Jeremy Lusk, an American freestyle motocross professional, passed away on Tuesday ~ crashing if attempting a back flip in competition. The was just 24 years old. Right currently his family and also loved ones are asking questions. No doubt countless of them space wondering why; no so much why did he die, yet why did he need to do other that involved so lot risk? it is reported the he passed away with his parents and his wife by his side.

After a tragic and seemingly needless death like this occurs, controversy will frequently ensue regarding whether Jeremy Lusk acted irresponsibly. V a wife and also family, need to he have actually been out performing such dangerous motorcycle jumps? do those actions show a life marked by self-centeredness and irresponsibility? should the same inquiries be request of men and also women who space firefighters, police officers, and military personnel? reaching conclusions at such questions is practically impossible due to the fact that every person and also situation must evaluated for your own distinctive circumstances. Ns think, however, I deserve to say this v all confidence: Jeremy Lusk to be a motocross rider. It’s who he was. For this reason it’s who he had actually to be.

The concern I desire to progressive after such a destructive accident is no so lot a debate concerning the aforementioned questions, however rather one inward meditation on who we space as Christians. Are we being who we are?

The example of Lusk serves as a reminder the mere identification v a career, a hobby, or a religion is really a meaningless exercise unless we space in the process of being that person, namely, that our plot coincide with our identity. Taking the threat of important being that you room is a rare commodity that seems. Together Christians, it way we take the threat of ridicule. The hate. Of being offensive. Of not fitting in. Girlfriend know, of transferring our cross. The also means we dare act in means contrary to society by being submissive. Gift humble. Being sacrificial. Why? since it’s who we are, so it’s who we have to be.

My mother doesn’t an especially like hefty metal music. I have actually yet come walk right into her house and see her jamming come the recent Metallica release. Cultivation up, nobody in my family ever before liked hefty metal. My brother is indefinitely linked with the 80’s. My sister, in the so late 80’s, to be a new Kids top top the Block fanatic. Yet, I began bringing home these stunner bands through these crazy guitar sounds. I then at some point took mine love for difficult rock and also turned it into a ministry. My mother was resistant at first. However then she establish something; the was who I was. So the was who I had actually to be. She has actually never carried the subject up again. The is a lesson ns am walking to try my hardest to remember together my beautiful small girl grow up. She won’t be Philip. She will be Callie Grace.

The exact same principle is true for the church. We avoid being who we are when we space so came to that guests feel “welcome” that us fail come preach the breadth and also scope of the Gospel. We prevent being who we are when a dependency on committees supercedes our reliance ~ above God.

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We avoid being that we are once blatant and also consistent sin gets brushed up under the rug. We may be established as the church, yet we aren’t being the church.