My Jeeps speedometer quit working. Then the check engine light come on.Computor stated car speed sensor to be bad.I replaced the VSS but, mine speedometer tho doesn't work.Check engine light is turn off now.Any idea's?Tim

The VSS will cause the speedo to prevent working. Since the trouble is tho there, examine to make sure all wires are connected and also not corroded. Check under the dash come make sure the wiring is tight and clean

thanks for the info. The new VSS came through a new pig tail. Ns left the old one at very first then put the brand-new one on after the still didn\"t work. I will look in ~ the under dash wiring.

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~ a $91.00 visit to the local dealer (diagnostic test) the company manager handed me a fist complete of broken plastic gear.VSS gear.Estimate the $653.00 come repair.I stated not this particular day scooter, placed her ago together.Anyone have any kind of advice on replacing this gear?ThanksTim

I have a 1999 jeep cool cherokee limited. The various other day my speedometer and tachometer stopped working, together I looked closer ns noticed that the hand to be actually listed below the peg ~ above both. Im certain it should be sitting on height of the peg. If that is the situation what would reason it and how deserve to I resolve it.
The tachomater, speedometer, and the fuel gauges space not functioning at all. What feasible common fault could there be?
I have actually the same problem with my \"96 Cherokee Sport. Ns was wondering if friend have identified what this is. E-mail me if girlfriend have any type of input (ajyoungers
SPEEDOMETER doesnt WORK, that IS reading 180MPH IN A sitting OR driving POSITION, IS THE speed SENSOR bad OR maybe THE PINION gear BAD?
The speedometer, usage indicator and also trip miles carry out not work. The other dashboard instrumentation all seems to job-related ok. What is the most likely problem and how deserve to I deal with it? ns was told when I to buy the Jeep that the engine had actually been changed at part point.Thank you.
1. Vehicle speed sensor: bad sensor, loosened or dirty connection. Situated on the transmission housing2. Loose speedo cable at connection to ago of speedometer. Located behind tool cluster, and requires remove of dash moulding and also is a pains to obtain to.
my speedometer cable bounces so i took it out and lubed it with graphite through no luck the bouncing is tho there. I\"ve tried come re lube it v several various lubes with no luck. Ns don\"t recognize what is the problem?
hello there, say thanks to you for the donation, due to the length of the cable there may be a little of large in the inner journey cable and also it is skipping turn off the external cable, on various other cars v this difficulty I have never had any luck trying to lube them, all they perform is tie up more, the lube tends to gambling to sticky and also causes the inside to bind a bit, i feel the only option is a brand-new cable.Mark (mhpautos)
many thanks i\"ll readjust it and get ago to you through the outcome. Which cable need to I replace. Over there is a real quick one the connects come the swarm then come what looks like a sensor then from the other end the long cable bolts come it and to the transmission.
perform you understand where ns can obtain both. AutoZone sells universal cables yet I don\"t think they have actually the little cable.
Sorry, that i can\"t help you through as i am in Australia. Examine the link at the bottom that this article for parts, that might be the help.Mark (mhpautos)
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