Star Wars: everything We Know around Yoda's Jedi master Not lot is known about Yoda v the year of his visibility in Star Wars, so who was the Jedi master that trained the in the ways of The Force?

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By any standard, rand master Yoda is really old. Together a result, there room still countless mysteries about his past. Even 40 years after he an initial appeared in Star wars Episode V: The realm Strikes Back, Star battles fans still don"t even know what his species is called. But as time passed following the early trilogy, much more information about him began trickling into circulation.

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One the the most exciting stories of Yoda"s early years, and also perhaps the story taking place throughout his earlier days, was exactly how he met his first Jedi Master. An additional alien, arguably even stranger than Yoda"s species, called N"Kata Del Gormo found a crashed Yoda and also agreed come train that in the ways of the Force.

follow to Star wars lore, Yoda at the time was simply a young hermit traveling alongside a human being companion. Both that them had the Force, but being as inexperienced as they were, they had no idea what the true nature of their abilities were. Your destinies would certainly forever be changed when castle crashlanded on one unknown swamp planet. The duo managed to survive, however they were stranded, their distress beacon seemingly gone unanswered. Learning they would die without help, they started exploring the world for any type of other clever life. They discovered it in the kind of N"Kata.

As a Hysalrian, N"Kata had quadruple eyes and arms a small mouth, and also a serpentine lower half. Not exactly the most welcoming of figures to discover when stranded on one unknown world, but N"Kata to be a Jedi grasp by that point, and he recognized the Force within Yoda and also his friend. He available to train them both in the means of the Jedi to help them manage their abilities. The duo agreed and also would train with N"Kata for an unknown length of time. However it was long enough that by the time the distress beacon was ultimately answered through the Galactic Republic, Yoda was confident sufficient in his capability to go to the Jedi temple on Coruscant wherein he would finish his training. Therefore while N"Kata to be Yoda"s very first Jedi Master, he would not be the last. And an ext importantly, N"Kata had actually discovered and also inspired among the most necessary force individuals to ever before live, indirectly ensuring the Jedi would certainly live on following Palpatine and also Order 66.

But where did N"Kata come native exactly? he is never ever again mentioned by Yoda or everyone else. The is chalked increase to documents of that being destroyed following the an excellent Jedi Purge. What tiny is recognized of that is an ext behind the scene content. N"Kata wasn"t in reality made by any kind of official Star Wars creator in ~ the time. Instead, he to be the development of lining Hamilton, a Star battles fan who gone into the "Design an Alien" challenge held in the Star battles Galaxy Magazine #3. The style did not win the contest, yet was amongst the honorable mentions and also later taken into consideration canon.

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The species itself, Hysalrian, come native the civilization Hysalria, but the civilization that N"kata was found on was no his species" homeworld. Initially, lining Hamilton had stated that the swamp civilization was Dagobah, from Star wars Episode V: The realm Strikes Back. This was initially corroborated by Star battles canon until the novel for Star battles Episode III: Revenge that the Sith proclaimed that Yoda"s an initial visit come Dagobah was after the execution of order 66, and also the world was make an unknown planet.

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The little the is well-known of N"Kata Del Gormo and his types ends there. And with the acquisition of Star Wars properties by Disney a couple of years earlier he was put within the Legends continuity and thus calculation non-canon. But it is not unusual for Disney to dip right into the previous to regain or revitalize renowned characters, for this reason there may be hope of see Yoda"s very first Jedi master again someday.