It no long back when famous actors would certainly rather have been recorded nude in public than have showed up in a video game. Those days space behind us, now that gaming has become a mainstream kind of entertainment, steering billions the dollars, pulling in exceptional directing talent, and even helping launch exhilaration careers. Among the biggest franchises in the industry is Call that Duty, an annual collection that continuously outsells nearly every other video game put out each year. It’s also a series filled with famous actors through lifelike facial recreations that virtually escape uncanny valley. You might not even have noticed several of the high-profile stars that have dedicated their substantial talents come Call of Duty games. So right here are several of the many famous Call the Duty actors you can have viewed over the years.

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1. Kit Harington

We every know Kit Harington as Jon Snow, a disciplined, well-meaning former brother of the Night’s clock in Game the Thrones. The actor has lent his voice and likeness to 2016’s Call the Duty: boundless Warfare for a an extremely different role. The game is collection in the much future, and also he plays a maniacal villain named Salen Kotch that decides he can run human being affairs in the solar system much better than the chosen leaders. To that end, he and also his settlement Defense Front start an all-out war against the forces of SATO, the armed forces branch that the joined Nations space Alliance.

2. Kevin Spacey


Source: Activision

When he’s not conniving his way into the optimal political office in the floor in House the Cards, Kevin Spacey is to run a private military contracting outfit that decides come take end the world. At least that’s what the does in 2014’s Call that Duty: advanced Warfare.

Although his personality in House the Cards has been recognized to choose up a controller native time to time, Mr. Spacey told The brand-new York Times, “I cannot say that any an ext bluntly. I have never play a game in mine life.” that goes to show you don’t need to play gamings to it is in in them.

3. Jeff Goldblum

Thanks to roles in movie like The Fly and Jurassic Park, Jeff Goldblum has been a household name because that decades. Supposedly his operation of wonderful films (and commercials) isn’t sufficient to contain him, therefore he took a role in the Zombie Mode part of 2015’s Call of Duty: black Ops 3.

4. Ron Perlman

Mr. Goldblum isn’t alone in Black Ops 3’s Zombie Mode. Along for the drive is Ron Perlman, that you may know from Sons the Anarchy, the Hellboy movies, or the current Amazon present Hand of God. However Black Ops 3 is solid the an initial time Mr. Perlman has actually lent his talent to a video game. He’s operated on games dating earlier to 1995, including titles prefer Halo 3, Fallout 4, and The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay.

5. Heather Graham

Turns the end Zombie setting in Black Ops 3 is just full of celebrities. Alongside Goldblum and also Perlman is heath Graham, who plays Jessica Rose, a burlesque dancer through Hollywood aspirations. Unfortunately for her character, this Boogie Nights and Hangover actress it s okay knocked out, just to wake up up in a city overrun by zombies.

6. Jason Statham

You probably understand him ideal from his work in Snatch or the many action movies he’s starred in. When upon a time, the Transporter star worked on a little game simply referred to as Call the Duty. The year was 2003, and Activision made decision to dabble in a bit of first-person shooting. Judging by the size of the franchise today, and Statham’s acting career, I’d to speak things settled pretty well because that both Call of Duty and Mr. Statham. This was likewise the last video game he functioned on.

7. Timothy Olyphant

In shows choose Deadwood and also Justified, Timothy Olyphant showed he could play a member the the regulation enforcement v style. In Call the Duty: modern Warfare 3, the trades his badge for body armor come play a snarky soldier in the elite army unit Delta Force. And also while this was his only job-related on one actual video clip game, Mr. Olyphant took the command in the 2007 movie Hitman, which was based upon a video game.

8. Ice Cube

Not many world have careers that span the people of music, film, and video clip games. In 2010’s Call the Duty: black color Ops, ice cream Cube plays the duty of Joseph Bowman, a Chief small Officer with a rebellious streak. That comes the end in complete bloom when, recorded in Vietnam, he refuses come play Russian Roulette and winds up being beaten to death by commie scum. However don’t worry, players acquire their revenge.

9. Katee Sackhoff

Black Ops 3 was stacked come the rafters with renowned actors, huh? Katee Sackhoff — or, together I tho think that her, Battlestar Galactica’s Starbuck — plays sarah Hall, a soldier who story in the game is rather a roller coaster ride. By the time she go Black Ops 3, Ms. Sackhoff was already a video clip game vet, having actually voiced personalities in Halo 3, Resistance 2, and also Spider-Man: edge of Time.

10. Michael Keaton

The gibbs behind Batman and also Birdman additionally happens to be a CIA certified dealer in the Black Ops series. Michael Keaton plays distinct Agent Jason Hudson in Black Ops 2, taking over the duty from Ed Harris in the very first installment. This wasn’t Mr. Keaton’s first video game role, either. Since of his occupational on the Pixar film, he play the function of Chick Hicks in a pair of video games based upon Cars.

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11. Jimmy Kimmel

Normally, famous people in Call that Duty games play gritty, emotionally roles because that’s what being a soldier in these games means. Jimmy Kimmel, ~ above the other hand, got to beat himself. In two of the end of Call that Duty: black Ops 2, you gain to view the talk present host act his thing, talking about how the game’s heroes conserved the world from the brink that destruction.