. He"s famously quiet about his split from his very first wife, fellow musician Beth Liebling, however Vedder walk on to marry former fashion design Jill McCormick, with whom he has two daughters. The may have actually seemed prefer a strange match at first, especially considering the Vedder had actually some not-so-nice words about models in his song, "Satan"s Bed." once confronted around these lyrics and also his relationship with McCormick in a 2006 Rolling stone interview, Vedder laughed it off, saying, "Look, the human I fell in love with, that happened to be she job. There were a pair days where it to be like, "Wow, this appears contradictory." It had to happen a more difficult test than falling in love with simply anyone. And also it did."

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Though Eddie Vedder met and began date Jill McCormick quickly after his divorce from Liebling in 2000, the pair didn"t get married till 2010. According to united state Weekly, Vedder proposed to McCormick the year former in Washington, D.C., wherein he to be performing for the Kennedy center Honors gala. They organized an intimate wedding ceremony in Hawaii, where famed guests consisted of actor Sean Penn and musician Jack Johnson.

While their marital relationship was certainly critical step, Vedder and McCormick already shared two daughters, Olivia and Harper, that are now 16 and also 12, respectively. In McCormick"s sweet tribute because that Olivia"s 16th birthday in 2020, it"s apparent how close-knit their family is. "I"m therefore excited to watch all the an excellent things you space going to do in this world," the 43-year-old composed in one Instagram post. "Your accomplishments thus much have presented daddy and I the the world far better watch out! This son is walk to readjust the world ❤️ say thanks to you because that being you, Olivia."

More recently, McCormick shared on Instagram what appears to it is in a holidays snap of her and Vedder, who space all smiles as they pose beside the water at sunset. "Now this is life my #bestlife," she wrote. Clearly, this two are as happy as deserve to be.