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An 80 year old design J.C. Higgins Sears Roebuck 22 solitary Shot model 103.18 rifle came back into mine life. It was the one the I cut my searching teeth on together a young of 11 yrs old. It might shoot 22 Short, 22 Long and 22 long Rifle ammo and it was very accurate. It to be a good woodchuck rifle! throughout the street from my house was a 100 acre field full that chucks! I was in boyhood heaven! My dad would give be two high velocity 40 serial bullets come shoot at chucks therefore I had actually to do them count.

It came ago into my life native a family member who had it, however it was in poor condition together the barrel to be showing lots of surface rust. Decades back the plastic target plate broke and was replaced with a red rubber boot kind that today was uncovered disintegrating. Back in the 1960’s I sculpted the front of the share to have actually a cooler european for-end, yet never finished it or stained it. I have recently been re-acquainted through it due to the fact that of its versatility, shoot shorts, longs and also long rifle 22 cartridges. This little single shot was produced garden pests approximately the farm besides plinking. I chose to complete the refurbishment project of long ago and offer the rifle a place of honor.

The first thing i did to be to allude the rifle in a for sure direction, open the bolt (it to be empty) confirm the bore and also cleaned it. Safety first! no as negative as ns thought. ~ cleaning ns ran a little of JB Bore-bright through it. It refined well. I chose to disassemble and inspect it in detail. Again, no as negative as i thought. I sanded the barrel exterior with 400 grit sand paper removing the dovetail sights (with a punch and hammer) and polished the barrel with steel wool because that bluing.

I supplied Birchwood Casey supervisor Blue. It worked great with 2 coats.


I stained the rifle stock with some brown gun-stock stain I had on hand from mine flintlock build, and also after drying I put 2 light coats the Helmsman Varnish top top the rifle stock. I didn’t want it glossy, just enough to protect the finish, after every this is a working rifle.

Now that looks for this reason much far better and all set for quiet plinking or garden varmints!

The rear vision was in negative shape and also not the initial one that was on it. I broke the financial institution for 14 bucks to placed the initial dovetail rear sight on it.

I was surprised the there were some parts easily accessible for this rifle on-line! probably you may have actually an old rifle that needs some TLC.

Below is my ago yard 25 yard test shot through CCI Quiet-22. The is very quiet and also works very well with this rifle. Ns am a CCI fan! ns was just 3/8 customs off with open sights. It’s the very first shot the counts!

Good Shooting!

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I to be an avid hunter v rifle and Bow and have been searching for much more than 50 years. I have actually taken large game such together whitetail deer, red deer, elk, Moose and African levels gamesuch as Kudu, Gemsbok, Springbok, Blesbok, and Impala and also wrote an ebook entitled afri Safari -Rifle and Bow and Arrow on just how to prepare because that a first safari. Ed is a major cartridge reloader and ballistics student. He has actually earned two levels in science and also has written numerous outdoor short article on hunting with both bow and also rifle.

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Nice job on her restoration task and an excellent that that came back into her possession. Many of the JC Higgins items were really well do on the very same assembly lines together the contract manufacture’s very own products. I have a JC HIggins 12 gauge pump trap shotgun developed by the High standard gun company. It is the smoothest cycle pump total that i have ever used. Appears to almost cycle automatically. JC Higgins is an interesting story and also brand name. Collectors will find lots that models and manufactures to study. Shoot straight and also stay safe.